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Saturday, April 13, 2024

This Planet Is About to Be Involved in a Great Disaster, but God the Father Sends His Grace through the Son

Message from Our Lady Queen to Myriam Corsini in Carbonia, Sardinia, Italy on April 11, 2023


Mary Most Holy comes to you to declare the arrival of a comet: it will be the end of an old time and the beginning of a new one, of an era of peace.

Write, My Daughter, what I have to tell you is important.

We are at the end of an old time, the new opens its doors to God's children!

Prepare yourselves for the knowledge of a new era. Smile, O you who have said your yes to your Creator God!

Rejoice, My children, to life in jubilation and infinite love.

The Father is dictating His Law! He is declaring the end of an old time and the beginning of a new time. God's Law is one, and one will be forever.

The Angels of Heaven fly to Earth, they descend to help God's children, they bring their help to the weakest.

The Earth is about to open, there will be a rift that will bring pain to many men.

The sky is about to turn fiery red!

The temple in Jerusalem will lose its charm!

The floodgates of heaven will open at the passage of the Son of Man; the time for justice has come! Shortly in your hearts you will feel shivers of love and joy, ... your being will recognize the arrival of the Savior.

Now I say to you, My blessed Daughter, put peace in your heart and write down what I, Mary Most Holy, Mother of Jesus, have to say to you.

Listen to the truth:

This Planet is about to be involved in a great disaster, but God the Father sends His Grace through His Son-Jesus intervenes for the salvation of many with His Heavenly Army. He will put Satan out of the way and transform Earth into the new Paradise. Eden will shine again on Earth and holy men will enjoy the wonders of the Creator.

Zion presents Himself to the world as the Almighty God, He will raise the dead and hail new life to His faithful People.

I, the Blessed Virgin will be present at His side and with My earthly Army, the one prepared by Me during these years, I will put My Foot on the head of the ancient Serpent and mark the end of sin. The Father is with Me, He Himself has sent Me for this mission.

Sing, all Creation, the victory of Christ Jesus over Evil!

Hymn Christ the Savior with songs of glory, O peoples all.

Soon the Children of God will know the Truth! When their eyes are opened to the Things of God, they will have wisdom in God.

Behold the Cross in heaven!!!

Behold Him who returns!!!

Behold, Grace descends to bring salvation to His Children.

At His glorious Manifestation the whole Universe will rejoice in the infinite beauty of its God Love, the Creator.

My Children, prepare your hearts to receive Salvation.

It is the Passover of the Lord! Hallelujah! Alleluia! Alleluia!!!

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