Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Adoration Chapel, Feast of the Most Holy Trinity


Hello, dear Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It is good to be here with You, Lord. I adore You and praise You, my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You for being with me this week, Jesus. I am grateful for Your blessings. I bring all of my concerns and problems to You, as well as my joys. I leave the concerns and problems at Your feet, dear Jesus. I also bring those who are ill and those who will die today. Bring them into Your heavenly kingdom, Lord God. I pray also for those who are away from the Church; most especially for (names withheld) and for all those in our family. Jesus, please protect all who are travelling during their summer vacation as well as the priests who will begin new assignments. Please be with them and ease their concerns. Lord, open the hearts of the parishioners who will receive new associate pastors and pastors and give them graces for hospitality so Your holy priest sons will feel welcomed in their new parishes.

Lord, my heart is very heavy over Our Lady’s community and what has transpired. Just when I think I’m beginning to heal, some new piece of information comes to light and the wounds are reopened. So much deceit and betrayal in the name of Your Holy Mother Mary is most difficult to bear. I am very downhearted about all of this evil. Please help me, Jesus. Heal me, Lord. Jesus I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You.

Lord, have You anything to say to me today?

“Yes, My child, I do. Your heart is indeed heavy and I understand. I know your pain and sorrow. I suffered betrayal when I walked the earth. Forgive, My child. Forgive. Give all to your Jesus.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You.

“My child, I am removing the wheat from the chaff in My Mother’s community. I am protecting you, though it appears I am not. Be of good cheer. Focus on that which is good, holy and beautiful. Fill your hearts and minds on the things of Heaven. Allow Me to work everything out, My child.”

Yes, Jesus!

(Private dialogue omitted)

“My little lamb, My (name withheld) is offering much needed spiritual support and this is the work that has the utmost importance. I ask My children to pray more, trust more, and to have peace. I desire forgiving hearts. I realize that is most difficult, but it is possible with My grace and My help. It is vital to the outcome of the community to learn forgiveness now. It will not become easier in the future to forgive, My little one. There will be more situations in your future that will require forgiveness, mercy and peace. I call all of My children to forgive, to give mercy and to love one another. This is the Gospel message which I invite all to live. Without forgiveness and mercy, there can be no love. Without love, there is no Christianity. My child, the world is already lacking love and mercy. I call My children to love heroically. Live love, My children. Live mercy. Live peace. If you, who are My children, do not learn to forgive and to love, who will bring My love and mercy to others? Be light to illuminate the darkness in peoples’ hearts. My children it is easy to love your friends. It is easy to love those who never hurt you. I say, ‘love your enemies. Bless those who persecute you for My name.’ My children, in the time of great distress and darkness, you will see many who have been through terrible events and they will be suffering. They will be wounded in many ways. How will you minister to them when your hearts are full of anger, fear, and unforgiveness? I tell you, you will be unable to love them. Your hearts will be hardened and you will not be able to give them mercy, compassion, love and you will not be in a position to speak to their wounded hearts about forgiveness to help them heal, for your hearts will have become calloused and bitter. Do not be like the foolish who nurse resentment, anger and pride, but humble yourselves before the Lord and ask Me to forgive your unforgiving hearts. Pray for graces to love and to be merciful, as I love and as I am mercy. If you want to be true followers of Jesus, you must open your hearts to love, to sacrificial love. I forgave those who were killing Me, My children. I forgave from the cross and I prayed for My Father to forgive them, also. One does not wait for apologies. (One who is a Christian.) Forgiveness is an act of the will. Forgive My children and ask Me to heal your wounds. I will heal you in time, but you must forgive.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus. Help me to forgive and to continue to forgive. Help all the families who have been betrayed to forgive those who have harmed us. Forgive me for the times I have not been willing to forgive, Lord. Jesus, I trust in You and You alone. Help us, Lord to do Your Holy Will with heroic love. We cannot do this without You, Lord. We can do nothing without You. Give us graces for love and mercy. Please, Jesus. Lord, I am having trouble focusing today. So much is going on. Please calm my troubled heart. Give me Your peace, Jesus. You are my refuge, my rock, my fortress, my Shepherd. I love You, Jesus. You are my everything.

