Devotion to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

Devotion to the Three United Sacred Hearts through the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph given to Edson Glauber in Itapiranga AM, Brazil

Promises of the Most Chaste Heart

The facts reported here do not bear ecclesiastical approval, because it would require study and time on the part of the competent authority. However, it offers the opinion of two very qualified people: the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II and the theologian, Fr. Estevão Bittencourt.

I - Paina, January 14, 1999

Reverend Father Aldo Rottini, SX.

On November 25, last year, I received an issue of the young Edson Glauber from Brasil, Amazonas, to be sent to His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

My intermediation, facilitated by others I have had before regarding the facts of Medjugorje, consisted in using this same channel of communication...

These days I received the news that the fascicle arrived at the destination in private form. The intermediary person mentioned that the Holy Father has taken an interest in the issue, saying that everything corresponds to the current needs regarding the family, especially with respect to the figure of the father, who has been underestimated and marginalized, not only at the biological level, but also at the level of educational and spiritual responsibility.

Therefore, His Holiness thinks it is right to highlight the figure of St. Joseph and encourages us to continue in this line that has been exposed to him.

(Association Queen of Peace)

Farina Luigi - President

II - Dear Father Danilo

I thank you cordially for the material you sent me concerning the new apparitions.

I read some parts of the material curiously, looking for some point of error. But I confess that I found nothing heretical. Without a doubt, it is an untraditional acclamation, because until today no thought has been given to venerating the Heart of St. Joseph. It is something that can degenerate into fiction and sentimentalism.

However, it seems that one cannot impugn Edson Glauber's message, provided that:

  1. There is no theological error there.
  2. The seer is healthy of body and mind.
  3. There are no commercial interests or charlatanism surrounding the "apparitions".
  4. There are positive pastoral fruits.

I believe that one can let the story run its course without propaganda of the facts, but not fight them, until there is some news...It may be that the story ends by itself, as has happened in other cases.

I await any other communication that may become opportune. May the Holy Spirit inspire the authorities. Yours truly.

Friar Stephen Bettencou

Here are the details of each apparition and message:

First Message

March 1, 1998

In this apparition, Saint Joseph came with a blue mantle and white tunic, accompanied by several angels. Saint Joseph held a lily bud and showed me His Heart.

Saint Joseph: My beloved son, God Our Lord sends Me here to tell you about the graces that all the faithful will receive from My Most Chaste Heart, which Jesus and My Most Holy Spouse desire to be honored.

I am Saint Joseph and My name Joseph means "he who grows", for I have grown each day in grace and in the divine virtues. Through devotion to My Most Chaste Heart many souls will be saved from the hands of the devil. I want to tell you each day about the promises of My Heart that God, Our Lord, allows Me to reveal to you. Just as I was just and am just in the eyes of God, all those who have devotion to My Most Chaste Heart will be just and holy in God's eyes, for I will fill them with these graces and virtues, making them grow each day on the road to holiness.

That is today's message for now. I bless you, My son, and all mankind: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Second Message

March 2, 1998

St. Joseph was with the Child Jesus, wearing the brown cloak and the white tunic. The Child Jesus was with His head bowed in the Heart of St. Joseph, throwing lilies that He held in His hands. Saint Joseph had a beautiful smile. He has very bright green eyes. He appeared to be very young, of indescribable beauty. The Child Jesus was the first to speak:

Jesus: My son, look at this heart...

The Child Jesus with one of His little hands opened the chest of St. Joseph, which was all lit up. And with it, He held His Most Chaste Heart, showing it to me.

My dwelling is here in this heart, because it is a pure and holy heart. May all hearts be like this heart, so that they may become My dwelling places on earth. May they imitate it so that they may receive My graces and blessings.

