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Monday, September 25, 2023

Everything That Does Not Bear Fruit Will Be Eliminated

Message Given by Our Lady Queen for the Chosen Ones of the End Time to a Soul to Reach the Heart of Every Man


Well then, day after day, some are freeing themselves, through the Divine Work, of what they do not need.

Soon you will see the emptiness around you: everything that does not bear fruit will be eliminated. Do not think that God waits until the last moment to do everything: He is already doing now His work of great purification.

The great idols that have turned so many souls away from God will all fall, one after the other, like fragile objects that shatter without leaving a trace of themselves. Woe to those who idolize them: along with the idols will fall all the worshippers who have lost behind them a useless life, because of ignorance, distraction, foolishness, coldness of heart, total neglect of themselves!

You will see so many people disappear and not even the memory of them will remain, because this is the destiny of the enemies of God, His Hand wants to caress, wants to offer wonderful Gifts; it wants to, but cannot, where there is rebellion and hatred, disobedience and malice.

Whoever does not want to enter into the Heart of God will remain a prey to the enemy. I tell you that the evil one is getting angrier and angrier: every day his ferocity increases, because he realizes that time is getting shorter and that there is little left, after which he will be unable to do harm and the era that has just dawned will change. continue without his terrible traps.

Heaven will rejoice with great joy, the earth will smell everywhere of purity and candor, invaded by the happiness reserved by God for this blessed era.

Mary Most Holy

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