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Monday, November 6, 2023

Today My Son Jesus Desires to Take You by the Hand, Grasp His Hand and Hold It Tightly, Because the Future Times Will Be Very Suffering

Messages from the Most Holy Virgin Mary and St. Peter the Apostle to the Holy Trinity Love Group in Oliveto Citra, Salerno, Italy from November 5, 2023



My children, I am the Immaculate Conception, I am She who gave birth to the Word, I am the Mother of Jesus and your Mother, I have descended with great power together with My Son Jesus and God the Father Almighty, the Holy Trinity is in your midst.

Thank you My children, for praying with all your heart, the Angels of Heaven are near you, THEY are giving you Their presence. Prayer recited from the heart acts as your shield, it acts as your weapon, with prayer you can fight the battles that are in this world, help yourselves by praying and let My Son Jesus guide your steps, He desires to give you the Light, because the world is shrouded in darkness, you cannot always see evil where it hides, where it deceives you, He is clothed in good, always ask the Holy Trinity for help, because the dangers are many.

Today My Son Jesus desires to take you by the hand, grasp His hand and hold it tightly, because the future times will be very suffering, He will be more and more trampled upon, more and more despised, man is sowing evil, hatred, resentment, power, wickedness, destroying love, pure love. Evil has planned for your future without love, fight it with the Commandments that God the Father Almighty has given you, putting them into practice, this is what taught John Paul II, leading many souls to salvation, He was guided by the Apostle Peter. He, the Apostle Peter, will speak to you today.

My children, take My words seriously, for I wish to lead you on the right path, know My children, that each one is responsible for himself when he knows the truth.

I love you, now I must leave you, but I am always in your midst. I bless you all and give you a kiss, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Shalom! Peace My children.


Brothers, sisters, I am Peter, the Apostle of the Master Jesus, the One who sacrificed His life for humanity. Jesus, the King of peace, the King of love, His love is a great, infinite love. Jesus, the Son of God, the Master of us all, He taught us to forgive, He taught us to love with a love as pure as His, He taught us to open Our hearts to the will of God the Father Almighty. He, Our Master Jesus, the Redeemer of all mankind, as then also in these times Our Master Jesus is persecuted.

Brothers, sisters, Jesus is the truth, He is the way and the life, love Him always, always, without ever growing weary, call upon Him, praise Him, for He is always present.

Brothers, sisters, humanity suffers so much because evil has taken power in this world, pray, persevere, do not back down, you will save your soul and so many souls who need to know the truth. Be true witnesses of the love of Jesus, He told us, "By the love you give to your neighbor, they will recognize you that you are My Apostles."

You also put these life teachings into practice, forgive, forgive and love, love, love. We did not always understand all that Our Master Jesus taught us, because of Our frailties, because of Our weaknesses, but then we understood, that's where Our life changed completely.

Brothers, sisters, pray for the Holy Church as Jesus constituted it through each one of you and never fear, with love and with humility you always win.

Brothers, sisters, I have to go now. May the love, the peace of Jesus always be with you all.

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