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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Today the Hard Lesson Is Directed to the Shepherds of My Flock

Message Given by Our Lord Jesus for the Chosen Ones of the End Time to a Soul to Reach the Heart of Every Man


Beloved daughter, with sorrow I must admit that many of My shepherds do not serve Me, because they do not love Me.

Today the hard lesson is directed to the shepherds of My flock: I have them all before My eyes, from the first to the last, from the oldest to the youngest.

How much desolation I see in many of their hearts, how much attachment to the world and detachment from Me!

In their being there is not My Spirit, there is not My Flame that burns and wants to ignite, but there is a smoldering flame that threatens to go out at the first breath of wind.

They serve Me, but how do they serve Me? By habit, without vigor, without love; they give nothing because they have nothing; they have nothing because they do not ask and they do not ask because they do not long for Me...

Wonderful Kingdom is the one I am establishing, but without them! I do not like lukewarm men; their way of acting disgusts Me: they do not educate so as not to waste energy! They limit themselves to repeat My Words wearily, without making them understand their meaning, without explaining to them their essence.

The souls remain thin, because they do not leave My Temple nourished; on the contrary, they enter and leave worse, because many times they have approached My Table unworthily. You know it, but I repeat it, for the deaf who do not want to open their ears: he who eats My Body, unworthily, eats and drinks his condemnation!

Many shepherds care little for their flock: they think too much of themselves and too little of souls!

You foolish shepherds: do you not know that you will have to give Me an account of everything? Do you not know that you will have to answer for every sheep that has gone astray, for your negligence?

They do not love Me! In this special and grandiose time, those who love Me have a heart that burns for Me because My Spirit continuously invests them with Fire that burns in their entrails. What pain I feel when I see so much lukewarmness, so much carelessness, so much weakness!

This is a time of fierce battle against Satan who rages madly: My ministers should be in the forefront of this battle. They should! They should! Instead, in order not to run too many risks, they stay behind and let the wolves tear My beloved creatures to pieces! Let these wicked servants know that their cold prayers lead to nothing: I turn My back on them and do not listen to them! I want burning hearts, not weak beings. I want well-burning torches. I want servers, full of zeal, active, awake; instead, I see too many sleepers who act too weakly, without any vigor! How much pain, beloved, I feel when I realize all this!

Love Me, little one, for all those who do not love Me. Pray for Me, in place of those who are dying out!

I love you. Immensely I love you!


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