Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, October 31, 2020

You are closer to the end than you dare hope!

- Message No. 1268 -


Oh, My child. My children will suffer, but that time will be short. So do not fear, for My Holy Angels stand ready, and Jesus is always and always with you and with you, guiding you, who are faithful to HIM, through the last times. Amen.

Pray much, for your prayers obtain so much good. Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary in all intentions, for She intercedes with Me and My Son, and My Son cannot deny Her any request. So pray the Holy Rosary, for it is the strongest weapon you have.

Everything will pass, and the New Kingdom is near. So remain strong and always faithful to Jesus, for the time that remains to you is short, and only he who is faithful to Jesus will attain the New Kingdom.

Prepare yourselves, beloved children, who you are, because if you are unprepared, everything will come upon you, and you will perish because of the overmanning of events, which will be blow after blow and more and more.

Strengthen yourselves in prayer. Strengthen yourselves in Jesus, because you are closer to the end than you dare to hope.

Beloved children that you are: Only a short time remains before the adversary of My Son 'stands before you' = is made known. He who has ears, let him hear, because My word is holy, and holy is My son. So run to HIM before it is too late, for the worst abomination has not yet begun. Amen.

I love you very much. Stay strong in faith and firmly anchored in Jesus. Then you will pass the last time and your reward will be the New Kingdom of My Son.

I love you very much. 1000 years of peace await you if you remain strong, faithful and devoted to Jesus and do not fall over and run after the wrong people out of fear.

The confusion is great. It will become even greater. So be ready, because the end is near, and only those who firmly believe in Jesus, trust HIM and follow HIM will not be lost to the adversary.

The schism is great in His Holy Church, so be warned and remain vigilant.

I love you very much.

Your Father in heaven,

with Mary, the Most Holy Virgin and Mother of God, with Jesus and the saints gathered here, and with My and My Son's holy angelic hosts.

St. Michael the Archangel stands ready with His hosts. It is not far now, beloved children that you are, it is not far now.

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