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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Humanity is Blind to All Our Lord’s Warnings

Message from Our Lord Jesus to Valentina Papagna in Sydney, Australia on April 7, 2024


During the morning Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, our Lord Jesus appeared. Looking sad, He said, “Valentina, My child, the message I gave you on the 3rd of March (2024) was a warning for the world. It was not very well accepted by humanity—for humanity to return back to God and of conversion and repentance. My warning was almost ignored. How sad and painful that is for Me, for humanity to refuse My Mercy!”

“Let Me warn you: My justice has already started and is reaching many parts of the earth, with natural catastrophes, deluge of rain, floods, and earthquakes. At your door is war and famine, and you are still blind to all the warnings I Am sending you.”

“You should go on your knees and beg Me not to send you such an awful punishment that is hanging above the world.”

Message of March 3rd:

The Punishment Hanging Right Above the World

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