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Saturday, September 23, 2023

May Your Prayer to the Father Go Up Constantly and Deeply for Those Who Are at the Head of Peoples and Nations

Message Given by Divine Wisdom for the Chosen Ones of the End Time


I will ask a lot from someone who has had much.

If a man succeeds in governing, this does not happen by chance, this is not due to his ability; the man who has power, would not have it if I had not allowed it.

His responsibility is great: he will have to account to Me for every slightest defect! He who is high is like a light to which all look: his good example will attract many to imitate him; the bad will do the same.

My Heart languishes in pain,... men of power are most of the time corrupt and greedy for glory and money; the evil one is their master and they obey him, because he allows them immediate pleasure. I could destroy them immediately, but I do not do it, I give them time and many warnings before letting them fall into the same trap they had prepared for others.

Some men respond immediately to the first Divine stimulus and correct their course; others need time, time to reflect and change. I, God, use this short season of life to offer salvation.

My Justice demands that only those who deserve it be saved. Those who now dare to violate My Laws and shamelessly induce others to violate them as well, are destined* for a terrible fate if they do not heed My many warnings in time.

May your prayer to the Father go up constantly and deeply for those who are at the head of peoples and nations: if they do not seek Me, they will fall disastrously and drag behind them all those who have foolishly followed them!

Rest your head in My Heart today.


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