Messages from Diverse Sources


Friday, April 19, 2024

Believe Me, Pray to Me, Seek Me, You Will Find Me

Message and Prayer of Archangel Uriel to Mario D'Ignazio in Brindisi, Italy on January 23, 2024


I am here, I am Archangel Uriel, Fire of God.

Listen to Me, you Chosen Ones of the Last Times. Believe Me, pray to Me, seek Me, you will find Me.

I am with you, rare and beautiful souls. Invoke Divine Clemency, Heavenly Mercy for all sinful men, tempted, diverted, led astray, lost in wrong ways. Pray for the erring ones.

Beloved children of the Father, pray to Mary Most Holy. Believe in this Heavenly Work and in this particular Revelation.

The tree that bears no fruit should be cut down. Entrust yourselves to God Love and seek His Kingdom.

Pray the ANGELIC CROWN* that is pleasing to us. Invoke the Angels of the Lord against the tempting and seducing demons.

Do not be overshadowed, derailed, plagued by Satan and his own.

Invoke Me in this way:

O Archangel Uriel, defend us from the Adversary and, with the Angelic Legions, deliver us from the evil spirits that are in the air. Help us in the Struggle against Satan, the Rebel, the Lying One.

O glorious Archangel, we rely on You and ask for divine grace, peace and wisdom.

Help us to be zealous in serving the Divine Kingdom. Warm us with the Fire of Divine Charity.

We entrust ourselves to You. Amen.

Chaplet to St. Michael and the 9 Angelic Choirs*