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Monday, April 18, 2022

Easter Monday, Heavenly Father wants us to read the message of April 17, 2017


Heavenly Father wants us to read the message of April 17, 2017.

A blessed Easter Monday to all!

April 17, 2017 - Easter Monday. The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Sacrificial Mass in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V, through His willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne

We celebrated today, April 17, 2017, the second feast day of Easter Monday, with a worthy Holy Mass of Sacrifice in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V. The altar of sacrifice and also the altar of Mary were decorated with abundant and beautiful floral decorations. The altar of Mary had roses of different colors, yellow, white, red and orange. The Easter light was once again kindled on the altar of sacrifice. A great ray of grace emanated from the tabernacle and from the figure of the Risen Jesus on the altar of sacrifice. During the Holy Sacrifice Mass, the angels and also the archangels moved in and out. They sang the Kyrie and the Gloria in different pitches. A particularly festive atmosphere spread in the domestic church on this Easter Monday.

Heavenly Father will also speak today:

I, the Heavenly Father, speak today, and at this moment, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only words that come from Me.

I, the Heavenly Father, want to convey a special blessing of grace to you who believe. This Easter joy shall radiate deeply into your hearts. It should bear fruit and spread to many people. Your hearts are filled with this Easter joy and the Easter grace. My Son Jesus Christ is risen and you will also be risen. You are assured of this confidence. But let the joy of Easter last in your hearts. It will spread to many people you meet. In this way, you can transmit the joy of Easter. Even if you personally cannot respond to this Easter greeting, this joy passes on to Easter because I, the Heavenly Father, bless people.

Yes, it was My wish that this statue of My Son, the Risen Jesus Christ, should be placed in your window in the domestic church, so that My Son Jesus Christ would bless many people who pass your domestic church by car with the Easter greeting, because He also wants to give this Easter joy to many believers undeservedly. Day and night, let this string of lights burn on the window of your home church during the Easter season, that is, let the Easter light rekindle in your hearts.

You, My little ones, have received this Easter light. A deep joy has entered you. You are inwardly deeply moved by the Easter light.

You, too, have renewed your baptismal vows and have renounced evil. He no longer has power over you and over your hearts. Love has come and you will communicate this love among yourselves. You will feel that grace has flowed into your hearts so that you can draw on it in the time to come. Among yourselves you will pass on the joy and love. You cannot help but feel gratitude.

I, the Heavenly Father, want to show you this gratitude for the many hours of atonement and the sacrifices you have made for the priests for My sake. They are not yet ready to repent. The persecutions and the evil has been repelled by you. It has no power over you. Love is decisive for you.

People are looking for the truth and cannot find it anywhere. You, My little ones, live and testify to this truth. That is why hope has also entered you and your hearts, hope that you convey through it.

Keep going forward, because your path towards holiness is going forward. Everything you accomplish is coupled with Divine knowledge and your daily life is connected to the Divine. This is how it should be. The Divine Easter joy will not die out, but it will blossom. It also radiates through others. I, the Heavenly Father, have sprinkled it on you today, Easter Monday. Therefore, this blessing continues.

How I love My cardinals and bishops and authorities - yes, the Catholic Church is really devastated. And yet, it continues. And one day the New Church will rise in the splendor of glory. You cannot yet imagine how this will happen.

But be sure, I, the Heavenly Father, will arrange everything according to My plan and desire. These, My wishes, you cannot fathom. They will bear fruit, great fruit, and miracles of grace and love will happen in you and through you.

My plan will come to fruition, for I have already begun to prepare this, My intervention. Many things have already happened that you have not taken into account. But they are of importance. Pay attention to the signs in the firmament and also to what is happening in the world today, the earthquakes, the floods, the epidemics and special diseases. They are signs of My intervention. This intervention is imminent for all. My believers are protected.

But what about those who do not believe, who throw My messages and admonitions to the wind, despise and reject them? What happens to them? Once again they get flashes of inspiration and opportunities, for the Holy Spirit will enlighten them. They still have the opportunity to repent and confess their true faith. They can still repent and confess everything deep in their hearts. Still the time of renewed chances is given to change life and renounce worldliness.

Many priests today live not only in the world, but with the world. The worldly pleasures are not in My plan and desire. The joy of Easter has not penetrated their hearts. They consistently reject My messages and admonitions. This is not in accordance with My wishes. Your desires are not My desires, for they are not in conformity with Me.

The lost people simply retort as an excuse that it is not necessary to believe in private revelations. It is not imposed on them faith-wise because it is not a dogma. Thus, they continue to reject My love.

How I long for My priestly sons and beg that they may repent. When will they finally celebrate the sacrificial meal of My dear Son, which He instituted on Holy Thursday? This sacrificial meal is so important for the whole Church and the whole world.

There is still time, My priestly sons. I am still courting you. I have become your beggar. I am begging for your love. Can you understand this? My longing for your hearts grows every day. You are still not ready to repent. It is because of your own will and it is stubborn. I have subordinated myself to your will, I, the Triune God. I could intervene differently and could make it easier for Me, but I am waiting for your ready hearts, for your counter-love, which you do not show Me until today.

How many tears have I cried for My priest sons? How many tears has your dearest Heavenly Mother shed for you? Until now, She has been pleading relentlessly at My throne and suffering for you. Nothing has happened so far. And yet, in the time to come, I will remind you that I, the mighty God, AM and will intervene. I will set signs by which you can recognize that I have already intervened, only you do not feel it yet.

You are indifferent to My happenings. You think that there is no God who guides and directs you, because you yourselves are the doers and never want to be dependent on divinity. How little you have practiced humility. I, the great God, AM enraged at your pride.

They say that I do not exist. That is easy and, moreover, no change of life is required. One can live and die without God. Who is thinking about death beyond death today?

I tell you that the last judgment will come and you will be asked about your life and judged even if you do not want it to be true. No one will die without bypassing the last judgment. All people will one day face the last day of their lives and the battle between good and evil will take place for everyone. You are dependent on Me, the Creator of the whole world and universe. Nothing can be accomplished in your life unless I desire it. It depends on My desire and plan. Everyone's plan is love, love that you cannot understand. But let it be said, even before a person is born, My plan is already set for him. I have a special and individual love plan for each person.

How much I love each one of you, if only you would understand. - But your mind is walled up and you fall prey to evil. He has an easy game with you in this faithless time.

How much I need your consolation and the conversion of so many priests. - Your Heavenly Father has made himself dependent on you people. Can you imagine this, the great God and you little people? Can you ever understand how great My love must be? - How much I must weep for the many who allow themselves to be led astray.

You, My beloved little ones, continue to atone and sacrifice for the conversion of the sons of priests. I have been able to enjoy your consolation during these Easter days. For this I give you My special thanks, who are willing to sacrifice and atone.

Do not give up and live this Easter joy. It will propel you forward.

I love you and now bless you in the joy of Easter and the Trinity with all the angels and saints, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be ready for this love that flows toward you, to continue to live in hope.