“I love you, also, My child. I am with you. I walk beside you and I will guide you and grant you My peace.”

Thank You, Lord for restoring My peace. I am already feeling more recollected. You are so generous, Lord. Help me to be generous like You.

“My child, remember that I can calm the storms of your heart, mind and soul. Only I can. Ask Me into each difficulty. Ask for My direction. Ask for My peace and calmness, so that you can give this to others. Be peace, My child. I will show you the way. Pray for My direction.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Please guide and direct us today, Lord and in our conversations and meetings with others. Give us Your peace. Help us to be calm. Give us clarity and wisdom, too and may we be always in Your Divine Will, Lord. Help us to love and to be merciful, especially to those who have hurt us. Help us also to be wise, Lord but most of all help us to trust in You. We do not know the way through these difficulties, Lord, but You do, Jesus. Show us the way, Lord even though there appears to be no way out. Guard, guide and protect us, Jesus but even more importantly, help us to only do Your Holy Will.

“My child, My little one, some problems cannot be solved with human wisdom and intellect. Take My hand and follow Me. You do not like where I lead you sometimes, for the way is rough and rocky, but do not fear for I will lead you. I ask much of you, My children, but you are beginning to understand how I sift. I am sifting. I am separating. Only those who truly love, forgive and show mercy will be able to carry out the mission of My Holy Mother Mary’s community. Trust in Me, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld). Trust in Me.”

Jesus, You are the only one who can be trusted. You are the One who is trust Himself. You are truth. You are mercy. You are love. Thank You, Lord, that You show us what true love is. You are love. Thank You for being who You are. I love You, my Lord and my God. Help me to love You more.

“My child, I love you, also. All will be well. Remember, I am with you and I guide you. Love your brothers and sisters. Pray for them. Be love to them. What I ask is not easy, but I showed you how to do this. You have only to read the Gospels to have a living example.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus! Thank You for the reassurances of St. Padre Pio and Your Holy Mother Mary. Thank You! I love You, Lord!

“And I love you. Go in peace, My little lamb. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Be salt; be light; be love and mercy.”

Amen & Alleluia, Lord Jesus Christ!

I walked around in the church and prayed before the statue of St. Joseph and Jesus and also before the statue of St. Padre Pio. St. Pio reassured me greatly in his fatherly way. He reminded me that just because things seem dark now, doesn’t mean they will remain this way. He said in fact, just when things seem to be the darkest, our Lord can turn it around in an instant and change everything. He said pray, hope and don’t worry and I realized when he was saying this that I haven’t focused very much on the hope part of this. I pray and I try not to worry, but I need to also hope. When we have hope, there isn’t as much room for worry.

Then, I walked over to the statue of Our Lady holding Jesus when he was about 3 or 4. Jesus’ arms are held open as if He is calling the world to Himself. I unburdened myself to Our Mother and She said to me that we are to trust Her son. I asked Her how it was possible for Jesus to carry the burden of the passion and crucifixion with Him His entire life and to remain so calm and loving. She said to look at His face in the statue and to observe how He looks, His expression. I noticed He looked at peace, joyful and at the same time serene and wise. He also has the look of innocence about Him, as a child, but yet wise at the same time. He looked approachable. She said that I am to have the same qualities, especially innocence and joy; with peace comes joy and She gave me graces for peace which I detected instantly and a wave of relief and peace washed over me. How kind and generous our Mother is. She is just like Her beautiful Son, Jesus. She also explained that we are to love souls like Jesus did, that He focused on loving each and every soul and on gaining more souls for God’s Kingdom. This is how He coped with the knowledge of His passion and death, by loving souls. We are to do the same each day, She said, no matter where we are or what we are doing that we are to love in the midst of each day and thereby help Jesus to lead souls to Heaven. This is our true mission. How, under what circumstances, where we are, etc., is up to God. She said we will be better able to live in Her community when we do this each and every day beginning now. I have much relief and a heavy burden has been lifted from my heart. Her motherly love has bound my wounds.

Thank You, sweet Mother Mary for Your love that is a balm to my weary soul. Praised be Jesus, now and forever!

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