Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Friday, July 29, 2022

It is a hard test!

- Message No. 1369 -


My child. My children of the Remnant Army, so beloved by Me: do not be afraid and remain faithful to Me, your Jesus who loves you so much, I who am your Savior and Redeemer, ALL THE TIME!

My child. Now tell the children of the earth the following: My children. My children so loved by Me. The end will come upon you like a thief in the night, whom no one expected.

You weigh yourselves in security, but your security is only in Me, in your Jesus.

Your security is earthly, but EVERYTHING earthly IS transient! So convert to Me and accumulate neither goods nor other riches, because: When the end comes, you will have hoped to have found the way to Me, to your Jesus, because: EVERYTHING will be taken from you and NOTHING will you be able to take with you, as soon as the chiding hand of the Father, WHO WILL CHastise ALL OF YOU, who are not with Me, with your Jesus, Savior of you and of the world, rushes in, and that time is near, it is so near!

Many calamities will now break loose, but My faithful children need not fear!

When wars (hotbeds of war) spread, famine befalls your world, pestilences are spread and poisons are spread upon you and your soils, never fall into fear, but carry hope in your hearts and pray! Your prayer will keep away so many calamities, and it will make you strong and steadfast through this time that is now coming.

Never be afraid, and remain faithful to Me at all times, THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!

You should now have provisions ready in your homes, but your faith must grow! Where faith is great, and trust in Me and the Father, your Creator, is honest and true, there the Father will multiply!

You will not suffer hunger if you are deep in faith! It is a hard trial, beloved children that you are, but your faith must be strong and persevering. Amen.

My child. My children so beloved by Me. When war spreads, when pestilences come, when the need for food and drink is great, know that I, your Jesus, am with you. You must pray, and you must stay with Me!

When the plagues become greater, when the weather and earth conditions degenerate into disasters, know that the evil one will soon be at an end.

You must remain strong, beloved children that you are, and you must remain ready!

The Evil One is sending his Antichrist, and this time will be bad for you!

Only the superficial pagans will celebrate him, like a star, an unprecedented hero, and many of you will do so too, because you are not in deep faith in Me and the Father!

Be warned, for he who is coming is not Me!

Be warned, for he who is coming will bring you suffering and destruction!

Be warned, for he will make himself appear as Me, and whoever believes this is doomed to destruction. He will be lost because he has fallen into the devil's trap. Only through My Holy Spirit will you remain preserved from this so terrible aberration!

So pray to Him daily and always, so that you may remain strong and steadfast and faithful to Me, your Jesus, at all times!

I love you very much. You must persevere, even if this is difficult for so many children.

Do not think that after the European summer everything will go on 'normally', oh NO! You will have a rude awakening, for worst hardship shall be brought among you.

Be careful with your travel plans, for bad things will befall you. When borders are closed again and pestilences spread upon you, know that it is the evil one who wants to conquer you once again with this suffering!

Know that hunger serves only to FORCE YOU ALL TO THE KNEES, so that you accept -voluntarily!- whatever the evil one has in store for you!

Know that if you accept his mark, you are doomed!

So remain completely hidden in Me, in your Jesus, and pray especially also for your priests! A terrible time awaits them, and many martyrdoms will also occur in Europe. My children shall be exterminated or re-educated. You already find these evil plans in your times. They are gaining more and more popularity and acclaim from a population that lives in complete darkness and aberration.

So it is important that you pray and that your children are taught the true faith by you, because the devil has crept into your schools and so many lies are taught to your children. They shall be uprooted in faith in Me, in their Jesus, and they shall be uprooted from traditions, history and customs of their homeland. Everything shall become ONE, but this IS NOT POSSIBLE!

I, your Jesus, stand ready for you, know that when it seems completely hopeless, My warning will overtake you, and the Father will intervene shortly after. The Antichrist is granted only a short time, so stay strongand persevere and pray for mitigation and shortening of time. Amen.

With deep love.

Your Jesus of the Cross. Amen.

Make this known, My child. The end is near, but you must still endure much suffering and hardship and calamity.

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