Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, May 30, 2022

The innovations all serve only one purpose...!

- Message No. 1361 -


My child. The hour of the end will have struck soon, and well to him who remains faithful and devoted to Me until the end.

Great are the temptations that the devil scatters to you, and so many of Our children succumb to them. Remain vigilant, beloved children that you are, for the temptations will grow greater, and many, many children will succumb to them.

You must remain strong and steadfast and very vigilant. You have been given the most accurate instructions in these messages, so take them to heart, and do not accept the mark of the beast at any time.

It has long been hiding in everything you use in today's things for everyday life, but be warned, for whoever wears the mark under his skin will be lost, and nothing will I be able to do for him then.

The (ir-)radiation is great on your earth, and it will become stronger and stronger. Pray and plead for mitigation, because the Father protects His children, who fervently and imploringly ask Him!

You must remain vigilant and strong. What is planned will come to pass, and blessed is he who heeds Our Word, puts it into practice and lives (according to it)!

I, your Jesus, will be with you at all times, but you must pray, My children, and you must be strong.

The division among you is already great, but be warned, for the evil one will stir it up, and it will become even greater.

You must not accept his 'innovations' at any time, for they are all for one purpose: domination, enslavement and total control over you, My children, over you.

You who love and live Love - My Love - are worth nothing in the eyes of those who follow the devil. But the devil knows that it is you who enter My Kingdom, and therefore he wants to bring you down, so that he can also steal your soul and then torture it most cruelly.

Stay with Me and remain faithful to Me, your Jesus, at all times, because then the evil one will NEVER get power over you. No matter what he does, no matter what he thinks up, no matter how and how often he tempts you: A soul faithful and devoted to Me will be lifted up, and nothing will the devil be able to do to it!

So remain faithful to Me, beloved children that you are. The time is coming to an end, but you still have a cruel time ahead of you.

On all levels the devil will extend and seize his power, but when he believes himself victorious, then I, your Jesus, will come.

Do not be confused and know that I will not dwell among you at any time, no matter what the 'false ones' tell you, I, your Jesus, am coming at the end of time, and that day is near.

So persevere, for when I come, I come to conquer. Amen.

With deep love.

Your Jesus, Who I Am. Amen.

My child. It is a confusing time, but soon you will see more clearly.

The devil's elite has planned your complete domination. Many children will die because of their misdeeds and shameful deeds. What is important is that you are with My Son, your Jesus, at all times. Whoever is faithful and devoted to My Son will not be lost. His Kingdom is near. It is so close. Hang in there, beloved children that you are.

You have guidance in these messages to remain faithful and devoted until the end. The important thing is to be vigilant. The devil has brought so many mists into your world, and more and more of Our children are getting lost in them.

That is why it is so important, beloved children that you are, that you pray, because whoever is in prayer to Us and with Us will be freed from all the (mist) veils that pervade your world!

Do not seek your happiness in the earthly, for you will find only the transcendent.

Find completely to My Son, then you will attain the true joy and bliss.

I love you very much.

Stay strong and remain vigilant.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

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