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Monday, May 22, 2023

Apparition and Message of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady on May 14, 2023 - Feast of the 106th Anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions in the Cova da Iria Portugal

They Sin against the Holy Spirit All Those Who Say That It Is Not Obligatory to Believe in My Mother’s Messages


JACAREÍ, MAY 14, 2023





(Sacred Heart): "My chosen souls, I come today with My Blessed Mother, on this day of so much celebration and joy when you celebrate here the Anniversary of the first Apparition of My Mother at Fatima, on the distant May 13, 1917.

Yes, My Sacred Heart sent My Blessed Mother in Fatima, to call all humanity back to My Sacred Heart by the road of Conversion, Prayer, Penance and deep, deep devotion to My Heart which means: to live in a state of grace, to live in My love, to remain in My love, to remain in Me and not offend Me any more with disobedience, sins, ingratitude and betrayals.

Yes, My Sacred Heart worked, worked, worked mightily in Fatima through My Blessed Mother, calling everyone to conversion and leading back to the path of grace and salvation a countless multitude of many, many sinners.

Yes, My Sacred Heart at Fatima shone through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother, revealing all our sorrow for the sins of the world, all our sadness at the perdition of so many souls, and our constant concern and distress for the future of humanity, the fate of peoples and nations. And above all, for what awaits you, what awaits all of you in the future if you do not convert, if you do not return to the path of grace and salvation.

At Fatima, when My Mother showed our chosen Little Shepherds the Secret, the Second World War, the consequence of disobedience to My Mother's Messages at Fatima. And also, what might happen next if you continue down the path of rebellion to My love, of disobedience to My Laws of Love. If you continue on the path of evil, of selfishness, of violence, of injustice, of impiety.

Then, the whole world could understand our concern for each and every one, how great is our grief for what awaits them in the future, My children.

That is why I have sent My Mother here again, to reveal our worries and anguish about what awaits you in the future. So that then, the whole world and all sinners will finally understand Our love, understand Our tenderness for each of them. And how much We look forward to the return of each one of them to Us.

Here the love of My Sacred Heart shines as it first shone at Fatima, and all those who look at My Mother who appeared at Fatima and also here, will be able to feel My love, will be able to see how much I love sinners, how much I hope for the return of each one of them to My Heart. And how much I do not want death, the extermination of sinners, but I want them to be converted and live.

If they take just one step on the path of conversion, if they make just one sincere move to return to My Heart, to love My Sacred Heart everything will be forgiven them by My Father, everything will be forgiven by Me, I will forget everything and give them all a new life, a full life in abundance, of My love, of My peace, of My grace and friendship.

My Mother called the whole world to conversion at Fatima, she was not heard, so the Second World War came as a punishment of disobedience to Her. And so too, if humanity continues to disobey My Mother a new and worse War will come as a punishment for the world, plagues will come one after another.

Also, famine, famine, persecution, and all sorts of scourges will come to the whole world. Yes, sins committed against My Blessed Mother especially disobedience to her words will be severely punished in this life and the next.

They sin against the Holy Spirit, so they have to be punished by My Father's Justice.

They sin against the Holy Spirit all those who say that it is not obligatory to believe in My Mother's Messages.

They sin against the Holy Spirit all those who keep souls away from My Mother in such great numbers by denying Her Apparitions and Messages.

They also sin against the Holy Spirit those who persecute My Mother in her Apparitions, those who make her suffer together with My Mother's chosen seers.

This sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, neither in this life nor in the next, in any way.

So take care, watch and pray very hard that you do not commit this sin because if you do, My children, your name will be erased from the number of the elect.

My Mother is a Messenger who deserves all respect, all obedience, all service, all consideration and all docility to Her voice.

If My Mother's Messages were obeyed by the Nations they would be blessed with plenty, with abundance of goods, with peace, with concord, with prosperity.

If families obeyed My Mother's Messages, they would be blessed with union, with peace, with love, with charity, with prosperity, with health and all sorts of goods, above all, with holy children.

But because they don't obey, then they are punished with rebellious, addicted, lost children, with adulterous husbands, with women who will completely lose their shame. And with all sorts of addictions, poverty, misery, diseases and tribulations.

Convert yourselves, and your families will be blessed.

Obey My Mother's Messages, and your families will have the blessing of My Sacred Heart.

If the souls, if the people, if Brazil obeyed the Messages of My Mother, they would be blessed: with prosperity, with health, with an abundance of goods and graces, with harmony, with unity. And I would transform Brazil, this people, this generation into the most blessed generation, the generation most enriched and engrossed by My Sacred Heart.

Obey the Messages of My Mother, and then, you will be blessed with all these goods and much more that will be given to you in addition by My Sacred Heart.

If the catholic people obeyed My Mother's Messages, they would also be blessed with good shepherds, with abundant vocations, with many saints, with holy families, and they would have peace.

But if they do not obey, they are punished with bad pastors, with a lack of vocations, with the closing of many churches and holy works, which were previously going very well. And for this reason, violence reigns, wickedness reigns, Satan reigns in many places.

