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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Apparition and Message of the Merciful Jesus and Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace on April 7, 2024 - Feast of Divine Mercy

Forget Everything Else and Dedicate Your Lives Now to Saving Your Souls, Because There Is Nothing More Important than This







(Sacred Heart): My chosen souls, I come today with My Mother on the Anniversary of our Apparitions here, the monthly Anniversary together with the Feast of My Mercy, to say to the whole world:

My Mercy will triumph!

My Mercy will triumph over all the evil in the world and the ungodly thrones of sin, violence and apostasy will be brought to the ground and mercy, My merciful heart, will triumph.

My Mercy will triumph and this time of evil, sin and apostasy will pass. And a new time of holiness will come for the whole world, of love for Me, love for My most holy Father, love for My Mother, love for faith, love for Heaven.

Yes, this blessed time will come and this century, this time of love for pleasures and earthly things will disappear and a new time of grace will come to the world.

My Mercy will triumph, and then everything that My enemy has corrupted, perverted, corroded, poisoned, contaminated and destroyed will be renewed, will be transformed. And a new world of grace, holiness and beauty will be given to all My faithful children.

The Catholic Faith will triumph in the end, it will triumph through the Rosaries, the Hours of Prayer, the films and all the works, the holy works of My son Marcos, the messenger of My Mercy.

Yes, through his lifelong works My Mercy will triumph, the Flame of Love of My Blessed Mother will triumph and the Catholic Faith will finally dominate the whole world.

Apostasy, atheism and all other ideologies contrary to My Sacred Heart will be crushed by My foot, by My Mother's foot through the hands and little feet of My son Marcos... From the voice, from the works of love that he has done for Me and for My Mother.

In this way, I will proclaim My greatest victory to the whole world, I will show all My power and the power of My Mother and I will show that this miracle that will happen will be entirely My work and that of My Mother. Without using the great and the powerful of this world, but using only the voice, the hands, the flesh, the body of the chosen soul, of the chosen child whom we have chosen.

In this way, our power will shine even brighter and the whole world will finally glorify My Blessed Mother by placing Her Immaculate Heart next to Mine and all of humanity will recognize Her as their Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

I want you to continue praying the Rosary of Mercy meditated on every day. How much I like these Rosaries recorded by My son Marcos, because they contain My messages, My Mother's messages and the lives of the saints.

And so I can speak to My children freely and go straight to their hearts with My grace and love to renew, resurrect and revive their sin-dead souls.

I wish you to pray the Rosary of Mercy No. 61 twice and the Rosary of Mercy No. 7 three times.

Keep praying My Mother's Rosary every day and come to this place which is the Throne of My Mercy. Everyone who comes here to see Me will find Me full of love and Mercy to give them a new life in My Grace,

But don't abuse My Mercy. I don't judge, I don't condemn the sinner at first, but I want him to stop, renounce his pet sins and convert. If you do this, I will have Mercy.

I want you to change your life, because I am already coming back to you. And soon, you will see My rays on the horizon and sinners will beat their heads against the walls, they will curse their life without Me in sin, they will want to look for the way of salvation but it will be closed and no one will be able to find Me anymore.

The heavenly voices will cease, and then the three days of dense darkness will fall upon the whole earth when the demons will seize and carry away all those who are not in My grace.

Be in My grace, remain in My grace, live in My grace, live in Me. It's the only way to save your souls.

Forget everything else and dedicate your lives now to saving your souls, because there is nothing more important than this.

Pray My Mother's Rosary and try every day to open your hearts more to her, so that her Flame of Love can work its wonders.

I am alive and risen and everyone who believes in Me will live forever.

I bless you all with love: from Dozulé, from Plock and from Jacareí."

(Most Holy Mary): "I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace, from Heaven I have come once again to give My Message through the mouth of My servant.

Yes, I have shown My pain over many years to all of humanity through My images, from which I have brought down tears and even tears of blood. And now, I am also showing My pain through the paintings of My son Marcos.

They are the tears of My Heart, which through his heart where I live and reside are visible to you. They are tears of My pain, they are also tears of the immense pain of his soul, which has been battered throughout his life: by human evil, by injustice, by slander, by lies, by ingratitude, by forgetfulness, by abandonment, by contempt and by the insensitivity and hardness of human hearts.

Yes, this lack of love, this lovelessness is so great, so strong, so cruel that it crushes My heart and brings copious tears to My eyes. And so it also crushes the heart and soul of My son Marcos.

