Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Adoration Chapel


Hello, my Jesus ever present in the Sacrament of the Altar! I love You, Jesus! I love You, Jesus! I love You, Jesus! It is so good to be here with You, my Lord and my God. Thank You for Your mercy and goodness and for Your love, Jesus! Lord, thank You for our visit with (name withheld) yesterday. We treasured our time with him and the time spent on that holy ground. Thank You, also for the opportunity to see the beautiful church (name withheld). I didn’t want to leave the church and adoration chapel there. It is very beautiful. I felt close to Heaven there. Lord, thank You also for allowing us to see (names withheld) and the children. I also thank You for the meeting with (names withheld) whom we’d never met but felt as if I’d known them for years. It was a joyful day. Truly it was! Thank You, Jesus. You are full of beautiful surprises, Jesus. After Mass last evening at our parish I was pleasantly surprised to see (name withheld), her children and husband at our church! This was really a lovely day, Lord. Thank You! You fill my life with such good things, my sweet Savior and I am very grateful! Thank You for holy Mass and Communion and for the visiting priests, (names withheld). Thank You for keeping (name withheld) safe on his pilgrimage and for bringing him back to us safely.

Lord, we are in need of Your direction. You know all that is going on at (location withheld) since You know everything. Is it time for us to sell our house, Jesus? Should we accept the invitation/proposition made to us for an additional platt? Jesus, You said to bring every decision to You, so that is what we are doing. Please give us guidance, Jesus if it is Your holy Will.

Jesus, have You anything to say to me?

“Yes, My child. Thank you for visiting (name withheld) today and for showing My mercy. I am pleased when My children perform acts of mercy in love. I am grateful for your conversation with My son, (name withheld) yesterday. It was My plan that you meet and I am pleased you allowed My Spirit to flow through you.”

Lord, the pleasure was all mine. (Name withheld) has a beautiful soul and he loves You and Your Holy Mother Mary so very much. Help him to get to Medjugorje. He so wants to be there with Our Lady.

“My child, I am pleased that you were open with him about the communities My Mother is forming. He has a heart for God and would do well to be in a community.”

Yes, Jesus, I pray he will find one that is part of Your plan for his life and if it be Your Will, may it be (community name withheld). Lord, I pray for those who are ill. For (names withheld). Please help them, Lord. I pray for (name withheld) friends who are ill, and for (names withheld). Please help (name withheld), Jesus. She seems to be suffering so.

“My daughter, My little one there are many lost souls in the world who are in need of Me, their Savior. Pray for them. Offer prayers of petition on their behalf, for they are in darkness and in danger of losing their souls.”

Yes, Jesus. Lord, I pray for my brothers and sisters who are lost and are in darkness. Open their eyes, their hearts and their minds to You, the Light of the World. Illuminate them with Your love and mercy. Show them that You are the Only, the One True God the Most High who created Heaven and earth, who Willed this world into existence because of Your love. Show my lost brothers and sisters what it is to walk in the light of Your love. Help them to see that You welcomed sinners when You walked the earth. You dined with us, sinners. You are kind, generous, and merciful. You are the Savior of the World and You love contrite hearts. You love sinners and the ocean of mercy is opened for the whole world. There is no one more deserving of Your mercy than the worst sinner according to what You told St. Faustina, and so Jesus show the depth of Your mercy to those who are lost and afraid. Show them Your kindness so they will not be afraid to approach the fountain of Your mercy. Jesus, give them heroic graces for repentance and conversion. Give all of us these graces, for we are all sinners.

Lord, send Your Most Holy Mother Mary, who is pure and undefiled to retrieve lost souls, to take their hands and lead them to the throne of grace. Jesus, Your Mother Mary has amazing intuition and knows just what Her children need. She can stoop down to the lowest levels of humanity, and as a good mother, wash the mud and dirt from our bodies and souls, dress us in fine clothes and present us to You, our Savior. She stands between our sinful nature and the great justice of God and because of Her unbelievable love and through Her eternal ‘yes’ to God the Father, have mercy on us who have sinned against You and our neighbor. Fill every hard heart with graces for love, kindness and mercy. Jesus, Savior of the World, save us from our pride, our hardened hearts, our egos, our selfishness and our materialism. Save us, Savior of the World for by Your cross and resurrection, You have set us free. Set my lost brothers and sisters free, Jesus. Free them from their sins and also from the consequences of their sins. Accept their souls, Jesus and their sinfulness and plunge their sins and the sins of all the world into the depth of Your mercy. Create clean hearts in us Oh, Lord and put steadfast spirits in us all. Remove the blinders from our eyes and give us Your Spirit of truth, beauty, love, joy and mercy. Thank You for Your great mercy, Jesus, for without it all of us would perish.