Convert yourselves! Obey My Mother's messages, and all these evils will cease and will be blessed by My Sacred Heart.

It is the time of the return, the time in which I and My Mother are here and which precedes the fulfillment of the Secrets that we gave to our little son Marcos and which are the continuation of the Secrets of Fatima... It is the only time, the only chance I give you to convert and return to Me.

It is the last call, you are on your last warning!

I love you and I don't want to lose you, so come back to My Heart, because I am the tree and you are My seeds. You came from Me, and you must return to Me, to My Sacred Heart, or else you will die to eternal life.

Pray the Rosary of Mercy every day, meditate on our Messages, continually you sin and fall into spiritual disgrace, because you do not meditate on our Messages. Therefore, you are continually cold, poor, inwardly miserable, lukewarm, indifferent, and blocked for My graces.

Pray My Mother's Rosary every day.

Give My children 5 Rosaries of Mercy meditated #96 for My children to pray, meditate, and thus, your souls are unlocked for the great streams of graces that My Merciful Heart wants to pour over all of you.

Here where I will finish with My Mother what we began in Fatima, the Triumph of our Sacred Hearts will take place in spite of our enemies. And thanks to you My little son Marcos, to your yes, given to My Mother already at the beginning as the little Shepherds of Fatima did.

Thanks to that yes, where you gave everything, everything to My Mother: your will, your body, your youth, your time, and did not attach yourself to any person in this world, to remain attached only to Her, only to Me, only to Us.

Through you we have realized the greatest graces of Our Sacred Hearts for our children here, because you never had any hindrance, never placed an obstacle to our grace, never had anything to bind you and to bind you to the world or to any person of the world.

So you never, never hindered our grace, never obstructed our grace, never thwarted our grace. We have worked wonders through you and today the whole world can contemplate the immense spiritual wealth that through you, the Hours of Prayer, the meditated Rosaries, the films of our Apparitions that you made, we have offered to the mute to nourish it, to save it, to heal it.

This world is sick, it needs to be healed, and the cure, the remedy is you; with the movies you made, with the Rosaries* and the meditated Rosaries. You are the medicine that We offer to the world.

If the world accepts this remedy it will be healed and saved. If it rejects this remedy, it is lost forever, condemned to eternal death, and will be lost.

Each one must make his or her choice.

You are free to choose, but you will not be free to bear the consequences of your choice.

You are free to choose, but you will be forced to bear the consequences of what you choose, if you choose wrong.

I Jesus, son of Mary of Fatima, say it and declare it: Here is the remedy that we give to humanity: our little son Marcos, with all that he has done throughout these years to convert and save souls and make our Sacred Hearts triumph.

Whoever listens to him, will listen to Us. Whoever despises and disobeys him will despise and disobey Ourselves, and will seal his damnation.

Life or death, Heaven or Hell, choose what you will, but you will be forced to endure what you have chosen wrong, what you have chosen bad.

Humanity, especially Europe has paid dearly for choosing not to listen, not to obey the little shepherds of Fatima, the Messages from My Mother that they proclaimed.

Do not be like them My children, for otherwise you will pay a high price for your disobedience and sinful folly."

I bless you with love: from Fatima, from Dozulé and from Jacareí.

(Blessed Mary): "I am the Lady of the Rosary to call all My children to the prayer of the Rosary which is all powerful to change all the events of the world.

With the Rosary you will be able to solve all individual and world problems and even reverse evil into Victory for the Lord, for good and for yourselves.

With the Rosary My Little Shepherds, especially My little Francisco Marto grew enormously in holiness. In a short time he acquired all the merits he needed to acquire all the merits he needed to become worthy of Heaven. And so, in such a short time less than two years I took him to heavenly glory.

With the Rosary you too will acquire the merits that will make you worthy of heavenly glory. Pray it every day without rest, without ceasing, for it is never enough, never enough.

There are many souls in the world who are tempted by Satan, and your prayers, your Rosaries can give them the inner strength to overcome and reject the temptation of the enemy.

Your Rosaries can obtain for sinners the graces that they themselves cannot merit. And so, many of them will obtain the grace of conversion and salvation thanks to the prayers of your Rosaries.

Yes, I appeared at Fatima, to call the whole world to conversion, and I was not heard. And the world paid a high price in suffering the great punishment of the Second World War, of the spread of Russia's errors throughout the world, and also with so many wars, violence and the annihilation of so many nations.

Yes, how many peoples are still slaves to Satan's diabolical kingdom, because the Message of Fatima was not obeyed as My son Jesus wanted. That is why the punishment of plague, famine, destruction of families, peoples, nations and wars fell upon all mankind. Therefore, this generation is completely corrupted and lost as a punishment for the parents, for the grandparents who did not obey the Message of Fatima.

Only when My Fatima Message is obeyed will the world have peace, the youth will be good and holy, families will have concord, love and charity. And the nations will live as one big family where everyone will respect, help and love each other as brethren and children of My Immaculate Heart.

