Jesus died for you because He loves you so much. Through His greatest sacrifice has He redeemed all of us from our sins, allowing us to come back to the Father, if we follow His words.

Messages of Our Lady at the Apparitions of Jacareí SP, Brazil


Sunday, March 7, 2021

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace

The lack of the Fear of God is the origin of sin



Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

"Beloved children of mine, today I come with my Most Holy Mother to ask you once again to convert. Convert yourselves! Convert yourselves! Convert yourselves!

I have sent my Mother to so many leagues of the earth, but in spite of this you have preferred sin, evil and Satan. That is why I will come to bring justice to my Mother. I myself will come to avenge my Mother, causing my arm to fall with all my strength upon this ungrateful humanity that does not cease to repay the efforts, the pains, the tears, the graces, and all that my Mother does to save her, with ingratitude.

Yes, I will come to do justice to my Mother and she will be terrible to those who despised my Mother and paid all the love of my Mother with ingratitude.

Yes, woe to those who have done any harm, any damage to my Mother's apparitions and to her chosen seers, because they will have justice much stricter than the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The men of this generation have become worse than those of the generation of the flood, so it is I who will come to do justice! And I will say to my Mother, 'Get out of the way, my Mother, for now I will give this wicked generation what it deserves for having despised your appearances, pains and tears.'

Yes, My justice will fall upon this humanity and reduce this wicked generation to ashes. That is why I say to you: Convert! Convert, my children, for I do not want to lose any of you on the day of my justice.

Decrease the occasions of sin, be truly converted so that the Lord, my Father, will not lose you on the day of justice.

Live as if you have to leave this earth at any moment, for I will come suddenly, and then I will take those who are mine and my Mother's with me to the New Heaven and Earth.

Pray the Rosary sincerely every day. He who prays the Rosary with sincere love and sincere desire for conversion, him will I save and have mercy on.

I bless them all with love now: from Dozulé, from Paray-le-Monial and from Jacareí."

Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace

"My children, I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace. Today when it is another month that I am here with you, I invite you again to conversion.

Convert yourselves and return to the Lord!

It was for you, for love of you, that my son died on the cross, and that I, at the foot of the cross, mystically died with him, offering all my pains for your salvation. Think of my sufferings and the sufferings of Jesus, and you will never sin and you will never betray our love.

The lack of the Fear of God is the origin of sin. When a soul truly fears God, fears offending Him, fears hurting Him, fears hurting me and offending me, it does not sin. If one sins, it is because one has lost the fear of God.

Pray for the holy Fear of God, for it is the origin of true love for God and for me, and on it will also depend your final perseverance.

Pray for the holy Fear of God and the Lord will give you this grace, will give you this gift. He only gives this gift to those who want it and who pray and ask.

So, with the holy Fear of God, walk each day persevering on the path of sanctity and love that I have taught you here. Pray my Rosary every day, my children, because soon the punishments will come, my secrets will be fulfilled, and conversion will be impossible!

Woe to those who have sinned against me by rejecting me, rejecting my messages and my tears.

Woe to those who have betrayed my love after knowing me, who have betrayed the truth, because sins against me are sins against the Holy Spirit and will not be forgiven in any way. So, keep yourselves from those sins. Pray for the holy Fear of God. Whoever has the fear of God never sins against the Holy Spirit.

I am with you and help you each day more on your way to Heaven. My enemy is working hard to destroy my plans, to destroy my works of salvation, to make my seers suffer until they are laid in their graves, and to discourage my servants. Attack him with the meditated Rosary 266, and also attack him with the videos of my messages n. 23. Give this Rosary and also these videos of my messages to 6 of my children who do not know them. Also give the film Lourdes 6 that my son Marcos made to 3 of my children who do not know, so that we can neutralize Satan's efforts and make my Immaculate Heart triumph as soon as possible so that the world can finally have peace.

My little son Mark, I love you so much! Thank you for the sacrifices you have offered to me. Your fainting spells, headaches, and all the physical sufferings, especially the extreme tiredness and fatigue that you now feel and that you have offered to me, have helped me to save many souls. For this I now give you 27 special graces, and for your father Carlos Tadeu I now give 37 thousand graces that he will receive during all Thursdays of this month, of the month of April, and of the month of May.

In this way I bless the one you and I love the most, and also in this way I pour over his life a shower of graces, of blessings that will flower in new conversions, that will make many more prayers and that will awaken many new conversions. And so, in a cycle of love and salvation, my grace, my flame of love will triumph and your light united to my light will soon blind and destroy Satan forever.

I bless you, and I also bless you, my little son Carlos Tadeu.

Keep on doing the cenacles, in spite of everything, even if it is with only a few people. Pray, pray, pray always!

Throughout this month and the month of April, tell my children about my daughter Gemma's life, and also have them meditate on the videos of my messages contained on disk #24. In this way my children will understand what I want from them and how much I love them.

Know, my dear child, that the moment my son Gabriel of my pains left this world for Heaven, he offered his tuberculosis and stabbing pains for you. He is your advocate, your mediator. Trust in him, consecrate yourself to him, ask him for help, and he will answer you.

And know that when I returned to Jerusalem to bid farewell to the apostles and to be lifted up to Heaven, as I passed through the streets, many who hated my son Jesus and also hated me, insulted me and wanted to pick up stones to throw at me.

I offered myself to the Most High to suffer martyrdom right there for his love. But he sent some of my guardian angels who blinded those people momentarily and they could do me no harm.

I offered that great suffering for your soul, so that now you could receive all these great blessings and graces from my heart. Whatever you ask of me through this secret pain of mine and which is the Lord's will I will grant you.

Rejoice! For to you I have given a son in whom I have manifested signs and wonders that I have not manifested in even the holiest sons who have ever trodden the earth. To you I gave the best of the best, I gave my most precious and dearest treasure, to show you how much I love you and how important and special you are to me.

Love the treasure I have given you, and all the more light and grace I will pour through it into your life, guiding you along the path of supernatural, agape love that only he knows and only with him can you learn and can you receive, and then I will truly make the two of you my unceasing, burning flames of love that will teach the whole world this love unknown to men of this generation. And then all of it will become my burning kingdom of love.

I bless you and all my children here: of Lourdes, of Pontmain and of Jacareí!"

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