Jesus died for you because He loves you so much. Through His greatest sacrifice has He redeemed all of us from our sins, allowing us to come back to the Father, if we follow His words.

Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hasten Rebel Little Children So That You May Obtain Mercy, Because the Days of Divine Justice Are About to Begin!



Little children, God's people will soon walk through the desert, the last stroke of mercy has begun to ring. Hurry little rebel children so that you can obtain mercy, because the days of divine justice are about to begin. Little ones I do not want you to be lost, embrace the call of this Mother and abide real soon to the love and mercy of God. The awakening of consciousness of my Father is the last call from heaven to conversion. Come little children, what are you waiting for to say yes to the God of life? Look little ones, what is at stake is your life, do not be so stubborn, awake once and for all, and spiritually prepare for this great event that is about to happen. Remember that after the warning and miracle which will follow each other will come the time of divine justice where you will no longer be heard.

My Father will allow my adversary to test humanity and little ones; you do not know what you will face. For that, I ask you to think again and come to your senses to retake the way of salvation, because if you continue as you go, your soul would be lost forever. All creation will pass through the furnace of purification, because to enter the new heavens and new earth you will have to shine as crucibles. The heavenly Jerusalem is the greatest gift that my Father has in store for his faithful people.

My little rebel children heaven is waiting for you; make haste lest you will be late without being prepared. I do not want you to be lost, I love you even knowing that you despise me and enjoy my Motherly pain. Despite that, I still love you with a love so great that no mother on earth can give you. I will not tire to intercede for you expecting you to change your sinful attitude and your return to the arms of the Father and of this Mother who loves you and does not want to lose you. Forward my little ones I am waiting for you, I am your refuge and shelter, come and take my hand and I will bring you safe and sound to the doors of the new creation. Your Mother Mary of Consolation, refuge of the people of God.

Little children of my heart, make known my messages.