Immediately afterwards Saint Joseph told me His message:

Saint Joseph: My beloved son, today I bless you, I bless your mother and your whole family. My dear son, God, Our Lord, wishes to grant to all mankind thousands of graces through devotion to My Heart. My Son, Jesus and Lord, whom I have raised with a father's love here on earth, wishes that all men may spread this devotion of My Heart to all those who need the graces of heaven. He also asks that all help the most needy with good works and actions.

I promise all those who honor this most chaste Heart of Mine and do good deeds here on earth in favor of the most needy, especially the sick and dying, for whom I am like a consolation and protector, to receive at the last moment of their lives the grace of a good death. I myself will be for these souls the advocate before My Son Jesus, and together with My spouse, Mary Most Holy, We will console them in the last hours of their sufferings here on earth, with our most holy presence, and they will rest in the peace of Our hearts.

Just as you saw My Son Jesus rest His head on My Heart, so I and My spouse Mary most holy will lead these souls to the glory of paradise, before their Savior, My Son Jesus Christ, so that they may rest, bowing down next to His Sacred Heart, in the burning furnace of the purest and highest love. I bless you all: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Third Message

March 3, 1998

Saint Joseph came in a white tunic, with a white robe, holding a lily and with the Baby Jesus also in white, in his lap.

Saint Joseph: My dear son, listen and let all men know what God allows Me to reveal to you this night, but first, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. And I grant you peace.

My beloved son, how sin spreads in such a strong way! Men allow themselves to be led by the most insidious wiles of the devil. The enemy of salvation wants to destroy all men, so that all may be lost. He is envious and hates the whole human race. Many go through so many trials and temptations that the enemy of God throws at them all the time, thus trying to destroy the souls of mortal men that were created by God.

The means he uses the most are sins against holy purity, for purity is one of God's most cherished virtues, and so Satan wishes to destroy the image of God present in every creature through this virtue. This is why God asks all mankind for devotion to My Most Chaste Heart, for He wishes to grant men the grace to overcome the temptations and attacks of the devil on a daily basis. My Son Jesus has revealed to you, My beloved son, the power to invoke My name. It is enough to invoke My name to put all the demons to flight.

I promise all the faithful who honor this most chaste Heart of Mine with faith and love the grace to live in holy purity of soul and body and the strength and means to overcome all the attacks and temptations of the devil. I Myself will protect them as a precious part of Mine. This grace is not only destined for those who honor this Heart of Mine, but also for all their relatives who are in need of divine help. I bless you all: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Fourth Message

March 4, 1998

Saint Joseph came with a wine-colored robe and green tunic. He held a staff in his right hand and showed His Most Chaste Heart, which was spurting rays of very strong light.

Saint Joseph: My beloved son, today is the first Wednesday of the month. On every first Wednesday of the month, My Most Chaste Heart pours out countless graces on all those who have recourse to My intercession. On these Wednesdays, men will not receive a shower of graces, but very strong torrents of extraordinary graces, because I share with all those who honor Me and who have recourse to Me all the graces, all the blessings, all the virtues and all the love that I received from My Divine Son Jesus and My Spouse Mary Most Holy when I was still living in this world, and now all the graces that I continue to receive in the glory of heaven.

My beloved son, what a great honor and dignity I received from the Heavenly Father, which made My Heart exult! The Heavenly Father has granted Me the honor of representing Him, in this world, to be able to take care of His Divine and Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. My Heart was also surprised by such dignity, because I felt incapable and unworthy of such a great favor and benefit, but I put everything in the Lord's hands and, as His servant, I was willing to do His most holy will. Think, My dear son, what happiness My Heart felt! The Son of the Most High was now under My care and was known to all men as My legitimate son. In the eyes of men this was impossible, but for God everything is possible when He so wills.

Because of this great grace and joy that God has granted My Heart, and because of this great mystery, I promise to intercede before Him for all those who will have recourse to Me by honoring this Heart of Mine, the grace to be able to solve the most difficult problems and the most urgent needs, which in the eyes of men seem impossible, but which, through My intercession with God, will become possible.

I bless, this night, all mankind. I pour the graces of My Heart over all sinners so that they may be converted. My Heart pours out its rays of love on all the Holy Church. Particularly upon the Vicar of my Son Jesus, the Pope(*). No one, like him, has special access to this Heart of Mine. May he trust in this Heart of Mine and in My intercession, for I am for the Holy Father like a Father and Protector. I bless you all: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Love. See you soon!

(*) Here St. Joseph mentions the name of the Holy Father, because He had released years before, on August 15, 1989, the Apostolic Exhortation REDEMPTORIS CUSTOS (Defender of the Redeemer) which speaks about his person. St. Joseph expresses His protection to him, as to the whole Holy Church, of which He is the protector. But this message also refers to the current Pope Benedict XVI, whose name is Joseph , as if it were a forewarning that a Pope whose name is Joseph should welcome this devotion to the Most Chaste Heart of the Adoptive Father of Jesus in the Church and spread it to the world, for this is the time of St. Joseph. May God hasten this glorious day when the devotion to the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph will be known and spread throughout the Church and everywhere in the world.

Fifth Message

March 5, 1998

On this night the confidant received a visit from the Holy Family. Saint Joseph was wearing a beige robe and a blue gray tunic, holding in His arms the Baby Jesus, who was wearing a light blue tunic. Our Lady was wearing a white veil and a blue gray dress.

Our Lady was the one who first spoke:

Our Lady: My beloved son, on this night God, Our Lord, permits Me to grant His peace to all men throughout the world. I also bless all families and ask them to experience peace in their homes and an intimate union with God. If families want to receive God's blessings and peace they must live in divine grace, for sin is like a dark cancer in the life of a family that does not live united to God. God desires that each family, in these last times, ask for the protection of the Holy Family, for I, My Son Jesus and My most chaste spouse Joseph desire to protect each family from the wiles of the devil. May you live My pleas and this message that God allows Me to reveal to you today. I bless you all: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon. Now listen to My most chaste spouse Joseph.

Saint Joseph: My beloved son, this night My Heart desires to pour out many graces upon all men, for I long for the conversion of all sinners that they may be saved. May all sinners not be afraid to approach this Heart of Mine, for I desire to welcome and protect them.

Many are those who walk far from the Lord because of their grave sins. Many of these My children are like this because they have allowed themselves to fall into the traps of the devil, the enemy of salvation, who tries to lead all these My children to despair, making them think that there is no more solution and no return because, by despairing and not trusting in the divine mercy, they will be easy prey for the devil. But I, My beloved son, tell all sinners, even those who have committed the most terrible sins, to have confidence in the Lord's love and forgiveness, and also to trust in Me, in My intercession. All those who appeal to Me with confidence, be sure of My help to regain the divine grace and mercy of the Lord. See, My son, that the Heavenly Father entrusted to Me His Divine Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, His Immaculate Spouse, to be under My care. My Heart felt great peace and joy to have Jesus and Mary by My side living in the same house.

Our three Hearts loved each other. They lived a Trinitarian love, but it was a love united in a single act of offering to the Eternal Father. Our Hearts merged in the purest love, becoming one heart living in three persons who truly loved each other. But see, My son, how much My Heart was anguished and suffered when I saw My Son Jesus, so small, already in danger of death because of Herod, who, possessed by the spirit of evil, had all the innocent children killed. My Heart went through great tribulation and suffering because of this great danger that My Son Jesus suffered, but the Heavenly Father did not abandon us at that moment, because He sent His messenger angel that guided Me in what I should do and the attitude to take in these difficult and suffering moments. Therefore, My son, tell all sinners not to despair in the great dangers of life and in the dangers that can cause the perdition of one's own soul.

I promise all those who have confidence in this pure and chaste Heart of Mine, honoring it devoutly, the grace of being consoled by Me in their greatest afflictions of the soul and in the danger of damnation, when, by misfortune, they lose divine grace because of their grave sins. To these sinners who have recourse to Me I promise the graces of My Heart for a purpose of amendment, repentance, and sincere contrition for their sins.

Now I tell all sinners not to be afraid of the devil and not to despair because of their crimes, but to come and throw themselves into My arms and cling to My Heart so that they may receive all the graces for their eternal salvation. I now impart My blessing to the whole world: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Sixth Message

March 6, 1998

Also today came the Holy Family.

Jesus: I am the true peace, I grant My peace to all men. I am Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind. I desire that all men honor the Immaculate Heart of My Mother Mary Most Holy and the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. My Sacred Heart desires to expand a new flow of graces impelled with love for the salvation of sinners.

You see, My son, through these Hearts (Jesus was showing the Hearts of Our Lady and St. Joseph), I desire to draw everyone to Me. It is through these Hearts that I share My graces and blessings. Through Them men will quickly come to My Sacred Heart.

Tell all men not to waste the graces that I wish to bestow upon them. By honoring these two Hearts you will be honoring and glorifying Me, because I have chosen My Mother, Mary Most Holy, and My Virginal Father Joseph to care for Me and for Me, the Son of God, to live by their side during My divine mission on earth. Therefore, those who honor them will be honoring Me, because they honor My decision to have them chosen by My parents on earth. I bless all My children again: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Our Lady: Dear children, honor the holy wounds of My Son Jesus, because through them God grants you many graces that will serve for your conversion and the conversion of your brothers. During this time of Lent, try to meditate on the holy passion of My Son Jesus Christ, so that you may understand what My Son Jesus had to endure and suffer to free you from the yoke of sin. This is the time for you to be reconciled with God and with your brothers. Live God's holy law in your lives. Try to be strong and firm in trials, being faithful to His law of love.

God loves faithfulness. Therefore, My children, the more you are faithful and responsible for your Christian commitments, the more you will understand God's love and feel His graces in your lives. With My prayers, I intercede for each of you before My Son Jesus and tell you that I am beside you to help you. So do not be discouraged. Courage! I bless you all: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Saint Joseph: My dearest son, I wish to speak to you again about the graces that My Most Chaste Heart wishes to sprinkle over all mankind. My Most Chaste Heart, by the impulses of love, seeks in every way to save all men from sin. My Son Jesus, through My Heart, wishes to share his divine blessings with all men. I know that many of you are going through great difficulties because, in these last times, men no longer love each other and do not help each other, but live with their hearts full of pride, falsehood, lies, intrigues, ambitions, maliciousness, meanness, and many wrong things, which are consequences of their turning away from God.

My son, see how much I had to suffer beside My Son Jesus and My Spouse Mary Most Holy! As I told you, I had received from the Heavenly Father the mission to be the guard and protector of Jesus and Mary. My son, My Heart was anguished because, since we were so simple and without many living conditions, I tried to give a worthy life to the Son of the Most High. The only means I used to bring bread into the home was My trade as a carpenter. Jobs did not always have their proper profit.

At that time life also had its problems, but I always had confidence in Divine Providence, which helped us and granted only what was necessary for our sustenance and that of the Child God, My beloved Son Jesus Christ. My Heart, however, was very grieved because I felt that I was not giving a worthy life to My Son Jesus. This God allowed Me to go through so that I would grow in confidence in His Divine Providence, so that the virtue of humility could adorn My soul and I would be an example for all men and workers, so that they too would fulfill their duties and work with love and patience. I am the model for all workers and laborers. Therefore, My beloved son, to all those who honor this Heart of Mine and have full confidence in Me and in My intercession I promise that they will not be helpless in the difficulties and trials of life, for I will ask the Lord to help them with his Divine Providence in both material and spiritual problems.

The fathers and mothers who consecrate themselves to My Heart, as well as their families, will have My help both in their afflictions and problems, and also in the upbringing and education of their children, for just as I raised the Son of the Most High in His holy divine laws, so will I help all the fathers and mothers who consecrate their children to Me, to raise them with love in the holy laws of God so that they will find the sure way to salvation.

Now I say to all men: consecrate yourselves to My Most Chaste Heart. Consecrate everything to Me: your lives, your families, your work, consecrate everything to Me, because My Heart is the new source of graces that God gives to the whole world. This is My message for all humanity. I extend My mantle over the whole world and over the whole Holy Church. Trust in Me and you will receive all the graces. I bless you all: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Seventh Message

March 7, 1998

Saint Joseph came with a leaf green mantle and dark gray tunic. Our Lady came in blue mantle and white dress with white veil. The Child Jesus came in a light yellow tunic. St. Joseph held Jesus' right hand.

Saint Joseph: My beloved son, this night I, My Son Jesus and My Spouse Mary Most Holy bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

My beloved son, My Son Jesus is very outraged at the sins of mankind. He wishes to pour out His divine justice on all men who do not care to repent and remain obstinate in their sins. You see, My son, I hold His mother, preventing Him from pouring out His justice on all mankind. I ask Him, by the graces of My Heart and for having been worthy to live at His side, to care for Him with a father's love in this world and that He has loved Me with a son's love, not to punish the world for its crimes, but for all My little ones who honor and will honor this most Chaste Heart of Mine, to deign to pour out His mercy on the world.

How many sins are committed in the world, My son! It is necessary that men do much penance, that they repent of their wrong attitudes, because God receives, today, continuous offenses from ungrateful men. Today there are so many outrages, sacrileges and indifferences from all men. This is why today there are so many calamities such as wars, famines, pestilences, and so many other sad things that man has experienced because of his rebellion toward God.

God lets men go their own way to show them that without Him they will never be happy. He lets men go through so much suffering, to also show them what consequences sin brings into their lives, and so divine justice goes on punishing mankind because of their obstinacy in not wanting to obey God's will. That is why, My beloved son, in these last times, mankind is becoming more and more obstinate in its crimes, because what matters more to it are pleasures and worldly things, than the love of God and His commandments. But God's justice will soon act in a way never seen before, and suddenly on the whole world.

Therefore, My son, tell all those who honor this most Chaste Heart of Mine that they will receive the grace of My protection from all evils and dangers. Those who give themselves to Me will not be struck down by misfortunes, wars, famines, pestilences and other calamities, but will have My Heart as a safe haven of protection. Here, in My Heart, all will be protected against divine justice in the days to come. Those who consecrate themselves to My Heart, honoring it, will be seen by My Son Jesus with eyes of mercy, for Jesus will pour out His love and bring to the glory of His Kingdom all those whom I place within My Heart. This is My message this evening. I bless you: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Eighth Message

March 8, 1998

Saint Joseph was in a dark brown tunic and a light brown cloak, surrounded by 12 angels with large wings.

Saint Joseph: My beloved son, My Heart exults with joy at these encounters, for I wish to pour out the graces that the Lord allows Me to bestow. I want, through My Heart, to lead all men to God. Here, in My Heart, all men will be protected, and through it, they will understand the love of God in their lives.

My son, all those who propagate devotion to My Heart and practice it with love and with their hearts, be sure to have their names engraved on it, just as the cross of My Son Jesus and the "M" of Mary are engraved in the form of wounds. This is also true for all the priests that I love with predilection. The priests who have devotion to My Heart and spread it will have the grace granted by God to touch the most hardened hearts and convert the most obstinate sinners.

May everyone spread the devotion to My Heart, for it is God himself who asks it. To all who hear this appeal of Mine, My blessing.

Particular to the confidant: You must spread this devotion among all men, My dear son, for you have been designated by God to be the apostle of My Heart. Tell everyone about My love! Later I will come to tell you about other things that will be very important for the salvation of many souls. God has entrusted you with a great mission. Trust in Me and you will know how to truly accomplish it. Now I bless you: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Ninth Message

March 9, 1998

Saint Joseph came with a wine-colored mantle and white tunic. Our Lady, in a blue robe and white dress. The Baby Jesus, all in white, on Saint Joseph's lap.

Our Lady: My dear child, tonight I, My Son Jesus and My most chaste Spouse Joseph bless the whole world. I ask you to listen and live the Lord's holy messages. Convert yourselves.

Continue to pray every day the holy rosary, and particularly, dear children, the seven creeds, because there will be a great loss of faith here in the Amazon. This is why I have asked you to pray always and continue to pray the seven creeds, because many will be those who will lose their faith and abandon the Holy Church in the difficult times to come, and I, your Mother, ask you to continue to pray so that this great evil and these difficult days that many will go through are avoided. The Eternal Father, this night, allows Me to reveal to you the promise of My Immaculate Heart for all those who will devoutly honor and have love for the Heart of My Spouse Joseph.

Tell them, My son, to all those who honor His Most Chaste Heart that they will benefit from My maternal presence in their lives in a special way, for I will be beside every son of Mine and every daughter of Mine, helping and comforting them with My Mother's Heart, as I helped and comforted My Most Chaste Spouse Joseph in this world. And whatever they ask of His Heart with confidence, I promise to intercede before the Eternal Father, My Divine Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, obtaining from the Lord the grace to reach perfect holiness and to imitate My Spouse Joseph in the virtues, thus reaching the perfection of love as He lived.

With this, My beloved son, men will learn to love My Son Jesus and Me with the same love as My Spouse Joseph, receiving from Our hearts the purest love that we will share with them. I, My Son Jesus and My most chaste Spouse Joseph are at your side. Fear nothing, for Our hearts will always protect you. I bless you all: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

When the message given by Our Lady was finished, the Holy Family gave its blessing and began to rise to heaven and Our Lady said:

At the end Our United Hearts will triumph!

Tenth Message

March 10, 1998

Jesus: My dear son, today I pour out the graces of My Heart and bless all mankind. I wish that all men have devotion to the Most Chaste Heart of My Virgin Father Joseph. Those who honor Him as they do My Heart, make Me happy. May you speak to all men about this devotion that has been revealed to you. I charge you with this mission as I have already told you. You must love My Virginal Father Joseph as I love Him, because by loving Him, you will do My will by imitating Me in everything. I want to save all sinners. I love them all... I am their God, I created them and I want them to be happy by My side and share My love and the glory of paradise.

Therefore, My son, all those who honor the Most Chaste Heart of My Virginal Father Joseph will receive the grace that on the last day of their lives, at the hour of death, they will overcome the hoaxes of the enemy of salvation by receiving the victory and reward deserved in the Kingdom of My Heavenly Father. Those who honor this Most Chaste Heart devoutly in this world be assured of receiving a great glory in heaven, a grace that will not be granted to those who do not honor it as I ask.

The souls devoted to My Virginal Father Joseph will benefit from the beatific vision of the Holy Trinity and will have a profound knowledge of the one and triune God, the thrice Holy One, they will also enjoy the presence of My Heavenly Mother and My Virgin Father Joseph in the Kingdom of Heaven, as of My heavenly wonders reserved for all of them from eternity. These souls will be cherished by the Most Holy Trinity and by My Mother Mary Most Holy and will surround the Most Chaste Heart of My Virginal Father Joseph like the most beautiful lilies. This is My great promise to all men all over the world, devotees of My Virginal Father Joseph. I bless you, My beloved son, as well as all your family and the whole world in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. See you soon!

Jesus was dressed majestically, spoke with great love and with a royal authority. He was very beautiful and full of light that radiated from His being, as if this light came from the inside out and stayed around Him. Each time He spoke of devotion to the Heart of His Virginal Father Joseph His face lit up and His Heart shone more brightly.