Messages to Marcos Tadeu Teixeira in Jacareí SP, Brazil


Saturday, September 16, 2023

Apparition and Message of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace on September 7, 2023

I Will Transform You into Works of Great Spiritual Perfection to Show the Whole World the Greatness of My Love and My Glory







(Sacred Heart): "My chosen souls, beloved souls of My Sacred Heart, I come here today with My Immaculate Mother on another Monthly Anniversary of our Apparitions to say:

Immense is the love of our Two Hearts, who have chosen you, called you and brought you here in our presence, in our work of love and salvation to give you all so much love, so much peace, so much grace as we do in this place.

Immense is the love of our hearts that 32 years ago thought of all of you with love. And our Hearts came here to draw your hearts to ours, in order to give you all: consolation, peace, grace, blessing and to offer you all salvation.

Yes, our Hearts thought of all of you with immeasurable love, My children, and that's why they chose you and called you. Each one of you has been loved by Me and My Mother with boundless love.

Yes, I love each one of you like a father who has only one, only child in the world. Yes, I love each one of you as if there were only one of you in the world.

I love you with the love of the Father himself, because the Father and I are one in love. For this reason, I have thought of everyone with love, I have desired the salvation of everyone with love, I have sought the good and liberation of everyone with love.

You were distant from Me and from prayer and lived only to offend Me by forgetting Me, forgetting My Word, forgetting your lives day after day. And yet, My Sacred Heart thought of each one of you with love, I thought of the good and happiness of each one of you as if there were no other human beings in the world, as if there were only each one of you.

For this reason, little children, today I ask you: open your hearts of stone to receive this love of Mine and truly decide to be the most loving souls that My Mother and I have come here to seek and ask for.

Yes, I want the work of the most loving souls here and in order to become a most loving soul of our Hearts you must each day renounce your own will, renounce your own self, your own will, despise the world and yourselves and live a life of total dependence on My love.

I want you to eliminate all fear of Me, I don't want to be feared, I want to be loved, I want to be understood, I want to be reciprocated.

Two thousand years ago I came into the world to reveal My love, but until today human beings have not understood Me. I want to be loved, that's all: loved.

I want you not to think about your faults and imperfections, but to give them only to Me, to accept My love and allow yourselves to be shaped by My love.

May you strive every day to seek perfection and holiness, and I will take care of imperfections and defects with My Blessed Mother. May you fight against dryness, lukewarmness, indifference, laziness, lack of love, lack of prayer, disordered self-love.

If you do this, My Flame of Love, My Mother's Flame of Love, will enter your hearts and work wonders.

I will transform you into works of great spiritual perfection to show the whole world the greatness of My love and My glory.

May the most loving souls rise up here to raise a great wave of love to My Father, a great wave of love to My Heart, to My Mother's Heart, to Heaven every day, together with My little son Marcos. A great wave of love that will truly stop the wave of hatred, the wave of evil, the wave that rises from Hell every day to drag all souls with it into the abyss.

I want the most loving souls to rise up here to form a great spiritual barrier against all the evil that now dominates this world, this world that My Father and I and the Holy Spirit have created with so much love.

May this wave of love stop evil, may your hearts be hearts of loving souls who think only of loving Me and loving their neighbor, so as to convert souls and reveal to them My love, My face of love for love and in love.

May you pray the Rosary of Love every day, so that your hearts may create the desire to be truly loving souls.

May you pray the acts of love* taught to you by My Mother, by My Saints here, so that the desire for true love for Me, for My Father and for My Mother may be born in your hearts.

May you also expand your hearts to My Flame of Love and to My Mother's Flame of Love, because without her no one can become a most loving soul.

How do you do this? By giving yourself more and more to Me and to My Mother, by dedicating yourself more and more to Me and to My Mother, by doing what My little son Marcos has always done, giving himself without limits to Me and to My Mother.

My son, I bless you now for the new La Salette movie that you made out of love for My Mother, out of love for Me. Yes, although very exhausted and tired from so many duties and obligations you have here, you still stayed up so many sleepless nights working for My Mother, working to give her this new gift of love, this new film of the Apparition of La Salette.

I bless you and pour out all the graces of My love on you now. Yes, you expanded your heart a great deal during the nights you worked on this film, giving up the rest that was well-deserved for you. To dedicate yourself even more to My Mother by making this film, so that souls may know her pain and feel the desire to dedicate their lives to My Mother as loving souls.

