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Saturday, April 20, 2024

During the Holy Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday at 3pm

Message from Our Lord Jesus to Valentina Papagna in Sydney, Australia on April 7, 2024


During the Holy Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday, our Lord Jesus appeared wearing a beautiful white tunic and exquisite red mantle. He said, “Valentina, My child, today, all churches celebrate My Divine Mercy. It is a very special devotion after My Passion and Resurrection that I offer for humanity—that I care and love to save all souls who venerate Me.”

At that point, our Lord smiled and said, “But I will tell you a little secret. The celebration of the Divine Mercy, in all My churches throughout the world, are preparing for My Second Coming. But they don’t know about this. You still have to go through trials and tribulations a little longer, but then a New Spring will be sent from Heaven, such as you have never experienced before. It will be nothing but joy and happiness. Valentina, give hope to people and tell them of My Coming that will soon reign on earth. It will be all New Creation that I Am preparing. Tell them to be courageous and to pray and to trust in Me.”

Usually, our Lord talks about His mercy and encouraging people to repent, but now He is speaking of His Coming, which is very close.

Our Lord Jesus was filled with immense joy and love when He was telling Me this Good News. He wants people to have hope and trust in Him.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this encouraging news You give us. We love You.

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