Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Feast of St. Joseph


Attended a Catholic Women’s Retreat. It was a beautiful, spiritual day, with Confession, holy Mass with (name withheld) presiding and Fr. (name withheld) provided Benediction for us, Adoration time—incredible as always being physically present with my Jesus in the Eucharist. Jesus, thank You! Thank You for the vocation/priesthood of Fr. (name withheld). Thank You for the many gifts You pass through him. So many graces flow through this holy priest son. Praise be Jesus; now and forever. Thank You, Jesus our High Priest!

Jesus, I had so hoped to be healed by You through (name withheld). Thank You though for this gift of suffering that You asked me to carry awhile longer. I can hardly bear the thought of this scourge, yet I know You will help me, Jesus or I would not be able to bear it.

“My little daughter, as I said earlier today, ‘A little while longer.’ Suffer this cross for poor sinners who commit atrocities and reopen the wounds of Me, the Savior of the world. My child, it is not that you deserve this illness, rather you are carrying it for those who blaspheme Me with their sacrilegious lifestyle. Sexual sins are an abomination to Me and there are so few souls suffering for these transgressions. Thank you for your ‘yes’ to Me. I have given you My Mother to lead you. She holds your hand and walks beside you. I did not deserve what I suffered, either and yet for love I willingly died for mankind’s sins. I would gladly do so again, if it were necessary, My little lamb, but it is not so. You see, My suffering continues for I have a heart of love. My heart longs for My children and I grieve over those who choose darkness. I am with you My child and I will not leave you. You are disappointed, My daughter that I did not heal, but you understand now why this is so. In time, My child. In time. It is as My little (name withheld) said. My holy and fiery priest son whispered My words to you. I will provide your direction. I, your Jesus am your spiritual director and there is no one else for you, My little lamb. Entrust your soul to Me. Do you see how much I love you? Do not listen to the lies from the evil one who whispers words of degradation to you. He wants you to feel shame and rejection. I whisper only words of love and acceptance. Pay no heed to the words from the father of lies. I bring only good news. Listen to Me.” (He is the most gentle Shepherd of my soul.)

Thank You, sweet Jesus. You are all good and deserving of all of my love and affection. Keep me in Your Sacred Heart, my Lord and my God. I entrust all that I am and all that I have to You. Praise be Jesus, now and forever.

“My little one, thank You for being with Me today and for coming together with the other daughters of mine to pray. The unity today was most pleasing to Me. Thank you for your kisses.” (Fr. had us all blow kisses to Jesus and tell Him we love Him. Fr. said Jesus was smiling and that we should all do it again. We did. There were approximately 400 women at the conference.) We love You, Jesus. Thank You for showering us with blessings. Please, please grant healing graces and blessings for those sick people whom I love very dearly. Thank You for prompting Fr. to take my prayer intentions to his home altar for prayer. I give You everyone for whom I am praying and all those who have asked me for prayer. I love You, my sweet Jesus. Help me to love You more.

“Until tomorrow, My little daughter. Until tomorrow.”

Goodnight Jesus. May every beat of my heart beat with love for You, my God. I love You.

“And I love you.”


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