Yes, you have enlarged your heart a great deal, and because of this, you have acquired new degrees of the Flame of Love in you, which has also given you new degrees of habitual holiness on Earth and glory in Heaven. For this, I bless you.

You have truly multiplied the degree of habitual holiness by a hundred and the degree of glory in Heaven by a thousand.

I pour out the graces of My Sacred Heart on the people to whom you too have offered this sacrifice of love, this work of love.

I now give you My blessing and My peace.

I wish there were 10 more souls like you in the world and My Heart and My Mother's Heart would have triumphed a long time ago, but we haven't found 10 very loving souls, 10 true apostles of our Hearts, 10 souls burning with our Flame of Love.

That's why I want the Works of the Most Loving Souls here. To finally give My Father these souls who, with their lives ablaze with love, are similar to your life, similar to your soul, My son... These souls, together with you, applaud the Wrath of My Father, rightly indignant at the crimes of the whole world, and obtain from Him mercy, grace and peace for the whole world.

Now, I especially bless all of France, Portugal and also Sweden because of the film you made of La Salette. And many more nations will be blessed as the movie is seen and your personal merits for having done this good work increase.

Because of your love, because of you, I will bless the nations of the whole earth.

I bless you now with love and shower upon you all My predilection and benevolence.

And to all My children from Paray-Le-Monial, Dozulé and Jacareí."

(Most Holy Mary): "I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace, I am the Woman clothed with the Sun, I am the Heavenly Commander of the Armies of the Lord.

On the same day as today, almost 30 years ago, I gave the entire crowd present here in this city the miracle requested by My little son Marcos, three months earlier and promised and prophesied by Me for this day.

Yes, I made the moon move in Heaven in front of all My children present, thus showing that I was the Heavenly Commander of the Lord, the General of the Heavenly Armies, the Queen of all Creation, the Immaculate Conception, the Woman clothed in the Sun, who terrible as an Army in Order of Battle, with the Moon under her feet descended from Heaven, to fight the final battle against the infernal dragon for the salvation of all My children.

Yes, I confirmed once and for all the truth of My Apparitions here, and since then, I have not ceased to call My children to conversion and true love for God, thus becoming the most loving souls that the Father desires.

I am the Messenger of Peace, who has come from heaven to bring the true peace that the world does not have and cannot give.

Thanks to My coming here and the yes of My little son Marcos given to Me in 1991, a terrible war was averted which in 1992 would put an end to the history of humanity.

Thanks to My Flame of Love united with My son's yes, this great scourge was averted. And all of you have been given more time, more life and more mercy so that you can save your souls.

Yes, I repeat it again: Thanks to My Flame of Love and the yes of My little son Marcos, all of you have been given forgiveness, grace, life and mercy.

Just as God sent the Angel Gabriel to ask My consent for the Word to be Incarnate and to save the world, so that all of humanity would then be obliged to love and thank Me.

In the same way, I asked for the yes of My little son Marcos at the beginning of the Apparitions, so that this whole generation would be obliged to recognize that through his yes, everyone received more life, more time and more mercy. And so everyone would be obliged to be grateful not only to Me, but also to him for all the good that was poured out on everyone thanks to his yes.

At La Salette, My seers were repaid with ingratitude, even after having suffered so much for Me and done so much to convey My message to everyone for their salvation.

At Lourdes, My little daughter Bernadette was also paid with ingratitude, at Fatima and everywhere I appeared. Not only I, but also My seers were paid with ingratitude by this evil and hard-hearted humanity.

Here I asked My little son Marcos to say yes explicitly at the beginning so that everyone would be obliged to be grateful to Me and to him for the peace they have had so far over the years to be able to pray and save their souls.

I therefore want the whole world to recognize the value of My coming, My presence here and the yes of My little son Marcos. And as well as being grateful, imitate the yes of love that he has given Me and repeats every day with fidelity. In this way, they will learn to be very loving souls, who know how to renounce their own will, their own selves, in order to do the Lord's will and My will of love.

I want the court of the most loving souls here to rise up, together with My little son Marcos, to offer themselves as sacrifices pleasing to the Father: to love Him for those who do not love Him, to adore Him for those who do not adore Him, to praise Him for those who do not praise Him, to serve Him for those who do not serve Him.

