Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, love You, adore and praise You, my God and King. Thank You for Holy Mass this morning, for receiving You in Communion, and for being with (names withheld) at Mass. Jesus, I just learned that one of our friends is going through a divorce (personal dialogue omitted). Please heal all marriages especially Christian marriages. Bless families and marriages and give graces, Jesus for healing, reconciliation and conversion. Thank You for the times You have healed marriages. Thank You for families that are holy, Lord and who try to live the Gospel. Lord, I bring all burdens to You and lay them at the foot of Your holy cross. Take care of everything, Jesus as only You can do. Be with (names withheld). If it is Your Will, heal (name withheld). If that is not Your Will, please prepare (name withheld) to be with You in Heaven.

Lord, I pray for (names withheld). Jesus, You never seem to grow tired of hearing my requests for others. Thank You Lord. I believe You are working all things according to Your Will, but I still ask and petition You, because You have told me to do so. You said we are to bring each and every burden to You. Lord, I praise You for the many answered prayers. You are all mercy, Jesus. Thank You for (intention withheld). Thank You for taking (name withheld) soul after she was baptized. Thank You for granting graces of recovery to (name withheld). Thank You for everything You do for me on a daily basis, and for being with me, Lord. Praise and thank You, Jesus my Lord, God and Savior. Lord, please heal our land and send more graces for conversion. Help us, Lord to return to You, to repent and reconcile. Protect us from every evil, from within and from without. Our Lady of America, pray for us; help us.

“My child, it is good that you are here with Me. Thank You for coming to adore Me and to be with Me. I give graces to those who adore My Eucharistic presence. There is power here, My child, I am available to all of My children, but very few are those who avail themselves of this opportunity.”

I am sorry, Jesus. I don’t know what more to say, Lord. I am sorry that I do not come to adore You every day. I am just as guilty as those who do not come, since I am more aware through Your words to me. Help me, Jesus to love You more. Give me graces to love heroically. Jesus, thank You for (name withheld) I was very pleased to see her here. Thank You for (name withheld) faithful heart. I am grateful that (name withheld) is so faithful to You. Jesus, there are people here today who seem sad. Help them, Lord. So many are hurting in these days.

“Yes, My child. This is true. There is much sin in the world in your time. Sin causes much sadness, much pain and loneliness. Many souls are in pain due to the sins of others and the resulting consequences. Others are suffering due to their own sins and they in turn cause suffering for their loved ones. The more sin committed the more pain and sadness, and the cycle continues on and on. There are grave consequences from even a few sinners, My child.”

I can’t imagine how grave the situation must be for us, then Lord since there are more than a few ‘sinners’, Jesus. There are evil people following the evil one, so I can’t imagine how dire the situation must be. Still, Lord, You are in control and You can fix everything. Even though You have spoken about things to come due to our sinfulness, I have hope in You. I trust in You, Lord. You heal all wounds and You are the Savior of the world. You set the moon, the sun and the stars in the sky, Lord. You set the planets in place and our earth orbits the sun with such precision that supports life. You, Lord who created the world from nothing, are the One who can solve all of our problems. Save us, Savior of the world.

“My little lamb, I love you tenderly. It consoles Me that you love and trust Me. Continue to visit with Me, My little one. My heart breaks for the state of mankind, and for the souls who will perish because they choose and desire evil. My precious little children who turn their hearts toward evil, I died to save you, but you, instead choose death. You choose to follow evil. Woe to you who lead others astray. Woe to you. Repent of the evil and return to Me, before it is too late for your soul. When will you listen, My poor, lost children? Do not wait until tomorrow. Do not put off your conversion. At some point, your soul will become so steeped in evil that you will no longer hear My invitation. You will no longer believe there is any hope and you will give in to despair. Your lust for power, your hatred for goodness, your hatred of all those who seek Me will give way to utter despair if you do not repent. Come, do not put your conversion off for another hour, for the hour, the opportunity may not be available. My lost children who follow evil, turn back to Me. I will forgive you. I will welcome you into the family of God, where you are loved. There is no sin too large, too ugly for Me to forgive. Remember I am God. Nothing is impossible for Me, but you must open your heart to Me, for I am the respecter of your free will. My adversary has no respect for man’s free will. He usurps free will at any opportunity and he turns your sins into a type of prison. He convinces sinners there are no other alternatives. He lies, cheats and steals and one who is in sin loses all clarity, reason. This sinfulness clouds the hearts and minds of those who are in sin. It is not too late, My children. As long as you are alive, you can repent and I will forgive. You must not wait, though because as I explained there is a turning point in souls where they are so enslaved they refuse to break free, because a soul in this state believes his accuser, My adversary. You do not know at what point this will occur in your soul, so do not be presumptuous. Repent now and come into the light of My love. My light will not blind you when you turn to Me for I will shelter you with peace and grace. I will be gentle and merciful toward you, My lost sheep. Come home before the wolves devour you. I await you with open arms.”

