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Friday, November 10, 2023

Please Children, Pray, Let Your Life Be Prayer

Message from Our Lady to Angela in Zaro di Ischia, Italy of November 8, 2023


This evening the Virgin Mary showed up all dressed in white. The mantle that enveloped Her was also white and very broad, and the same mantle also covered Her head. On Her head was a crown of twelve shining stars, Mother had Her arms outstretched and in Her right hand was a long white holy rosary beads as of light that reached almost down to Her feet, Her feet were barefoot and rested on the world.On the world was the snake wriggling and wagging its tail loudly, but She held it still with Her right foot. Mother on Her chest had a heart of flesh crowned with thorns that throbbed loudly.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Dear children, this evening I invite you to open your hearts to Me and enter into My Immaculate Heart. Please children, let Me lead you, surrender yourselves to Me, abandon yourselves like children in the arms of a mother.

As Mother said this, Her heart began to palpitate strongly and a white, splendid ray of light came out of Her heart, it was like an enveloping ray.

"Daughter, look at My heart, listen to the beating of My heart."

My heart beats with love for each of you, it beats for each of My children, it beats for all mankind. These are the times of trial and sorrow. Many will be the trials you will have to endure. Please do not be turned away by the snares of the prince of this world.

My children, approach the sacraments frequently, be a light to those who still live in darkness, be witnesses with your lives. Many will turn away from God, many will betray Me. Please children, pray, let your life be prayer.

My children, also tonight I ask you to pray for peace, peace throughout the world, pray for families, pray for My beloved Church and for the Vicar of Christ.

Pray My children, My heart is torn with pain at seeing so much evil. The forces of evil are spreading more and more, but you do not fear. I am beside you, I am close to you, I pray with you and for you. I am beside you always. Extend your hands to Me and do not fear.

Then the Virgin Mary asked me to pray together with Her. We prayed together for a long time; while I was praying with Her I had visions.

Finally She blessed everyone. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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