That's why his pictures weep, and this will be repeated, it will continue until your hearts repent, convert from all the evil you have done, not only to My son Jesus and to Me, but also to him, to this place and to the seers.

Only in this way will our hearts no longer suffer, those who have harmed not only Me and My son Jesus, but also My son Marcos, will not be saved if they do not do severe penance. I have been saying this since the 2000s and I repeat it. And how many there have been who, despite being warned, have sinned in this way.

Reparation! Penance! Only then will the pain in our hearts disappear and our tears stop falling.

Let them repent, let them turn from their sins! Without conversion, without renouncing one's sins, no one can go to Heaven, no matter how much Communion they receive, no matter what they do.

Conversion is needed! A change of life is needed!

Only in this way will the sinner's prayer become pleasing to the Father and obtain Mercy from him.

Pray the meditated Rosary no. 22 three times and the meditated Rosary no. 54 four times.

Also give the movie Voices from Heaven No. 1 to four of My children who don't have it, so that they will know the messages that My son Jesus gave to My daughter Faustina and which have been trampled underfoot and despised by humanity.

How many of My children live and die in total ignorance of our Messages and therefore fall like hail into Hell.

Yes, there are so many souls that if it were hail, it would shut out the light of day.

How ignorance takes souls to Hell! Help Me to save these ignorant children of mine by giving them the films of My son Marcos, so that they know My messages and the Lives of the Saints. And in this way, I can save these children of mine from an eternal, unhappy and unfortunate destiny in Hell by taking them with Me to Heaven, guaranteeing them an eternal destiny of happiness, glory and endless joy in Paradise.

I wish, My children, that you open your hearts to the Lord while there is still time and convert, because at the hour and on the day when you least expect it, the Secrets will begin to happen without warning and there will be no more time for conversion.

Watch and pray, because Satan wants to deceive you with many evil thoughts, many temptations and seductions.

Lead a holy, recollected life of prayer, get away from the world and as far as you can from the confusion of today's world and live a life of peace and prayer.

God is pure action, for Him there is no yesterday or tomorrow, everything is an eternal today. God is pure love! And for this reason, My son Marcos showed My daughter Faustina almost a hundred years ago, you, who would be the Apostle of Mercy through whom My son Jesus and I would finish the Work of Mercy begun with her.

Yes, the Work of Mercy will be finished here and soon My son will begin the Work of Justice, carrying out the Secrets and sending out punishments one after the other.

It will be terrible, it will be worse than being pierced by more than a hundred skewers, swords of fire.

Woe to the sinners who have mocked God and mocked My Messages and Tears. The demons mocking them will seize them and drag them into the fire from where they will never be able to get out.

Yes, you will see this, My children, so that you can see what I have freed you from with My Apparitions, the torment that you have been freed from through the yes and the lifetime of love, holy works, sacrifices, pains and tears of My son Marcos.

Then you will glorify the Lord and praise My Maternal love, which has acted powerfully in mercy for the salvation of all of you.

Keep praying the Rosary of Tears every day. Pray My Rosary.

And as for you, My little son Marcos, rejoice, because this morning I, My son Jesus and My daughter Faustina went down once again to the Mariel store and I showed them the movie Voices from Heaven No. 1 and all the more than 100 meditated Rosaries of Mercy that you have recorded.

My daughter Faustina was moved and shed tears of joy, My son Jesus rejoiced and truly said: 'No, there is no one who loves My Divine Mercy, My Image and the Messages I gave to My servant Faustina more than My son Marcos.

Truly, he is the apostle, the knight of My Mercy. Through him, My Mercy will triumph and here in this Shrine, which is the Throne of My Mercy, I will finally perform the greatest wonders of My Sacred Heart and I will perform the greatest triumph of My Mercy on the whole Earth.

We bless you at that moment, so, little child, rejoice, because when the world pierces our Hearts with the sword of pain... It is there in the Mariel Store, contemplating your works of love, undeniable proofs of your obedience, faith, love for Me and for My son Jesus, that our Hearts are consoled and delighted in you.

I lovingly bless you now and all My children: from Lourdes, from Pontmain, from Jasna Góra (Czestochowa) and from Jacareí.

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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Since February 7, 1991, the Blessed Mother of Jesus has been visiting the Brazilian land in the Apparitions of Jacareí, in the Paraíba Valley, and transmitting Her Messages of Love to the world through Her chosen one, Marcos Tadeu Teixeira. These celestial visits continue until today, know this beautiful story that began in 1991 and follow the requests that Heaven makes for our salvation...

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