Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Adoration Chapel


Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Sacrament of the Altar. I adore You, my beloved God. Thank You for the many graces You bestow on the world. Thank You for Your infinite mercy and love. Dearest Father, eternal God, Seat of wisdom, justice and mercy. You, above all are worthy to be praised, adored, glorified and loved. Please, Father, increase Your love in my small heart. Enlarge it to contain more love for You, my Father. Oh, Eternal One, You who created all that is, out of nothing, make my heart full to overflowing with longing and love for You. I am unable to love You as You deserve, my Father but if You Will it, my heart can be transformed into love; But only by Your Word, by Your grace. Please, Eternal one, my Father, expand my capacity to love and then fill me with Your love.

Blessed Trinity, I adore You. I praise You. I give myself to You. Thank You for creating me. Thank You for loving me. Help me to love You more and to love You in my brothers and sisters. Jesus, thank You for bringing (name withheld) through the grueling surgery. Things were so much worse than we knew, but You were with him just as You said. Praise You, Lord! Jesus, there is still cancer in (name withheld). Please heal him, Jesus. Lord, You can do all things. You can do anything. Heal (name withheld) from the cancer he has growing inside of him. Only speak Your Word, Lord and he will be healed.

Jesus, please be with us as we make our pilgrimage and retreat next week. Keep us safe as we travel. Open our hearts to receive all that You desire to give, good and gracious Lord. May Your grace fall on good soil, Jesus. Give us ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to feel and know Your love.

Dearest Lady, as we go on our journey, please journey with us. Take our hands and help us to find Jesus in a new and deeper way. May we be alert and open to the graces of the Holy Spirit. May we be in awe of His holy surprises. Thank You for making this trip possible. May (name withheld) have the strength he needs to make this pilgrimage. Bless (names withheld) with all graces.

Jesus, I have missed You so! Thank You for making it possible to be here with You. Praise You, Jesus Christ!

“My daughter, it is good that you are here. It is good to be with you in My Eucharistic presence. You were beginning to feel the effects of being absent from Me, were you not?

Yes, Lord, I was!

“My daughter, I was still with you spiritually, but it is good to be with you physically and spiritually. I missed your visits, and those of My son, (name withheld). Though today’s visit will be brief, I urge you to return this week for I have much to confide to you, My little lamb. I am pleased with your devotion and acts of love in ministering to those in your family who are ill. When you serve others in love, you do so to Me. I am present in the hearts of all of My children in a special way, especially My children who love and follow Me. I am especially present in the poor and the sick. When you perform acts of service in love, for those in need, you are serving Me. You are doing these acts for Me and directly to Me. Thank You, My children of love. Do not tire of serving for in your service you will find Me ever so close. You must have trust in Me. You must have faith in what I say, for it is truth.”

“You are being prepared for My Father’s mission. These crosses in your life serve to prepare you for My Kingdom to reign on earth. My Kingdom must reign first in the hearts of man. I prepare your hearts, My little lamb. I was with you and (name withheld) when you heard the news from his physician. I was with My (name withheld). This was a difficult cross for you. I am with you. I walk with (name withheld) as he takes this difficult journey. Encourage him by showing your love and devotion. I am giving this time to you. You will look back on this time and will realize how precious it is. Do not be discouraged My little one, for I am with you and I am in each moment of your pilgrimage on earth. My child, I will be with you and My son, (name withheld) next week. I will give him graces for his mission in life. This trip will be another turning point for him. He is seeking Me and all who seek Me will find Me. I will see to each detail and you will marvel at the works that I do. Rest assured My Mother will be present, also. So much so, that it will be evident to you and to others. Trust in Me. All will be well. Rest in Me. Delight in Me. I love you.”

Thank You, my Jesus. I am very grateful to You for everything, even each breath I take. I love You, my Lord and my God. Give me graces to love heroically, Jesus. I want to be like Your holy Mother, Mary. Thank You for Your goodness!

