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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

This Synod Will Put an End to the Church of God

Message from God The Father to Myriam Corsini in Carbonia, Sardinia, Italy of September 19, 2023


I am the Righteous One!

I will put an end to all misery. The tower of Babel is about to collapse, unrighteous man's time is numbered. I will break the chains Satan has put on My children, I will restore their freedom. Return to your Creator God O men, let not death but life be in you. I am two steps away from you My children: I feel your pain for the situation you are already living.

This wicked Humanity is dazzled by the false lights of the world!!!

The coming season will bring toil and pain, ... chaos will be tremendous.

Beloved Children, which God and Father

I call you to urgent repentance.

War will worsen, men will enter anguish ... then I will hear the desperate cry of those who have opened their eyes. Yes! At last man will cry out My Holy Name, kneel to Me, plead for My Mercy. This Humanity walks blindfolded: advancing toward the abyss, and not noticing anything.

The end is marked, but men do not want to understand: they do not look the reality of the facts in the face.

This synod will put an end to the Church of God.

A false church will rise up!

The schism is at the gates!

Watch and see what will happen.

Poor Children!

God has spoken!

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