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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Pray My Children, Bring Your Hearts Closer to God the Father Almighty

Message of the Most Holy Virgin Mary to the Holy Trinity Love Group during Prayer Meeting on Facebook of September 24, 2023


My children, I am the Immaculate Conception, I am She who gave birth to the Word, I am the Mother of Jesus and your Mother, I have descended with great power together with My Son Jesus and God the Father Almighty, the Holy Trinity is in your midst.

The Angels are in your midst, the Saints some of Them are close to some of you, Heaven never ceases to help you, We give you Our immense love, so that you may cling to this love, because the dangers are many, leading you to great suffering in body and spirit. Many die because of the dangers that the world offers you, deluding you. Pray My children, bring your hearts closer to God the Father Almighty, He is your Master, He allows everything but has given you the freedom to choose good and evil, I My children will never stop helping you, for I desire that you all be saved, but evil does everything possible that this does not happen, confusing you about the love I have for you, remain steadfast in the Christian faith, even though there are so many errors committed in the Church itself, the faith is in your hearts. Soon from Heaven there will be directions for you to follow the straight path that you must follow.

I love you My children, I have longed to speak to you, many feel My presence with a strong warmth, I am giving you My fragrance, pray for those who do not pray, for those who do not heed prayer, you who pray will soon be their reference point.

Now I must leave you, I bless you all My children and give you a kiss, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Shalom! Peace My children.

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