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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Apparition and Message of Our Lady on May 21, 2023 - Feast of the 591st Anniversary of the Apparitions of Caravaggio and St. Rita of Cascia

There in Caravaggio My Immaculate Heart with My Flame of Love Shines Brightly before the Whole World


JACAREÍ, MAY 21, 2023





(Blessed Mary): "Dear son Marcos, today, when you celebrate here already My Apparition in Caravaggio to My daughter Gianetta, I come from Heaven again to tell you:

I am your Mother, I have come to console you as I came down from Heaven to console My daughter Gianetta. Yes, seeing also how much you had already suffered at such a tender age, I have come down from Heaven to console you, to be your consoling Mother, your doting and loving Mother who to you provides everything and will always provide everything.

I came down to tell you that I was also listening to your prayers, I was listening to your groans, your sobs, and I came down from Heaven to give you true peace, the true happiness that only, only in God, only in My flame of love can man find.

I came down, I came down from Heaven to comfort you and to transform you into My messenger of peace as I transformed Gianetta, to take My message of peace, of hope, of love to the whole world.

And to tell My children again that they should do penance. That they should and must fast on Tuesdays to make reparation for so many sins with which the world offends the Lord. And they should consecrate Saturday afternoon to Me to thank Me for pleading, interceding, advocating the cause of sinners for so long and achieving My son's forgiveness for so many crimes and sins of the world.

Yes, I have come down to you to resurrect Caravaggio, to revive the message of Caravaggio, and to make all My children know My Caravaggio Message, to finally find peace of heart, to find the love of the Sacred Heart of My son Jesus. And so, I can transform all My children into living fountains of peace and love for this peaceless world.

The miraculous fountain that I made sprout in Caravaggio in the place where I appeared to My little daughter Gianetta. The miraculous fountain that I made sprout here in this place by commanding you to dig the ground of this sacred place pointed out by Me is the perfect image of the very thing that you have become, that My daughter Gianetta has become: source of grace, source of peace, source of heavenly love and of hope for the whole world.

And also, these fountains are the perfect image of what I want My children to be: living fountains of peace, of heavenly love, of hope, of blessing for this world so full of sadness, violence, wars, selfishness, evil that has turned this world into a real desert, a cold and loveless desert.

If you are those fountains that pour My peace into this world many souls will be saved and there will be peace. Without love there can be no peace, as long as human beings do not live what My son taught two thousand years ago: 'Love one another.' There will be no peace.

So, My children, be sources of love, of kindness, of charity for this world that has completely lost love and has chosen to die to all that is good, to all that is beautiful.

And then, through your love many souls will be resurrected to the life of grace, will be resurrected to eternal life, and then, the world will be saved by the power of love and the beauty of love.

Yes, My Shrine of Caravaggio is a beacon of hope for this world shrouded in darkness. In Caravaggio all My children looking at Me, consoling My little daughter Gianetta, everyone can see My love, everyone can understand My maternal mercy that no child forgets, no child abandons, no child despises or rejects.

There in Caravaggio My Immaculate Heart with My flame of love shines brightly before the whole world. Yes, Caravaggio is the triumph of My love.

And here also, where I appeared to resurrect Caravaggio, to take Caravaggio out of hiding, out of the contempt of humanity My Immaculate Heart triumphs through love, through the power of love that is hidden, incomprehensible to the proud, but is given to the simple, to the pure of heart who desire and want to know My love, My flame of love.

Just accept this love, and then My flame will act powerfully in all of you transforming you into the purest and most beautiful fountains of true love, of true peace for this peaceless world. Then, it will be the triumph of the Heart of My Son, it will be the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, Satan will be annihilated and will no longer be able to do harm on earth.

Then, all the peoples will proclaim Me: mediatrix, co-redemptrix, advocate of humanity, and finally, I will give the peace that I promised in Fatima to the whole world.

Keep praying My whole Rosary every day! The meditated Rosary made by My little son Marcos Tadeu, which is the one that pleases Me the most, because in it are contained the messages that I have given to the whole world and that have been forgotten, despised and trampled upon by men.

In this way, many thorns, many swords of pain are taken from My Heart. And finally, I can speak to My children, I can save them, love them, and deliver them from all evil. Keep coming here, so that I can continue the conversion of all of you.

And as for you My little son Marcos, the most ardent and zealous defender of My apparitions all over the world, especially in Caravaggio. You My little son, who has taken this apparition of Mine from complete oblivion and contempt of humanity and has made it possible for so many of My children to know Me, to understand My love revealed in Caravaggio.

To you I give today new special blessings. You have offered the merits of this film, of this good work all day long for your father Carlos Tadeu and also for those who are here.

I give your father Carlos Tadeu now 26 million blessings, which he will receive throughout a year, a whole year. Also, I give to My children who are here 30 thousand blessings, which they will receive again next year on the Anniversary of My Apparitions in Caravaggio. And to the two people for whom you asked Me, I now give 23 special blessings.

Thus, I transform your merits into graces, I pour the streams of My graces and My love over My children, I satisfy your great thirst for love and charity, your desire to benefit and help everyone, and I can pour My peace over the whole world.

At this moment 32,708 souls are being liberated from the fire of Purgatory by your offered merits. And also at this moment 63 thousand souls of this world are being touched by the Lord's grace, will fall in love with My son Jesus and with Me, and will become faithful and zealous in the Lord's service.

I bless you all with love now: from Caravaggio, from Pontmain and from Jacareí."


(Blessed Mary): "As I have already said, wherever one of these holy objects arrives, there I will be alive carrying with Me the great graces of the Lord.

Also, I have touched with My veil all My images, the images of the Saints that are here. Wherever they arrive there My flame of love will be present realizing the wonders of My motherly love for My children.

Saint Raphael the Archangel and also Saint Dorothy will accompany these images, these holy objects, wherever they go.

Go forward My son Marcos, it is not time to hide, it is time to make My light shine more and more to the world.

You are the lamp that I have lit to illuminate the world in these times of dense darkness. You are the medicine I have given so that this sick world can be healed as I said in the last message.

Whoever rejects this remedy will perish.

Anyone who refuses to walk in this light will walk in darkness and be lost, will fall into the deepest depths of evil, and will be lost forever.

Therefore, My son, go, enlighten the whole world with My motherly light.

Make the light, the truth, the grace of My apparitions shine even brighter. You are right to dedicate yourself one hundred percent now to the new means of communication you have made for Me, and the spreading of My Apparitions and Messages in this way to the whole world.

It is the most important, it is the best you can do for Me, for the salvation of souls and the whole world.

So, continue My son, continue forward, dedicate yourself even more and even more I will crown your efforts with conversions and with salvation of souls.

Go My lamp, My ray of light, illuminate the world, conquer the darkness, crush My enemies.

I bless you and leave you My peace and to all again I bless you so that you may be happy and I leave you the peace of My Heart.

Stay in the peace of the Lord."

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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