Jesus died for you because He loves you so much. Through His greatest sacrifice has He redeemed all of us from our sins, allowing us to come back to the Father, if we follow His words.

Messages of Our Lady at the Apparitions of Jacareí SP, Brazil


Saturday, April 3, 2021

Holy Saturday - Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace communicated to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

The sins of humanity cry out to God for vengeance


The sins of humanity cry out to God for vengeance.

The sins of families, of youth, of souls fallen into the sin of impurity, the sins and betrayals of souls consecrated to their vows to my son Jesus, cry out to Heaven for vengeance!

Only the souls totally dedicated to the Lord and to me, the souls that live in faithfulness to the love of God and to my love can appease the wrath of divine Justice.

Without these souls, without you, much worse plagues than the one that is now passing through the world and sowing so much death and destruction, would have already fallen on the whole earth. The earthquakes would have already reduced humanity to a heap of ruins, and the fire from heaven that I announced in Akita, would have already fallen on the Earth and reduced it all to ashes.

Yes, my son, you with your meditated Rosaries, you with your meditated Thousand Hail Marys, you with all the meditated Rosaries you have recorded, you with all the movies and stage shows you have made, you have held all these chastisements.

If you get discouraged, much worse chastisements and plagues than this will fall on mankind, and not even the good ones will be spared, because how much laziness and how much slackness one sees even in good souls.

It is necessary that you stand firm, that you resist firmly, and that you do not lose heart. Get away from everything that makes you lose heart, from everything that discourages you, so that your humanity doesn't get discouraged and that you resist firmly in the fight until the end.

You are the last hope of Heaven, of God, and my last hope. So don't ever be discouraged, because in your hands is the life or death of nations and of the entire humanity and of billions and billions of souls, which only you can save with your life continuously dedicated to my service and to the service of the Lord.

What is the use of offering something to God if God does not want to receive the offering of that soul?

Yes, God wants to receive your offering of life. Yes, your sacrifices, your labors, because you have pleased the Heart of the Lord and pleased My eyes.

Therefore, thanks to you, your works, your labors, all that you have done for me, your sacrifices, your daily immolation, the world has been spared and has received chances for conversion until now.

If you get discouraged, those chances will cease to be given to the world and the punishments will fall. So, never be discouraged, My child, and remain steadfast in My service until the end.

Tell all my children that even today I am the Mother of sorrow and loneliness, because I have been abandoned by so many of my children who have turned away from me and passed into the hands of Satan through sin.

I was abandoned, for so many consecrated souls who betrayed their vows to God and passed into the hands of Satan and were lost forever.

I was abandoned, by so many of my children who betrayed their Catholic faith and abandoned me, abandoned my son, embracing the false ideologies and false beliefs of this world.

I have been abandoned by so many of my children, who even though they heard my calls to conversion at Fatima, at Lourdes, at La Sa Salette, at Olsen, at Heroldsbach, in so many places on earth have turned their backs on me and continued on the path of sin and perdition.

I have been abandoned and betrayed by so many of my children, who, knowing of my apparitions, my tears, my manifestations all over the earth, have turned deaf and blind, have turned their backs on me and have not wanted to dedicate their lives to help me save souls by spreading my messages everywhere.

I was abandoned and betrayed by so many of my children who saw my tears, but continued to live in sin, preferring Satan and the world rather than responding to my tears of pain and love.

I was abandoned by so many of my children, who even though they knew the truth through my manifestations, my messages and signs given here, preferred Satan, the world, sin and lies, and therefore sinned against the Holy Spirit and were lost.

I have been abandoned by so many of my children who, full of selfishness, preferred to keep their lives to themselves, seeking only to enjoy worldly pleasures, and did not want to help me save mankind from the terrible chastisements that are coming, fighting with me to convert and save my children.

I was abandoned by so many children who, even when they saw my tears, remained as cold as ice and did not want to love me.

So, my son, you who have never abandoned me and who have always been by my side consoling me, loving me and surrounding me with the flame of love in your heart and soul, don't ever be discouraged Marcos! Continue to be this flame of love of mine and never let it diminish, but let it expand more and more from your heart and open up the whole world transforming all souls into flames of love like you, for me.

Don't be discouraged and don't suffer for the souls that even though they have been by your side didn't want to transform themselves into flames of love and remained cold, cold as a block of ice, preferring sin and Satan.

Souls are free, they are free to choose Heaven or Hell, to choose Me or Satan. You transmitted the flame of love, you radiated it, but the soul did not want to receive that flame, it wanted darkness, it did not want your light.

So forget those souls and go forward, taking my word of love that saves my children ever more and radiating my flame of love and the splendorous light of my presence, my grace, truth and love that resides in your soul to the whole world.

I bless you now and all my children who pray my Rosary of Tears and my Rosary of Sorrows all year long, I now give 4 special blessings.

And to his father Carlos Tadeu, I now give 50,128 blessings, which he will receive every last Thursday of every month, and which are the fruit of the merits of all the Rosaries of Tears, of my Sorrows, of my Trezzenas, Setenas, Via Crucis, and also of the film of my Apparition in Castelpetroso and in Lichen that you made.

On him I pour all these graces and so, once again, I prove to his father what I always say: I gave him the best of the best, I gave him the son in whom I manifested signs that not even in my most holy sons I manifested, and I gave him for a son, the son who has always been my pride, my hope, my consolation and the one who has more merits to save and enrich the souls on earth and especially that of the father whom he loves more than anything.

Thus, I prove the truth once again and on all my children I now give my blessing: from La Codosera, from Lichen, from Castelpetroso and from Jacareí.

(pause for blessing)

Give these thousand meditated Hail Marys that my son Marcos made to 6 children who do not have them, so that they may pray and thus receive the great graces of my Heart.

Yes, these Thousand meditated Hail Marys that my son Marcos made console me in a way that I cannot explain.

Yes, they give me immense joy, and upon all those who pray them, I will pour out copious graces. They take away thousands of swords of pain that the world is sticking into me at every moment. Pray it without ceasing!"

Note: * Awaiting confirmation.

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