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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Apparition and Message of Our Lady on May 12, 2024 - Anticipated Feast of the 107th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Fatima

Do Not Offend God Any More, Convert, Do Not Drive Any More Painful Thorns into My Immaculate Heart


JACAREÍ, MAY 12, 2024





(Marcos): "Since You grant me this, I would like to ask You to accept the meditated Rosary that I recorded for You, No. 41, and to convert the merits that I had in making or recording this Rosary into graces, first of all for my father, Carlos Tadeu, and then for all those present here, and for two people in particular.

(Most Holy Mary): "My children, I come again today to give My message through the lips of My forever chosen servant.

I am the Lady of the Rosary, I am the Sorrowful Mother who for more than a hundred years has always repeated the same message: 'Convert! Change your life! No longer offend God our Lord, who is already greatly offended.

I am the Mother who, from the Cova Iria in Fatima, continues to repeat the same plea to this humanity that is far from the Lord: 'Do not offend God any more, convert, do not drive any more painful thorns into My Immaculate Heart.'

Yes, My Heart is pierced with painful thorns every day, which are driven into it by every sin of every man. That is why I ask for conversion.

I repeat what I have said: For every sin committed, the sinner will have 10 years of spiritual contamination and the action of the devil in his life causing him all kinds of suffering.

To avoid this evil and to avoid the eternal damnation of souls, I ask: Conversion and Penance!

Flee from evil, flee from occasions of sin, flee from all that the world offers you as a good, flee and renounce all temptation from Satan.

Live a holy life in God's grace, in God's friendship, in prayer, in sacrifice and penance, in meditation. Both inwardly and outwardly, My children, live in holiness so that I can truly find you standing beside Me when My son Jesus returns.

My Apparitions at Fatima in the Cova da Iria are the great sign of Revelation 12 which indicates to you that the final events preparing for My son's return are taking place. So convert without delay! The last seals, the last secrets of the Apocalypse must now come true.

What I told Maximino and Melania at La Salette and then repeated at Fatima in My Secret will come true. Therefore, My children, truly change your lives so that the Father will recognize you as worthy to dwell with him in Heaven. Nothing tainted can enter Heaven, so purify yourselves through a life of Prayer, Sacrifice and Penance.

What I said at Montichiari, which was the continuation of Fatima, must now be lived out by you in its entirety: Prayer, Sacrifice, Penance!

Only when humanity recognizes the greatness of My apparitions at Fatima and recognizes that it was the Lady of the Holm Oak who saved the world from World War III in the 1980s, will the world finally have peace.

Only when the world recognizes that it was the Lady of the Shepherds who saved the world from the Third World War and falls at Her feet, surrendering their hearts to Her, will the Angel of Peace descend to Earth and bless the world with peace.

That, My son Marcos, is why I love you so much, because you have always taught My children this for many years, you have always explained to My children all the greatness and importance of Fatima.

Yes, you have made all My children understand that My Apparition at Fatima was decisive and the cause for the deliverance of the 20th century and this century from the Third World War and a world destruction such as there has never been before on the face of the Earth and never will be again.

You have shown My children how much the world owes to Me, owes to Fatima, owes to My Little Shepherds. And so souls feel the need in their hearts to love Me, to console Me, to obey Me and to follow My messages faithfully.

So My son, today, be blessed because of the films of My Apparition at Fatima that you have made.

Yes, be blessed, you will be healed, you will be healed by the ways I have chosen.

You will be healed by the affection and love of those who truly understand, comprehend and love you.

You will be healed by a very special grace from My Heart.

You will be healed by the strength of My maternal love, which needs you in order to reach so many children who do not yet know Me and are therefore lost in sin.

They are not evil, they do not have an evil nature, but they sin out of ignorance. And if they don't know the truth, if they don't know My Son, if they haven't known Me and My Apparitions for a long time, they will take on an evil nature that will take the place of the good one.

Only you can pull them out of this mire of ignorance and sin in which they live. That's why I need you here on Earth for a while yet, to make myself even better known and loved.

For this reason, I will act and heal your heart through the Flame of Love of My Immaculate Heart.

Yes, you must announce to My children that they must convert as soon as possible. All the punishments that are now happening in Brazil and around the world are warnings from God to convert.

The light you saw in Heaven these days is the great warning that God will soon put an end to so many crimes, evils and sins.

They haven't listened to My call from La Salette and Fatima.

They haven't listened to My call of love in My 1800 Apparitions around the world.

They haven't listened to My call of love here, so they have to be stopped and God will stop all sinners with the most tremendous punishments.

That is why I ask: Prayer, Conversion and Penance!

Yes, My son, My images will continue to weep, My paintings will continue to weep and so will yours, because Heaven can no longer bear so much sin, so much evil, so much hatred and ingratitude towards the Lord and My Heart.

Yes, My son, I bless you, you whose pain it is to see the ingratitude of so many souls towards Me and towards yourself. Seeing so much sin, so much evil, you suffer and this pain of yours radiates for many kilometers and materializes visibly in your pictures. So that people understand how great your suffering is, your martyrdom, My little martyr, who in silence and in hiding suffers nailed to the cross with My son Jesus and with Me.

Yes, you My son, whose love, whose Flame of Love for Me is so strong that if this flame could radiate, it would burn and dissolve everything within a radius of 40 km.

Yes, the intensity of this light, of your Flame of Love, was recorded in the signs I made for you to see in your photos. Yes, only you have this intensity of love for Me, for the Lord and for souls.

Happy is the one who joins you, for he will have that same Flame of Love assimilating it from you and will also become, like you, an incandescent Flame of Love, another incandescent Sun of Love on Earth in the midst of so much darkness.

I bless you and say: My son, this week, each time you transmitted the movie Tears No. 2 to My children, you removed a thousand thorns from My heart. You removed a thousand swords of pain from My heart.

Yes, all the movies you've made comfort Me a lot, but especially this one because it shows My painful tears and My son's tears to the whole world. And they then feel the need to console Me and work for Me to help Me save souls.

So keep going, keep showing it to all My children so that they come from all over the world to dry My tears. Yes, I wish: Prayer and Penance, Reparation.

The sins of the world have pierced the vault of Heaven and are already crying out for vengeance before the Lord. Vengeance has already come and will come even more tremendously if there is no Conversion and Penance.

I am a mother and a mother does everything for her child, I have done everything for the salvation of My children, but they do not want to accept My love. That's why I cry, that's why I suffer, because they do nothing to avoid the terrible punishments that are coming.

Prayer and penance! If this is done and if My Apparition at Fatima is recognized by all men as the cause of the deliverance from war in the 20th century, and if men comply with My message, My Immaculate Heart will certainly triumph.

To you, My son Marcos, who has done so much for so many years so that all My children may know My message of Fatima and understand its greatness.

To you who have made Me and My Little Shepherds so well known and loved, you who have a true Fatimist heart, I bless you and all My children now.

At your request, I pour out the graces of the Rosary that you have offered Me on all My children and also on your father, whom you love more than anything.

I bless you all and these holy objects: from Lourdes, Fatima and Jacareí.

Wherever one of these holy objects arrives, I will be there bringing the Lord's great graces."

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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