Thank You for Your great love, Jesus. Thank You for Your mercy. Glory and honor to You, Lord Jesus Christ, who was and is and is to come.

“My child, My child, sadly few will listen to My pleas and few will turn to Me.”

Lord, if You send Your Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth and when Your Mother’s Immaculate Heart triumphs, surely there will be many conversions. At least, I thought there would be many conversions when Your Holy Spirit is poured out in the last days.

“My child, there will be conversions, yes. But not many compared to the number of souls who will condemn themselves to hell. Many people living now have already accepted their judgement. They blatantly follow evil and do so willingly. They hate truth, justice, life and light. They lust for darkness, evil, deception and death. Evil, evil is this wicked age.”

Lord, I am very sad and I do not know what to say to You. I am at a loss, Jesus. All I know is that You can save us. Jesus, Mary and Joseph save souls. Blessed Mother, spread the effect of grace of Your flame of love over all of humanity and do so soon, dear Mother. We need You to take us by the hand and lead us to Your Divine Son Jesus. Take us safely under Your mantle of protection, Holy Mother Mary. Stay with us, and pray for our rescue.

“My child, do not fear. My words sound harsh, but only because you do not see fully the extent of darkness and evil, though your perspective has widened. I do not desire that you realize fully, either, My little lamb. You are too sensitive and your soul is innocent to a large degree. You understand the gravity of My words, though My child and for this reason I want you to trust in Me. It is up to My Children of Light to begin to see the dangerous times and to be alert, to pray, fast and offer penance for yourselves, your family members, and for the world. My children, you must pray more. You are not praying enough. You have time, but you deceive yourselves and you do not see clearly when you could be praying because you are preoccupied with many useless things. These preoccupations seem important to you but in hindsight you will realize it was only a distraction for this age to prevent the prayers of the faithful. Put away these distractions, My children. There is enough time for you to pray. I have given man 24 hours in each day and this is no less than I have provided mankind since creation. It is possible for you to take more time to pray, if you only choose to do so. Let your whole life be a prayer, My children. You do not realize how much your prayers mean to souls in darkness. Pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Pray, My children, pray.”

Jesus, I don’t know how much longer You are going to implore us. Your patience knows no end and yet from Scripture and from the prophets, I know at some point Your justice will be seen, experienced and known to all. Help us, Lord. Give graces for conversion. Please Jesus. I know You do and You are, but they are not penetrating hard hearts. Open hearts to Your grace, Jesus. Help souls to turn to You. Help us to be missionaries for souls, Lord. Lead us to those in need and work through us to reach them, Lord. Keep me in Your Will, Jesus. Use me. Use all of Your children.

“My child, thank you for your love and for your prayers. I love you. I am with you. Journey through Lent with Me, My child. Share in My sorrow for mankind. Join your prayers to My Mother’s and console the Sacred Heart of your Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of My Holy Mother Mary. We are with your family. Walk with Me to Calvary, My child. Be present to Me. Thank you for your ‘yes’. I am grateful to My son (name withheld) for his ‘yes’ also. Go now in My peace. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. The heaviness you feel in your heart will remind you of My Suffering Heart. It will be relieved soon, My child. Be at peace. Be mercy, be love, be with Me, your Jesus.”

Amen, Lord. Your precious adorable Will be done. I love You.

“Go in My love, My little one.”

Note: I feel very sad. This is a somber day for Heaven. The sun is shining brightly on this cold winter day, but my heart is heavy due to the darkness Jesus speaks about and though I do not fully grasp the evil of which He speaks, it hangs over me now like a dark, heavy cloud. This is how it is for souls in darkness. Everything feels dark and somber to them. They are losing and in some cases, have lost the hope that God places in every human heart at conception. They have allowed hope to be stolen from them and in some cases, they have freely given it to the thief who steals souls from God; souls that were destined for Heaven, but no longer want to go to Heaven because they have grown cold and have no love for God. Jesus, I love You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, You are my all.

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