“You are welcome, My child. Daughter, you are precious to Me. Your family is precious to Me. Trust in Me for all things. You must go now for the Jubilee Mass. I bless you, My son, and My daughter. Thank you for your loyal friendship. Please return to keep Me company as I sit here waiting for your return. I love you and I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace. Bring My love, My light, My peace, My mercy to a world in darkness. Be love, My children. Be love.”

Thank You, Jesus. Help us to be love, Jesus. May Your Will be done on earth as in Heaven and may Your Kingdom come. Jesus, please be with (name withheld). Heal her, my Lord and Savior. My heart breaks for her and all she must be undergoing. Walk with her, Lord and help her to feel Your presence. I love You, Jesus.

Continued 3-6-16 Adoration Chapel

Thank You, Lord for the beautiful parish Mass for the Jubilee of Mercy. The Cathedral is beautiful, and the chapel so gorgeous and reverent. Praise You, God! Thank You for the great gift of this Year of Mercy. Going through the holy doors was incredible. I love the Catholic faith. Thank You for dying and rising, Jesus so that we may have salvation and live with You in Heaven. Thank You for the gift of Your holy Catholic Church.

“My daughter, console My heart. It is wounded with the many transgressions of mankind. I gave My life for the salvation of souls. I gave mankind the means to have Me with him in this exile during the earthly pilgrimage towards Heaven. The means by which I remain present and nourish souls is the Eucharist. My holy priest sons, by Consecration bring about My presence in the Eucharist. I provided the Sacraments to fortify souls on their journey and yet many mock Me, persecute Me and deprive children of the faith of their forefathers. Darkness permeates the hearts of men and few souls commit to following Me. Few souls acknowledge Me and live devout lives. Instead they worship materialism, and false idols. Sin is pervasive in this age of disobedience. My heart is wounded and the scouring and crowning with thorns continues.”

Jesus, I am sorry for my sins that added to Your wounds. I am very sorry, Jesus. Help me, Lord to love You more. Jesus, I saw my friend (name withheld) at the Cathedral in the holy little chapel and she informed me that her homeland is in very dire straits. She said the country is nothing like it was. People are starving and there is no food. Many people are homeless and in the streets. Poverty is prevalent, and her once beautiful, peaceful country where the majority of people are Catholic has been decimated. She said it is almost unrecognizable. (Not that it is from a perspective of scenery but from the way it is socially compared to how it used to be.) Jesus, she said that her mother told her it can happen here, “depending on candidate(s) that get elected”. Lord, it is interesting that foreigners see this but many of our citizens do not.

“Yes, My child. Those who pray see much. Those who are far from Me are blind. They see, as if in the shadows, but My children see in the light. My little one, you were right in what you said to her. You must fast, pray, frequent the Sacraments and be a light to others. It is the time to prepare and preparations must be completed soon, for otherwise there will be no more time to do so, for it will not be safe. I have said this time and again but people do not listen. Consequently, there will be many who die unnecessarily, due to the evil who want to take over the world and your country. Your country is the major one standing in the way of a complete totalitarian regime, ruling the world.”

“Does this sound extreme? So be it! It is truth. These times are similar to the days of World War II, but worse. The weaponry is more powerful and before where evil was concentrated in 2 or 3 countries’ leaders, it is now prevalent in many countries. There is no way of escaping the evil and darkness that will run its course. This hatred will be allowed to come to fruition before My divine justice extinguishes it. Heed My words, little children, a time is coming like no other in history. My children must remain strong, steadfast and united in prayer. Form prayer groups as My Mother has requested to pray for your nation. When the upheaval occurs, remain calm and pray. Read holy Scripture, especially the Gospels. You must continue to live the Gospel regardless of the situation around you. Share your food and water with your neighbors. Share freely, trusting in Me to refill your reserves. I will help those who share what they have. Do not fear. Fear is useless, My children. What is needed is trust. Trust in Me and all will be well.”

Thank You, Lord. Praise You for Your love and mercy. Lord, have You anything more to say to me?

“No, My child. I will be with you and (name withheld) next week. Enjoy this time together and draw close to My Mother. I will give graces to those who are unable to go with you. All will be well. I love you.”

And, I love You, Jesus. Amen!

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