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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The World Collapses on You

Message from Our Lady Queen to Myriam Corsini in Carbonia, Sardinia, Italy of June 5, 2023


Mary Most Holy:

With this message of mine, today I want to thank you My children:

you have said your "yes" to your God Love, you have chosen to live in Him. Beloved children, oh you who feed on the Holy Word of your Creator God: know that He already lays you on His Breast to make you "eternal" in Him.

Beloved men,

return to your Creator God, do not turn your backs on Him, do not lose this grace of being saved in Him; firmly believe in the Holy Gospel, anoint yourselves with Truth, God has only one word:

His Love is infinite, His Justice will be only on those who fight Him. Heaven is waiting for your conversion, Oh men...

do not wait to be buried by rubble, the world will collapse on you, a great explosion will bring you to your knees.

Evil man wants to destroy the Earth and the Humanity that contains it, and you are going hand in hand with Satan, Oh men: you detest the sacred and prostrate yourselves to death!

Beloved Children, Jerusalem is surrounded by armies, a bolt of lightning will descend on Earth!!! Shout help to Heaven, Oh men , convert!!!

The great catastrophe is now only a short time away; you are heading for death! God created the World to be lived in its wonders, He created it so that His creature could live in joy and grace, ... but everything came to die with sin, ... man has embraced Evil, sold himself to Lucifer and walks by his evil rules, snubbing his Creator. Shake off the dust from your shoes to the dark ways, Oh men: return to your God by humbly asking his forgiveness.

The hours of great sorrow have come for this Humanity: be converted, O men, lest you be shrouded in darkness. Believe in Jesus Christ! Believe in the Holy Gospel! Renounce Satan and his seductions. The world is collapsing : death is taking it, do not be enveloped by the disease of death. Amen.

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