Messages from Diverse Sources


Monday, April 22, 2024

Mary Ark of Salvation, Mary Church of God, Mary Gate of Heaven

Message and Prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel to Mario D'Ignazio in Brindisi, Italy on January 23, 2024


Beloved children of Jesus and Mary, consoling souls of the Sacred Hearts, listen to Me. I am Saint Michael the Archangel, I am with the Little Remnant together with all of Heaven. Do not weep always, do not despair. Rejoice, for liberation is near. Lift up your heads, Salvation comes. Trust in God. Satan hates Heaven, those who pray and believe, those who hope and praise, those who believe in Us. Meekly accept the Message of Brindisi, a place of grace and consolation, of conversion and rebirth in God.

Believe in Us more and more. Follow Fatima who continues in the Blessed Garden. Turn away Satanists, occultists, whisperers and smearers, traitors and backbiters, slanderers and wrathful.

Follow Us on the Divine Way of the True Remnant Church, Most Powerful Mystical Church, against Satan and his servants.

Pray to Me with faith.

Enter the Salvific Ark of the Immaculate Heart, True Church. And do not follow the corrupt world, Satan and his Pharisaic synagogue.

The blood of the Pharisees flows in their Masonic descendants....

Mary Star of the Sea, she will save the Elect of the Little Remnant, lead them to Heaven and cover them with light.

Mary Ark of Salvation, Mary Church of God, Mary Gate of Heaven. Mary Way that leads to Jesus Divine Master, Mary Terror of demons. Mary is the True House of the Most High Jesus Christ, and those who invoke, pray to and honor Her will be saved from present ungodliness.

Turn your eyes to Her and cling to Her Rosary.

Believe in Brindisi and meditate on the current and prophetic Messages.

I bless you, Chosen Ones of the Little Remnant, consoling souls of the Sacred Hearts of Love. Carry My Medal above you, My little images. Satan will want to pass off this and other Mystical Revelations as false, but he will not succeed because I protect these divine and lofty works, and I free My servants from the legions of demons. Shalom.

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

O Archangel Michael, Be our Strength and Guide, Protection and Deliverance. Make us honor You by living holy and repenting if we deviate under demonic influences.

Deliver Thy servants from Lucifer, fallen angel.

Let us glorify the Divine Son and console His Sacred Heart of Love.

Save us from eternal perdition and wrong ways.

Save souls from purgatory, You who can save souls by Divine Permission. Amen.