Jesus died for you because He loves you so much. Through His greatest sacrifice has He redeemed all of us from our sins, allowing us to come back to the Father, if we follow His words.

Messages of Our Lady at the Apparitions of Jacareí SP, Brazil


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Message from Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace and Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin communicated to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

The time of grace and mercy is over, only twenty minutes of God's day remain


(Marcos): "Yes, I will.

Yes, my Queen!"

"Dear children, today I invite you again to conversion. This is the propitious time for conversion. The time of grace and mercy is ending, there are only twenty minutes left of God's day, for my son to return and renew the whole earth.

Let go of earthly things, which will soon be no more, and think of heavenly things, which will remain forever.

There will only be hope for humanity if it converts, if it returns to God through prayer, sacrifice, penance, and love.

When you have love, you will have the living God living in you.

When you remain in love, you will remain in God, and God will remain in you.

Holiness is the height of love, when you take your love for God to the highest degree, you will have reached holiness.

This is why I came here, and this is the holiness to which I have called all of you since my first Appearance: the culmination of love.

Here I want souls to reach the apogee of love for God. In order to reach this, pray, pray, pray without rest, because only prayer can scorch your hearts with love for God and can help you reach the summit of love.

My little son Mark, go forward! Do not be discouraged! The struggle is hard, and as I have told so many of my seers, it seems to have no end. You have this impression yourself. Yes, your fight is long, hard, slow, has been going on for 30 years, but I tell you, my son, I will give you the victory!

Just as the Lord gave the victory to Moses leading the people through the desert, He will also give the victory to you and will lead you to the new Heaven, the new Earth, the promised Earth, renewed and restored by the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

Yes, forward! Do not be afraid! Your struggle is long, but it will be rewarded with victory, be patient, pray, believe in my love as I always told you in the beginning. And don't be discouraged, don't be discouraged by anything or anyone.

Go forward, my son, fix your gaze only on me, think only of me and of nothing else, and you will not be discouraged, you will never tire.

I know that your love for me is greater than everything, than anything that exists, and that you would rather die than stop loving me.

So I tell you, son: continue in this love and don't let anything, not even my enemy, tire you through the people he puts in your way to discourage you with their ingratitude, with their betrayal, with their sins.

Go forward, never let yourself be discouraged! I will be with you. The longer and harder you fight your battle, the greater will be your crown of victory and glory.

I, your Mother, who am your perpetual love and help, will never leave you, never forget you. Don't you see? Little by little I am fulfilling all the desires of your heart. Didn't I bring your father here now for the second time this very month?

Pray, hope and believe in my love and you will see all your dreams come true at last.

Onward! You who have now shared with him the 5th Secret that I gave you, pray! Pray with him for what is in the Secret, that it may come true. And then my glory will shine from here to the whole world and all my children will fall here on their knees before me and surrender their hearts to me, overcome by the strength of my power, my grace and my love that will manifest itself in what I have revealed to you in the 5th Secret.

Go forth! Go forward, my son, so that all that I have determined may be fulfilled.

Live each day your daily sacrifice and do not worry about the supreme sacrifice, because when the hour comes I will be with you. And as I told you: in that hour I will have in my hands a great power coming from your life. And then, with this power united to the merits of my pains and tears, I will finally crush Satan forever.

And to you, my beloved little son Carlos Thaddeus, I thank you for coming and for comforting me. You have removed 289,702 thorns that were stuck in my heart, for sins that humanity sticks in all the time, and there is almost no one to make an act of reparation to remove those thorns.

Thank you, you have comforted and relieved my heart greatly.

I bless you now and tell you: keep in your heart, keep more than life itself the Secret that the son I gave you shared with you.

Of many more things still you will be worthy to know through it about my mysteries and the mysteries of the Lord.

I give you all this to show you how much not only I, but also my little son Mark, love and cherish you, and how precious you are to us.

Don't get discouraged ever! I am with you always to help you and to accompany you with my graces.

During the next month, meditate with my children greatly on the Third Volume of my life 'Mystical City of God', especially the part where I helped my son Jesus in his fasting in the desert to overcome temptations.