So that in this way, through a life of love, they can obtain forgiveness, grace and mercy from the Father for the billions of souls who need it so much and who, on their own, because they are outside of God's grace, can no longer achieve salvation on their own.

There needs to be a court of very loving souls, who with the merits of their love, of their works of love, will achieve for these souls the saving grace, the transforming grace.

For this reason, may the most loving souls whom I desire and whom I also came to ask for in the first place at La Salette, and whom I called the Apostles of the Last Times, rise up here. So that truly, together with these souls, I can spread My Flame of Love over the whole Earth, crushing and destroying the flame of hatred and evil that now devastates and devastates everything.

In this way, I will be able to perform the true and great final miracle of the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, crushing Satan and the forces of evil and finally leading all of humanity to the new Heaven and the New Earth, which are about to arrive for the most loving souls, where there will only be love, peace, concord, holiness and adoration of God.

I want you to continue praying My Rosary every day. Only by praying the Rosary with your heart can you have My Flame of Love. And only when you have My Flame of Love will your heart be transformed into a heart of the most loving soul.

True love can only be achieved by renouncing one's own will, by renouncing one's own self, by loving prayer, meditation and reparation to My Heart and to the Heart of Jesus. You can only reach this love by opening your heart to love without fear.

Pray the Rosary of Tears 21 for three days.

Pray the Rosary of Peace meditated on No. 8 four times.

Also, pray the Rosary meditated on No. 185 four times for the conversion of sinners.

I bless you all again with love: from Lourdes, from Pontmain and from Jacareí.


(Most Holy Mary): "As I have already said, wherever one of these holy objects arrives, there I will be alive, carrying with Me the great graces of the Lord.

My little son Marcos, Heaven is still celebrating and rejoicing over the new film of My Apparition at La Salette (La Salette 4) that you made, especially Maximino and Melanie, St. John Mary Vianney and the other saints who loved My Apparition at La Salette so much.

Yes, Heaven is rejoicing, Heaven is celebrating and every hour that passes and My children come to this movie understanding both My pain and the gravity of the time in which they live and they decide to pray more, they decide for Heaven, this jubilation and this joy increases.

Yes, you are that great apostle prophesied by Me to My son Maximino, who 150 years after My Apparition would bring her out of the oblivion and contempt of humanity.

But not only that, you are also: ____ (Our Lady revealed this in private to the seer Marcos Tadeu). Don't tell this to anyone, only to those I inspire in your heart.

Go ahead, My little son, now let all My children throughout the world know My great maternal pain, know the seriousness and value of My Apparitions at La Salette, because I continued to appear to Melania many more times to guide her about the Apostles of the Last Times.

So that My children may truly decide to be these apostles, these most loving souls, who together with you and Me will bring down the infernal empire to the ground and obtain from the Father the great miracle of the Triumph of My heart that will bring the new Heavens and the new Earth to the whole world.

I love you more and more, and every work of love you do for Me increases My love and predilection for you even more. Thanks to you, the glory of the truth of the mountain, of the truth of My Apparition at La Salette shines throughout the world.

And it will shine even brighter, blinding Satan, freeing souls from darkness and hastening the coming of the Kingdom of My Immaculate Heart over the whole world.

So, My son, My knight, My angel, the angel of La Salette, go and announce all this to all My people.

I bless you and leave you peace."


In the Apparitions of Jacareí in 2016, Our Lady and the Saints asked us to repeat the following acts frequently:


Jesus, Mary and Joseph I love You save souls


My God, my Father I adore You, I want to: increase my love and make me love You more and more.


Mary, Mother of God and my Mother, I love You, but make me love You more and more.


Mary Mother of God and my Mother, make me love You more and more and die of love for You.


Saint Lucy I love You, save my soul, save many souls


My Jesus, My Love, I love You, make me love You and die of love for You.


Jesus, Mary, Joseph I give You my whole heart now and forever.


Jesus, Mary, Joseph for love of You I renounce all sin.


Mother of God, I love You, I want You, I desire You: Increase in my heart Your Flame of Love.

(...) So that My Flame of Love may grow in your hearts, you must continually repeat the acts of love that I have given you here. Above all, every day, you must say a mental prayer, even for five minutes. Meditating on one of My Messages and trying to contemplate Me, because the contemplation of mental prayer will unite your souls with Me more and more.(...) [Our Lady in the apparitions of Jacareí, September 11, 2016]

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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