“Thank you for your prayers, My little lamb. I embrace your requests and hold them close to My Sacred, Merciful Heart. My child, it will soon be time to sell your house, but it is not yet time. Continue to prepare to move, so you will not be caught with little time to prepare. I aim for you to have peace in your hearts. Preparing now will afford much peace later. Do not be concerned with anything regarding My Mother’s community, for all will be well. These struggles and challenges are part of a learning process and serve to strengthen and purify hearts. You will see that this is a final step in the process before My Mother’s community comes to fruition. Regarding additional property, continue to pray and seek My direction. All will be revealed to you in due time and you will know what action to take. Be a source of encouragement and wisdom. I am with you. Continue to pray within your family and also with your community. This is very important. Through prayer I will direct you. You will also grow closer to Me through your prayers and this growth is necessary for what is to come. Continue to follow Me, My child. All will be well, though this does not mean, all will be easy. No, that is not My way. When things are too easy for My children, their souls tend toward being lukewarm. I intend My Spirit to fill you with the fire of love so that your fellow brothers and sisters who are lost, will be prepared by your love, for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit when the time comes to renew the face of the earth.”

Thank You, Jesus. Thank You! Jesus, please help (name withheld) who is depressed, anxious and afraid. Grant her Your peace, Jesus. Help her to come to know and experience Your love. Please, Jesus, You said You would pursue our family members. Jesus, please pursue each member of my family and my husband’s family who do not know Your love and mercy. Free them, Jesus from the spiritual blindness and heal any wounds they have that are obstacles to You. Assure them of Your love, Your mercy, Your peace. Please, Jesus, come. Come into their hearts. Fill them with the fire of Your love, Jesus. Jesus, I beg this of You and remind You that You said You would.

“My child, My child. How I long to do all that You have requested. You, you take My love to them. You, you go to them and show them the peace that resides deep within your soul; the joy in your heart; the tenderness that I have graciously and generously given you. You, take this to them and by your love, they will see Me. This is what I ask of you.”

Oh, my Jesus. I will do this. I do not know how to convey these things adequately because I am poor. I do not possess the wealth of these graces, Jesus but I will certainly go and trust that You, Jesus will make Yourself known to (name withheld) and her children and (name withheld) when you bring him back to (place withheld), that You are the reason for my hope, my joy and my love (limited as it is). Yes, Jesus. Send me. I will go, but Jesus, You must go with me. You must fill me with all that they need. I don’t know what to say or do, but I will go. Jesus, use me as Your instrument, only tune me, polish me and cleanse me. I am an unworthy vessel, but I have come to know that this does not stop You from working. In fact, it only serves to glorify You. Thank You, Lord that You will use anyone! No matter how small; no matter how poor; no matter how uneducated. I love this about You, Jesus. You love the sinner. You love the poor. You love those who are small. Thank You, Jesus for loving all of Your children. Jesus, give me You, so that I may give You to others.

“My little lamb, you have Me. You give Me away to others, so you must also give Me to those who do not believe and who live in darkness. I know you feel inadequate. I know that you are afraid of saying something that will further turn them away or cause them to harden their hearts all the more. My little child, this is something you must leave to your Jesus. Your only concern is to give My love and mercy to others. It is not your responsibility to get them to accept My love for that is up to them. I will guide you in what you are to say. I will grant an opening for you and I will go before you. You will be walking into mission territory, armed with the Good News and full of My love which you received in the most Holy Sacrament last evening. My joy will arise from your soul like a canticle and even if you are unaware, My graces will flow through you like living springs of water flow upon parched soil. Though the soil is parched, My water will bring forth life. Take this upon you now, for this is My mission for you. This will be the ingredient required for their conversion. Do not worry, My child. This sounds as if I am placing a large burden on your shoulders, but I will give you every grace needed, My little lamb, so do not worry but rejoice for your brother’s and sister’s salvation is close at hand. Now, rejoice in what I have told you. My word goes forth and since I am the Word, My Word brings everlasting life. Rest assured, My child, that My words are truth. I am pursuing your family members and all that has occurred serves to plow the hard soil of hearts. You, now must go so that My Word, My love, will be planted as seeds for their souls. My child, see how much I love?”

