Jesus died for you because He loves you so much. Through His greatest sacrifice has He redeemed all of us from our sins, allowing us to come back to the Father, if we follow His words.

Messages of Our Lady at the Apparitions of Jacareí SP, Brazil


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday - Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

If it weren't for the meditated Rosaries, (...) this plague that is now raging in the world would be much worse


Marcos, my beloved and most obedient son, favorite son of my heart, listen attentively to what I want to tell you:

If it were not for the Meditated Rosaries, the rosaries and holy hours of prayer, the movies and the holy works that you have done for me, this plague that is now passing through the world would be much worse and many more people would die and perish far from God, without prayer or conversion and would be condemned, fatally condemned.

Thanks to you and the holy deeds you have done for love of me and of the Lord, thanks to your merits and the yes of your whole life throughout these thirty years, you have mitigated this punishment, which the world justly deserved for its very grave sins.

The nations therefore owe their lives to you, and billions and billions of men have escaped death and will escape only thanks to you.

Yes, the yes of a truly given, obedient and faithful soul to the Lord, to me, achieves mercy for a countless multitude of others.

Yes, if it were not for your yes and the merits of your good holy works, there would not, there would not, truly, be even a third of the Earth left.

Never get discouraged, because if you get discouraged worse plagues than these will come to the Earth and it will become like a great desert. The living will suffer so much that they will envy the dead, and they will even have to feed on the remains of the dead, such will be the great suffering and penury that will take over the Earth.

Don't be discouraged, my son, remain faithful to me, serving me and my son Jesus with the same love as always, the same love in your heart.

The same love you must have every day of your life: in praying the thousand Hail Marys that you make for me with love, in recording my meditated Rosaries and Rosaries, in making the films of my apparitions and the lives of the saints.

So that each day, from your soul, a very fragrant incense of love and mystical roses will continue to rise up to Heaven: of love, of obedience, of fidelity, of sacrifice to touch the heart of my son, to move him and draw from him the miracle of conversion, salvation, and mercy for so many souls.

The same love you must have every day, especially in the moments of pain and sacrifice when I ask you to sacrifice your headache and all the other health problems I have allowed you.

So that then, mystical red roses of sacrifice rise from your soul to Heaven, that with their perfume, they may delight the eyes of the Holy Trinity, touch the heart of the Most High, and obtain from Him the grace of conversion and regeneration for so many souls who exhale a bad odor, because they are already rotten and dead in sin.

The same love you must have every day, working for me, making the rosaries that save so many souls and through which I can pour out so many graces from my heart to my children.

Calling my children to pray to praise me and to praise the Lord with you on the programs of my Radio Messenger of Peace.

Making the films of my apparitions that comfort me so much and take away swords of pain from my Heart.

Making the films of the lives of the saints that take so many thorns out of their hearts, despised by humanity, and that so much glory these films give to the Lord. So that, each day of your soul, may rise the most beautiful and fragrant golden roses of the loyal, faithful, persevering and most ardent love that ever was on earth such as I have never found anywhere.

Thus, my son, you will continue to resurrect this humanity deadened by sin, and at last the great resurrection of humanity will be realized little by little, and the heart of my son and my heart will triumph.

Humanity will resurrect, by a very powerful breath of my Immaculate Heart, through the meditated Rosaries, Rosaries, Hours of Prayer, and films that you make.

Humanity will resurrect through the programs of love that you make for me on my Radio Messenger of Peace.

Humanity will resurrect through the thousand Hail Marys of love that you have recorded for me, and where they are prayed, a great mystical and supernatural power will rise up to Heaven, raining down great graces on all the Earth, and overthrowing the infernal empire.

Humanity will resurrect, by the power and mercy of my son Jesus and my Heart through your life, through your holy works of love, which each day will more and more inflame the souls of my flame of love and cause the light of my Immaculate Heart to shine, which will become so much stronger the greater the darkness of death and sin enveloping all things.

I bless you with love now and I also bless your father Carlos Tadeu. I give him now 1000 special blessings, fruit of the film of my appearances in Lichen, and also of my appearances in Bonate, which you made for me.

And I give him 100,000 graces for the merits of the thousand meditated Hail Marys that you recorded for me and that you prayed today with so many thousands of my children.

Thus I prove once again what I have always said: To my son Carlos Tadeu I have given the best of the best. I gave the most obedient of my children, the most ardent of my warriors, and the most prompt and faithful of all my seers. So that his life may be always more enriched by the merits of the yes of his son, who before me is so precious and shines more than all the most sparkling stones on Earth, all the precious stones and more than the most sparkling stars in Heaven.

To him, to my son Carlos Tadeu, whom I love so much, to you and to all my children, I bless generously now: from Lourdes, from Pontmain and from Jacareí.

Peace, my beloved children, pray the Rosary every day."


(Blessed Mary): "As I have already said, wherever one of these rosaries arrives there I will also arrive with the great graces of the Lord accompanied by my Little Shepherds of Fatima and also my little daughter Benoit Rencurel

I bless you all again so that you may be happy, and especially you, my little son Mark, the most obedient of my children.

Attack the enemy, my children, with the meditated Rosary No. 17. With it, help me save souls. Give it to 5 children who don't have it and pray it for 3 days in a row.


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