Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Adoration Chapel


Hello, Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You and am glad to be here with You. Thank You for Your blessings and for Your presence in this beautiful chapel. Praise You, Jesus my God and my King. Happy Feast of Epiphany, Lord! We come to adore You, just as the Magi did, but I have no gifts to bring You, Jesus. They brought gold, frankincense and myrrh. What can I bring You, Lord, King of the universe? There is nothing, Lord. Only the gift of myself. It is not a suitable gift for the Lord God, but what can any man buy? I will give You my love, my life, my family and my work, Jesus. I know that is small, but please take me as I am, Lord. I feel quite like the little drummer boy who could only play his drum for You. That Christmas story has a sweet ending with You smiling, and I suppose that says everything. You are pleased with the smallest gifts if they are given from the heart and with love. Thank You for giving us the greatest gift, Your life. Jesus, I can never repay You and I’m glad that all You ask of us is to love You and to serve You. Help me to love You more, Jesus. Lord, please help all who are away from You and Your Church, to return to Your loving embrace. Comfort the sick and the elderly, and those who are alone. Be close to Your children who are dying, Jesus. Take them to Heaven to live with You forever. Protect the vulnerable and the weak and send them good and loving caregivers. Bless Your holy priest sons, Lord and protect the Holy Father from those who may want to harm him or lead him astray. Surround him with holy advisors, Jesus. Please protect Your Church, Lord and forgive us our sins. May we all become holy in this new year, Lord. I pray for the conversion of the people of our nation and in the world. Grant us peace in our hearts, our families and in our country and the world. Protect us from evil, Lord and the plans of Your adversary. Send forth Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth. May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph soon, Lord.

“I love you, My child. I am with you. Trust in Me. In all things trust in Me. My child, there is a lack of peace in the hearts of men and there are some in leadership positions who plot and plan to do evil. Their desire is to exert their evil influence over all nations, to rule and to oppress. Even they do not fully grasp the consequences of their evil plans. There is corruption in many areas within your world, too numerous to mention; from the highest levels to the lowest levels in all manner of evil. The cup of transgressions against the Lord God is overflowing and only My Holy Mother Mary and My sacrifice on Calvary holds back God the Father’s wrath, which is just and at the same time merciful. Evil will be met with chastisements, for it can be no other way for My people who have blasphemed and rebelled against the perfect, holy love of the Trinity. Man continues on the course of the sin of the fallen angels, that of pride, and of Adam and Eve when they succumbed to the tempter who hates mankind and all I created. Man can never be equal to God and yet mankind, in its pride and foolishness continues to listen to My adversary and tries to be equal to God. This is such foolishness, My children. Repent and return to the Father, Creator of all that is good, all that is life, all that is love. Foolish men, full of pride work at creating life in their science laboratories. Where do they think the cells come from that they manipulate and divide? Where does the essence of life come from if not from God? They know that each element used to ‘procreate’ comes from Me for they do not experiment and create something from nothing. And yet, they deem themselves equal to God the Father. Their so-called work kills the tiny ones created in His image and likeness, as they destroy little babies in their most vulnerable embryonic state. Evil will stop at nothing, My child, for the evil one is the enemy of all life. No one is safe in this culture of death. The scientists conducting these evil experiments will realize one day that their work will bring about their own destruction and that of their own families. Then, it will be too late. Awaken, My sinful, foolish children and see the truth in what you are doing. The days prophesied are at hand, the days when evil is called ‘good’ and good is called ‘evil’. These days are upon you now, My children.”

“My Children of Light, you are small in number but your prayers can affect much change if only you would pray. Too few are praying and calling out to Me. Pray, My children. Souls are at stake. Families are at stake. Your countries are at stake. The life of the world is at stake. You must pray and not grow weary. The times are dire and yet too many of My children are lukewarm in the face of great evil. How can this be, My children that you have grown so apathetic? Help My Mother with your prayers and with your love. Recall these words in Scripture; ‘The prayers of the righteous availeth much,’ so pray, My little Children of Light. Pray. If you are praying, pray more. Go to Holy Mass and frequent the Sacraments. How many times I have asked this of you and you do as I ask for one or two weeks and then return to the habits of spiritual sloth. My children, today is the day for you to change. Do not be like My Apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before I was to die. They fell asleep and did not watch with Me during My time of need. The hour is late, My children. It is the hour of need for the whole world. It is the time where each and every child of Mine is needed. Your prayers are needed for this most urgent of days. Do not fall asleep. Do not submit your mind to numbing hours of entertainment. Be vigilant. Be alert. Pray and live a holy life according to My commands. Love your neighbor. Love your enemies. Pray for those who are unjust and for those who mistreat you. Pray, pray, pray. “

“My child, these words are harsh, I realize yet they must be spoken by Me for this is truth. My children are loved and they must hear before it is too late. Many souls are lost and more are being lost each day. Reach out to them, My children. Bring Me to the world that is in darkness. You must pray more and show My love more. My Holy Spirit is with you. My Mother intercedes for you as do all of the saints in Heaven. I send angels to help you, but you must act. You must pray. You must serve your brothers and sisters in need and by My love souls will change. Hearts will be open to Me. I am sending graces upon graces for conversion and I am counting on you, My Children of Light to minister to souls in need of their Savior. It is time, My children to end all complacency and work to bring about My Kingdom. The hour is very late. Do not waste this time you are being given. Once the time of grace ends, you will lament and wish you had done more for your brothers and sisters. Please respond to Your Jesus who loves you. I do not desire that souls perish, but want all souls to gain Heaven. You are My ambassadors and you are to spread the good news of the Gospel to everyone you meet. Be bold for Me and speak out in love with hearts full of peace and joy. You do not need to speak eloquent words from lofty heights or preach sermons, My children. Do simple acts of kindness and love. Be joyful. Have light hearts. Be loving and merciful. Do not pass judgement, but forgive others faults. You must show love to everyone, My children. This love will change hearts. It is the only thing that can, and I have shown this perfect love to you. I love you and have demonstrated My love for mankind. You have My example to follow. I give you everything that is needed. You go and do the same. Serve as I serve. Love as I love. Forgive as I forgive. It is simple, My children, but it must be lived. Pray for My guidance and to do My Will each day. I will work through you, My children but you must cooperate with the grace I give you. Do not fear. I am with you.”

Thank You, Lord. Help me to do Your Will, Jesus. I give You my will, Jesus replace it with Your Will. Give me graces to love heroically, Jesus. I am weak, but Your love overpowers my poor love and makes it strong. Direct our steps, Jesus so that we, Your children are guided to those in need. Fill us with Your love and Your wisdom. Show us what is needed in each situation. We do not know the needs of others, Lord but You do. Love others through us, Your children. Use me, Jesus to do Your Will and to show Your love to those who are unloved and do not know You. Thank You for the opportunity to serve You in my brothers and sisters. Forgive me for missed opportunities, Lord. Help me to grow in love and service to My brothers and sisters. Thank You for first loving us and showing us true love, love that is unconditional and give me a heart filled with this love, Your love. Thank You, Jesus! Praise You, Jesus. Glory to You, Lord God Almighty!

“Thank you, My child. I love you and My son (name withheld). Go in My peace and in My love. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Take Me to a world gone cold and dark. Be light, My daughter. Be light, be peace, be mercy and love.”

With Your help, Jesus. Amen!

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