Oh, yes, Jesus. You are the greatest of all lovers, for You love even those who refuse to return Your love. Your love for us never dies, but burns brightly and even more intensely in Your Sacred, beautiful, Divine Heart, for those who do not know You and do not love You. Lord, how can anyone not love You? You are all love and mercy, kindness and truth. I love You, my Jesus. Help me to love You more. Help me to give Your love to others, Jesus. There are so many hurting people in this world, who have lost hope. Restore the hope in their wounded hearts, Lord and help them to love and believe in You. Since faith is a gift, Jesus, please give all heroic graces for faith, contrition, repentance and conversion so that many come to know that You are the Living God.

“Thank you, My child for your love. Thank you for your kindness and for loving souls. Thank you for loving Me so much that you want what I want, that none perish. My child, I know you are weak. I know well, all there is to know about you and I also know that we are friends. You have never forsaken Me, My loyal little friend. Yes, you are poor and weak and this is why I love you so much, My little lamb. Have no fear, for though you are weak—I am all powerful. Though you are poor, I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Though you are empty, I am the fullness of all that is good and because of your emptiness, I can fill you full of My life and My love. So, have no fear. Bring Me to others and I will do the rest.’

Praise You, my Lord and my God, my All. Praise You in every living thing and in all that You created. Praise You, Jesus and may every living creature give honor and glory to You, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Jesus, You have the words of everlasting life, for You are the Word made flesh. Fill me with Your words of life so that I can bring good tidings to those who live in darkness. Jesus, may all who love and follow You be bearers of the Christ, the Light of the World, to banish the darkness and the evil that plagues the earth. Fill us with Your light so that we may bring Your light to others. Help us, Lord for we cannot do this without Your grace and the wisdom and joy of the Holy Spirit.

“My child, how I love those who love Me. How I desire all to love Me. My heart is on fire for love of lost souls. If you knew how much pain I have due to the rebelliousness of My children and if you knew how much their lack of love wounds My Sacred Heart, all of My children would evangelize by sharing the Good News of My love and salvation for souls. My Children of Light, you will one day be My Children of the Renewal. You will grieve if you have not been a conduit for My grace so that others are saved. This will bring such sorrow to your hearts so do not allow this to happen. Bring Me to those who do not know Me. Be love. Be joy. Be mercy. Be peace. Transform your lives by My love so that through you I can transform others. Be My witness, by being My love. I will give you what is needed each day for the enormous task I have laid before you. This is not a surprise, My children for these words are in Sacred Scripture and you are all to be My witnesses to the world. But, My children you are not all doing this, and so I come to call you to the battlefield. Bring Me, the Messiah into the world. You were made to know, love and serve Me. You were made to love Me, and to love Me in order to live in My kingdom forever. I gave My life for you so that you will have eternal life. Someone told you about Me. Someone taught you about Me. You go, therefore and do the same.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.

“My little lamb, there are not two different missions for your family; one for now and one for later, but there is one mission. One will flow into the other. You work in My mission field now. All of you. Each one, no matter how small, even My little warrior, (name withheld) who carries My cross high for all to see (especially, My [name withheld]). Be busy about the work I have given you and think nothing of the cost. All that you do; all that you sacrifice, be it sleep, be it your time, even your very lives that you are living now unselfishly, to secure the Kingdom of God for others—nothing goes unnoticed by My Father in Heaven. So, be of good cheer. All will be well. Continue in your life of prayer, good deeds and in your love for Me and for one another. This is the life of holiness. This is a share in My life. Tell My son (name withheld) of My love for him and that he is doing a good work for Me when he shares his love for Me with others. My (names withheld) you are on the path of salvation and I ask that you bring others with you. I will show you how. Go now in peace. Be joy. Be love. Be mercy. Be Christ to others. Do not focus on that which you lack,. For I supply all that is needed. As for those who are ill, have no fear. I am with them. I am with My son (name withheld). I am with My daughter (name withheld) and I will supply all that they need. Be at peace, My children. I love you and I am with you. Offer your suffering as a living sacrifice for the salvation of souls. I am counting on you to be My witnesses. Be at peace. All will be well.”

Thank You, thank You, thank You, Jesus. You are our love. You are our joy. You are the very life of our souls. We live for You, Jesus. Thank You for stooping down to us and showing us that You care for our every need and concern. Praise You, holy God. We love You, adore You and praise You. I love You, my sweet Jesus! I am all yours, and all that I have is Yours.

“And all that I have is yours, My child. Your inheritance, and this is true for all of My Children of Light, awaits you in Heaven. For now, be busy with My Father’s work, for you must continue to labor in His vineyard for a time, and then another time will come. I love you and I am with you, now and forever. Go now, My little ones. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. I am your Shepherd and I go before you. Have confidence in all that I ask of you for I am with you.”

Amen. Alleluia! Praise You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus.

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