There, my little children will understand what they must do to overcome the temptations that the enemy offers them today. And in this way, they will emerge victorious from the many snares the enemy sets for them.

Meditate with them, teach them, and speak to them about my son Gabriel of my Sorrows, so that they imitate this son, especially the young ones, and give me their "yes", so that they become my powerful instruments for the salvation of souls, as my son Gabriel was.

I love you and I tell you: Mama is always with you!

Next Wednesday I will shower you at 8 o'clock in the evening with a shower of special blessings. And now I give you 93 special blessings, fruit of the sacrifice of my son Mark this week, who offered for you his headaches, and also all the discomfort he had when he fainted.

And on you also now I pour 200,122 graces, fruit of the merits of the film of the life of my son Gabriel of my Sorrows that the son I gave you made and that he offered for you today.

Receive, my son, all my graces and rejoice, because to you I have given the best of the best, so that then, your joy may be complete in me.

I bless you and all my children who are here, especially my chosen little children, my postulants and slaves of love: from Lourdes, from Pontmain and from Jacareí."


Message of Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin

"Beloved brothers of mine, I, Gabriel, rejoice to be here with you once again today.

Say yes to the Eternal Love that just as it has chosen me, it has also chosen you of this generation to be saved and, one day, to enter the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Say yes to Eternal Love that just as it chose me, it also chose and called you to holiness.

Say yes to Eternal Love, who just as I did, chose you through Our Most Holy Queen, so that you could be her beloved and dear children in whom she works her greatest wonders of grace and love for the salvation of this lost and godless humanity.

Humanity has finished turning away from the Lord and completely hardening its heart to the voice of the Most High. Nothing touches or touches the hearts of men anymore. Only a great force of prayer, sacrifice, and agape love will be able to obtain from divine grace the miracle that will lead all of humanity back to the road of peace and salvation.

Therefore, today I invite everyone to give their yes again to the Mother of God so that together with her we can fight for the salvation of this humanity. I offering the merits of my good works in Heaven for you, and you working, praying and sacrificing on earth for her, so that together we can then achieve the miracle of grace that will draw all men's hearts to God again.

I love all of you and I want you to have a cenacle every month on the 27th in my honor showing everyone my life through the film that our beloved Mark made.

Everyone needs to know my life, especially the young people, so that with me they learn to love the Blessed Mother as I have loved and give her their hearts as I have given.

I love you Marcos, I protect you, I guard you, I am your protector, and also yours, my very beloved Carlos Tadeu.

One night I had a very violent hemoptysis where so much blood was expelled from my lung. The pain coursed through my entire body like an electric shock of pain that almost made me exhale my last breath.

I was suffocating and couldn't breathe. I offered for you all that pain, all my suffering, so that today the Blessed Mother would pour all the graces of her Heart over you and fill you with the blessings of Heaven.

I have loved you so much, I love you so much, and I will always love you so much. I am in Heaven every day praying for you, especially at 7:00 in the evening. I prostrate myself before the Holy Trinity and pray for you all the graces and blessings of Heaven. In this hour I will also come down from Heaven and I will pour over you all the copious blessings that I will obtain with my merits and my love.

Beloved brother, Brother Geraldo, I am your very special protector. Meditate always on my life, pray always to me, and I will help you to love our Blessed Queen as I have loved her. And to you I repeat what she said to me:

The world is not for you, you are not for the world. Remain consecrated to her always more in the religious life, and then you will have Paradise already on earth. I promise you Paradise.

Beloved brother Edgar, I am also your protector. To you also I repeat what our Blessed Queen told me: The world is not for you, you are not for the world. Remain in the consecrated religious life. I promise you Heaven, Paradise. I love you and I will always pray for you and protect you.

I bless you all with love now: from Spoleto (Spoleto), from Isola and from Jacareí."

Mary most holy after touching the religious objects:

"As I have already said, wherever one of these rosaries and holy objects arrive, there I will be alive with my son Gabriel of my Sorrows, my daughter Gemma, and also my daughter Gertrude, carrying great graces from the Lord.

To all I bless with love now once again that they may be happy and I leave my peace."

Video of the Apparition and Message: