Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, July 22, 2023

The Antichrist blinds you!

- Message No. 1407 -


Message of July 19, 2023

My child. Difficult times will come, but you, you must survive and get through this time, where heat, suffering and hardship are great and will become greater!

You must remain strong in faith in Jesus Christ, My Son, and you must put all your trust in Him.

Times are hard, We told you, and I, yours and your Father in Heaven, suffer greatly, because My children do not turn back (!), they refuse to accept the word of My divine Son (!), they trample My commandments and commit most shameful deeds(!), and they care only (not all, but most of the earth children are) about their earthly life, instead of sowing fruits for the eternal (!), and they collect riches for their earthly existence and forget about it that EVERYTHING will be taken away from them, because nobody, and I repeat: Nobody (!) will be able to take something with him, but will perish in 'hustle and bustle', if he does not make himself ready for all that has been said and does not prepare himself, his soul.

My child. Things are bad for the children of the earth, and it is the children of the world who are bringing everything down, destroying, bringing suffering and hardship and hunger upon you, and so many do not see it and play along with the evil game, knowing well that it is WRONG, but thinking of their own welfare and have given themselves over to the devil -often unconsciously- because they are chasing after money, the idol of your present time, and do not look further.

My children, be told that you will lose EVERYTHING.

The time is near, and I, your Father in Heaven, warn you.

So awake, My beloved flock of children, and prepare yourselves for the return of My Son.

It will all come blow by blow, and the children of Europe will have to endure much suffering if they do not change, do not pray, and continue to keep their hearts closed to My Son!

Where Jesus is not, there will be greatest hardship!

So be ready, for you have barely any time left!

The children of America will suffer. Where 'you' feel safe, great disasters will come.

Be ready for My Son and abandon glamor and appearances!

You feel safe, but you are not! Only My Son can give you security, so convert to HIM, because the Antichrist blinds you, and his elite will soon fall!

My attention is mainly directed to North America and here mainly to the USA with California and Miami. Boston and New York I am told.

The Caribbean will suffer.

Where the super rich have their homes, disasters, devastation will come.

I am shown the people, they have a lot of money, live in luxury and fun, but right there, from now on, unexpectedly, will be these disasters.

Yes, My child. They do not expect this. My Holy Angels are standing by, and the bowls they hold will be poured out upon the earth.

So beware, those who think you are untouchable, for My Fatherly hand will (also) chastise you, and good to him who is ready for repentance, for only My Son will then give you mercy, but I will chastise you, and you will fall if you do not repent and take your refuge in My Son!

My child. The African continent will be seething. War and death, catastrophes.

The 'guerrilla' in South America will subjugate whole tribes.

Canada is permeated by the devil, as well as England, New Zealand and Australia. Be ready, children of the British Crown (Commonwealth), for your days are numbered!

Asia will not be spared either.


There will be tsunamis in the West.

There will be landslides and much fire.

The heat is increasing, My children, protect yourselves.

Water shortages and hunger are increasing!

Take precautions!

Live sparingly. You will not be able to drink pool or sea water, so live sparingly! Be careful with your irrigation and your resources! Great droughts are spreading all over the world!

Many things will be lacking, but not only because of drought and water shortage! You are deceived, and this time is far from over!

Only when the Antichrist is overthrown, you will have relief!

Children, children, get ready! The final battle is near, but tribulation will chastise you, and like wild beasts the children of the earth will fall upon others!

Keep yourselves hidden in Jesus, for only through HIM will you be brought through this tribulation! Whoever does not convert or (whoever) turns away will have a hard time, and greatest suffering will come upon him and his family.

So persevere and do not fear, for where you are firmly anchored in Jesus, you will come through this time strong and enduring.

Go therefore and make this known also.

I love you very much. I love you very much.

Yours and your Father in heaven.

Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.

Where My Son is revered and worshipped, over him I hold My protecting hand AT ALL TIMES. Amen.

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