Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, hope in You, love You and adore You. Thank You for all that You do for me. (Personal intention omitted) Jesus, please comfort and console (name’s withheld) families. May they rest in peace in Your heavenly kingdom. I pray to You for all souls who have died recently including (names withheld). Also, Jesus for the holy souls in Purgatory, may their time there be shortened so they can enjoy the feast at Your heavenly banquet soon. Please keep the world safe from evil tyranny and people who desire war, power and violence. May peace reign in the hearts of mankind, Jesus. Your peace, not the false peace of the world but Your peace, Lord. Father God, please bring those away from the Church, home (names withheld). Please bring those outside of the faith into full communion (names withheld). Heal and comfort those on our parish sick list, Jesus. Lord, help the elderly and the unborn, the most vulnerable in our society.

Jesus, may my heart be open to You especially during this time of Lent. Bring me closer to Your Sacred Heart, forgive me of my sins and help me to grow in love, as You are love.

“My child I love you and I am with you. I am with you in this time of uncertainty. Trust in Me to carry you and to lead you. Give your burdens and concerns to Me, My child.”

Yes, Jesus. Lord, please help me to forgive those who have harmed me, and harmed my friends. I want to forgive as You command us to forgive. Forgive through me, Lord when I cannot and use my willingness to forgive. I have so many limitations, but You can use me in spite of my limitations. Change my heart, Jesus. Forgive me, also Lord for the times I have hurt You by hurting or offending others. Sometimes I am stubborn and prideful, Lord and this is not how You crated me to be. Forgive me, Lord. Have mercy on me and change my heart please Jesus. Give me the heart of Your Beautiful Mother Mary. I give You my heart and my will. Place Your holy, Divine Will in my heart, sweet Jesus. I want to be like You and like Your Mother, but there is nothing I can do to be like You. You must make it so, if it is Your Will. All I can do is desire it, Jesus and I do. I trust in Your mercy, Your love and Your grace. Help me to be open to Your love and Your mercy. Allow me to carry these great gifts, Jesus, to others. If You allow it, I would like to be Your instrument, Lord. Thank You for Your presence with me. Thank You for Your friendship and Your love. Lord, may every person I meet this week be a meeting with You. Help me to see Christ in others.

“My child, I hold your prayers, your requests close to My heart. Thank you for your desire to please Me and to grow in love. You are growing, My child. Be patient with yourself, as I am patient. Trust in Me is the key. My little one, do not become downhearted by what you witness occurring around you, for you know the world is in a state of confusion, sin and darkness. This has an effect on everyone, even those who love and try to follow Me. One cannot live life in a polluted, infected environment with no ill effects, and it is the same for those living in a sin infected world. Be patient and merciful, My little lamb. Everyone has limitations and in these times the limitations, even of My Children of Light, are amplified on account of the sinful nature of the environment and the numerous souls living in sin. This is why I ask My children to pray the holy rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for protection of yourselves and your families and for the conversion of souls. I invite you to pray in the morning and in the evening to mark the beginning and the ending of each day for God. It is like staking your claim and putting a stake in the ground of your homes for God. By this you are saying, ‘My family, my home, all of my possessions belong to the Lord God, for we worship Him and are followers of Him who reigns.’ This My Children of Light is what I ask of you all and it is for your good and for the good of lost souls. If My children would all do this, you will see real change in the world. It will take all of My followers to do this. I will give you great and wonderful graces, as in the days of the early Church, My children but you must live for Me. You must decide that I am the priority for your families.”

“Many of My children pray, but do not invite your children to pray. Instead, you allow them to become caught up in the many distractions of the world. This teaches them that it is better to be in the world than to follow the Kingdom of God. Invite them to pray with you and to speak and hear about the lives of the many great saints who can be heroes and heroines for them. They pray for you in Heaven and intercede before the throne of My Father for you and for your children. These are the role models I want for your children and for you. You can learn much from their lives, their stories. Your children will learn that their elder brothers and sisters overcame great obstacles and lived virtuous lives triumphant over evil, suffering and loved heroically. They will learn to imitate their role models, so give them holy role models. Do not make worldly false heroes a topic of grand conversation in your homes. Instead, speak of the saints. Learn about them yourselves so you can share their stories with them. This will also improve your relationships with your children and grandchildren when you have something uplifting and inspiring to discuss. Share with them the richness of the faith that I have given you. This is imperative, My children and it is your duty as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to do this. Do not leave it up to others to fill this important role that I give to you to fulfill. Your children must first learn within the family and any additional reinforcement is an added blessing. Do not delegate your parental duties to others, such as teachers, for they were not given these children to love and to raise. They are only teachers and though they have important jobs for My Kingdom, they are not mothers and fathers of your children. The responsibility begins and ends with you, My children. I tell you this because I love you and I love your children. You are too busy to notice what is occurring while your children spend inordinate amounts of time away from their homes. There are powerful influences working very diligently to rob the minds and hearts of your children while you are busy meeting social demands that are not of Me. Awaken and be alert to your condition. You are allowing your children to be slowly poisoned, My Children of Light. Protect your children. You do not know what is really going on unless you are present with them and talk to them every day. Keep them close to you during meals and afterwards in the evening. The family is the domestic church. Guard it with your lives. Lay down your lives for this, My children. Learn to deny yourselves, so that your children will learn the true meaning of love. Where you spend your time, there your heart is. It is time to reclaim your children and your families.”

“You will begin this reclamation first through the power of prayer; the holy rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Your children can learn to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with you even those who are very young. Then invite them to pray one decade of the rosary. As they learn to pray add another decade (over time) and one day they will be praying the entire rosary with you. Pray with joy when you are joyful and pray with your sorrowful hearts in times of sorrow. Pour out your burdens, My children. This is life. The Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous and Glorious Mysteries are just like life. This is My life and it is My Holy Mother Mary’s life. We lived with many of the joys, sorrows and glories that you face. We faced them all the more, and we understand. Steep yourselves into the mysteries of the rosary and you will be consoled, strengthened and protected. Just as it is important for your children to learn to read, write and learn mathematics, so critical it is for them to learn to pray. It is your duty to teach them, My children. It is your duty My children. Please teach My little ones to pray. They need to know how to pray more than anything else they will learn in life. It is the way they will speak to God and the means through which I will speak with them. It is as important as eating, My children. You would not withhold food from your children. Why do you withhold their spiritual food? Begin at once, but begin with small steps, just as you did when they were learning to read. They begin first by learning the alphabet. I will help you, only begin. I am asking the fathers and the mothers to pray with your children. That is all on this important concern. Let us begin.”

“My child, I am directing your steps. Do not allow yourself to become anxious. You have much to do, I realize but give it all to Me. Abandon your work, your chores, and projects, My child and I will do the heavy lifting. Together we accomplish much, but on your own, the load is too heavy. I have given you new physical limitations to help you realize when you are doing too much of your own accord. These reminders are for your growth and learning so that you are aware and reminded to turn everything over to Me. I desire healthy balance for My children but that is almost impossible when you do not allow Me to assist you. So, this is what you experience My little lamb, because I love you and you desire growth in holiness.”

Thank You, Lord for answering my prayers and thank You for this cross. I love You, Jesus! Jesus, I trust in You.

“I love you, also, My child. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Be at peace and know that I am with you at every moment. Trust in Me and in My mercy. All will be well.”

Amen, Jesus. Amen!

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