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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Little Chaplet for Transformation into Living Tabernacles

Message from Saint Michael Archangel to Latin-American Mystic, Lorena on June 13, 2023


I, Saint Michael the Archangel, come to give this Message of Hope and Love in the midst of the bad news that afflict the World and that submerge the People of God in darkness and do not find the Light in the midst of darkness, although darkness has invaded the whole Earth and sin has reached exorbitant degrees of perversion, I, Saint Michael the Archangel, have a Light and a Hope.

The Child who was Born in Bethlehem to come to Save Humanity, today wants to be Born in the Hearts of ALL the Faithful Remnant, because the hour has arrived that we ALL are waiting for, THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL TAKE YOUR HEARTS AND WILL MAKE EVERY ONE OF YOU LIVING TABERNACLES, because soon, very soon, the Hour of the Abomination of Desolation will arrive and the Child God wants to begin His Legacy of Converting Hearts, so that He can dwell in them, that is why He sent Me to give this IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF GOD, PREPARE YOUR HEARTS BECAUSE SOON AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD, YOU WILL BE TAKEN BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOOD AND TRUTH AND YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT INTO THE HEARTS OF CHILDREN.

You will be new wineskins, Living Tabernacles where Jesus Christ as a Child dwells, since with His Innocence and Grace He will fill each one of you with Gifts, therefore prepare your heart, if you still notice any dissatisfaction or any small grudge get rid of them through Healing Prayers, heal all your wounds and prepare yourselves through this Little Chaplet to prepare your hearts into a Heart of a Child so that after the Angel comes to seal them, the Holy Spirit will transform you into Living Tabernacles.

You will say this Little Chaplet, until the day of your transformation into Living Tabernacles, which will NOT necessarily be at the Warning, it may be much earlier, so prepare for it.


V. I, as the Precursor of the New Humanity, ask the Holy Spirit to come to my Heart and transform it into a CLEAN and PURE heart, free from all hatred and resentment, ready for my Lord Jesus Christ to dwell in it.

R. By the Merits of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, We Ask the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for a Pure and Renewed Heart, Amen

(Repeat 10 times)

You will say this Chaplet, until the Holy Spirit reveals to you that you have been transformed into Living Tabernacles and it is then when the Light that each one of you gives, will begin to overshadow the darkness of the World and thus between lights of Blue, Red and Yellow colors the World will overflow with Light and explode transforming the Old Creation into the New Jerusalem. Therefore, I ask you to prepare yourselves for this Great Event of an Universal nature, since the People of ALL PEOPLE, RACE AND NATION, WILL BE TRANSFORMED INTO THE LIGHT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN LIVING TABERNACLES READY TO LIGHT THE DARKNESS OF THE WORLD.

I leave you with the Battle Cry,




TO RECEIVE THE SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD: You may recite either one of the following prayers, whichever one you feel most comfortable with, for God’s sacred Seal for divine protection in this End Times. You should strive to say the prayer daily:

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