Messages to Marcos Tadeu Teixeira in Jacareí SP, Brazil


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Feast of the Holy Face


(Marcos): Yes, I'm glad you liked it! Yes, I will. And you want her for when? Yes.

I will. Yes, I will. And this one you want for. too. Yes, I will. I love to give happiness to you every day! I will keep giving these gifts to you every day!

Yes. Do you want the books of Messages first, or this one first? Yes, I will.

Okay, I will. Yes."

(Mary Most Holy): "Dear children, today, when you contemplate here the Feast of My maternal face revealed here, I come again from Heaven to say to you: My Face is a luminous Sun that illuminates the life of every child who contemplates it with love, who obeys the words that came from Her lips, from My lips, and lives these Messages, these words with love.

He who obeys My Messages does not walk in darkness and his heart is made of pure light, heavenly light of holiness, of love for God, of purity, of prayer, of divine grace.

My Face is a Sun that whoever looks at it will never be lost on the way to Heaven, will never be deceived, will never be seduced by Satan, My enemy. And He will never, never turn away from My Divine Son Jesus Christ, but will become a great Saint, give great joy and glory to the Heart of My Son and to Mine, and will also be recognized before God the Father and the Angels, as the true brother of My Son and true son of Mine.

My Face is a luminous Sun, which everyone who loves it will radiate the same light that I do. And that light will dispel the darkness of evil and sin from this world. And then the kingdom of Satan, and Satan himself, will be defeated, overthrown in his own life and in the lives of all men too.

Love My Face, spread it, make everyone love it so that they can receive in My sight and in My smile, in My Face, the Peace, the affection and love that My children hunger so much and seek in worldly things where they find only bitterness, disappointment, betrayal and sadness.

Keep praying My Rosary every day, as I told the Saints, there is nothing I love more than the Rosary. And there is no one I love more than the son who prays and spreads My Rosary.

To the son who prays My Rosary and who loves it, I will give great thanks. But to the son who propagates My Rosary beyond praying it, and teach them to others, for that son I will do crazy things of love.

That's why I've done so many crazy things of love for my son Marcos, so many graces and miracles here. Because he as My son Domingos loved My Rosary and spread My Rosary like never before.

Especially in this bad and full of apostasy time in which you live when everyone who prays the Rosary is massacred by mockery, mockery, criticism and persecutions of every kind.

And My son Marcos resisted everything, put up with everything, faced everything, overcame everything and everyone, won everything and put My Rosary in the hands and hearts of so many millions of My children. So, for this son I always did and will always do crazy things.

Happy the one who imitates him and also propagates My Rosary!

To everyone, to My little son Marcos and also especially to My little son Carlos Thaddeus I bless with great love. I bless these My apostles, Knights of My Rosary for whom I have great love, great affection and for whom I am capable of doing things you cannot imagine.

To them and to all of you My children, I bless with love Fatima, Beauraing and Jacari".