You My little son Marcos, are the great medicine that I and My son Jesus give to the world, this sick world that is now in its terminal stage: by addictions, by violence, by discord, by the corruption of youth, of families, and even of children.

Only you can heal the world and save the world.

Only you, with the meditated Rosaries, with the Rosaries* and Hours of Prayer**, with the films you made of My apparitions, only you can heal the world and revive it to a new life in God.

So, My warrior of Fatima, warrior of My Heart, My angel of a Fatimist heart.

Go! And keep showing the whole world the truth about My Messages and Apparitions at Fatima. That is, showing that they are still obeyed, Russia has not yet been consecrated as I asked, so she has not obtained the grace of her conversion yet. And her errors continue to spread throughout the peoples and nations raising persecutions, martyrdoms of good people, imprisonments, religious persecution, destruction of Christian society.

And only when My Fatima messages are finally obeyed will the world have peace!

By praying many Rosaries you can bring this about, so: Pray, Pray, Pray without ceasing!

No longer offend God who has already been offended too much.

Convert yourselves, change your lives, and truly put all your efforts into saving your souls, because if you lose your souls, you will lose everything, and your lives will have been useless, and the shedding of My son's blood for each one of you will also have been useless.

So, convert, be faithful to the Lord and you My little son Marcos, continue healing the world with the meditated Rosaries, with the Rosaries and the Hours of Prayer. With the movies that you must continue to make to show: all My glory, all My love, all My immense desire to save My children. My suffering to see that every hour a child strays from My Heart and gets lost. To show My children all the glory, all the truth and all the beauty of My apparitions, especially: La Salette, Fatima, Pontmain, Lourdes, Castelpetroso, Quito and also Bonate.

And then, My son, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!

You must hurry and make the other movies I have asked you to make, because time is running out. Every day souls are getting sicker: with sin, with apostasy, with lukewarmness, with indifference, with attachment to one's own self, one's own will, one's own wanting with the temptations of the enemy and they are already becoming blocks of ice insensitive and impenetrable to almost every ray of grace from Heaven.

Only you can heal My children, the previous remedies are no longer effective.

Only you with the powerful movies, meditated Rosaries and Hours of Prayer that you have made can resurrect these My children who are on the verge of spiritual death, giving a great shock of grace that will make their hearts, their spiritual souls again beat and breathe, breathe the grace of God.

So, My son, go forward, keep healing humanity, follow the path I have laid out for you and listen to nothing.

Keep building My Shrine, so that here My children can truly have an invincible fortress of faith and prayer, where they can find Me and from and from the remedies I offer through you be healed of every spiritual illness.

Then the whole world coming here will be healed, and then My Immaculate heart will triumph. God is not a God of the dead, but of the living, so here through My little son Marcos I want to heal all My children and make them revive for the grace of God, so that then, My son Jesus will triumph and reign in all of them.

Go ahead, My son, keep healing, healing My children.

Reserve yourself only for Me, flee from conversations with people, because this has already brought you a lot of suffering and will bring even more with betrayals, because you give yourself a lot and receive only ingratitude.

Therefore, reserve yourself to Me, keep silence, only divulge what is necessary, and avoid as much as possible the contact with people who do not have the same candor, the same malice-free soul as you, and therefore will certainly hurt you.

In this way you will be Mine alone, and I will keep you in the peace of My Heart. When charity demands that you speak publicly, speak, otherwise, only divulge the essential, the necessary. Thus, you will remain guarded in My Heart, and I will deliver you from all the traitorous Judas, from all the malicious serpents.

And through you I will be able to show even more powerfully and with greater glory all My love to all mankind.

Onward, My warrior of Fatima, warrior of My peace, before the day of justice comes, I am sending you with My peace, My grace, and My flame of love for all mankind. If humanity rejects this remedy, then it will have to take the gall of God's Justice.

I bless you all with love: from Fatima, from Pellevoisin and from Jacareí."


(Blessed Mary): "As I have already said, wherever one of these holy objects arrives, there I will be alive carrying with Me the great graces of the Lord.

All again I bless with My son Jesus that you may be happy.

Through these objects that I and My son Jesus touch our Hearts will do wonders.

And to you My little son Marcos, My Knight of Fatima, My 4th Shepherd, through you I will be known, loved, obeyed and glorified in the whole world through the new means of communication that you have made for Me. Where My children will finally know all My Apparitions, all My Messages, they will understand and feel My Pain and give their yes to My Immaculate Heart, they will become saints.

And because of this, you will be at My right hand on the day of My Triumph defeating Satan with Me, and finally, returning all mankind with Me to the Holy Trinity mankind healed, restored and renewed for the greater glory of the Lord.

To you I give those graces that I promised you yesterday and you in turn can pass on to 3 souls you want.

Again I bless your father Carlos Tadeu, you have offered Me all day long the merits of this Fatima movie #2 and also of Fatima #1, asking Me to convert them into graces and pour them over him.

I now give him 25 million blessings. Also, I give to all My children here as you have asked Me for 50,000 special blessings, which they will receive again next year if they come again on the Anniversary of My Apparitions at Fatima.

To all I leave My peace."

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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