Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Adoration Chapel


Hello dearest Jesus present in the most precious Blessed Sacrament. I believe in You, I adore You, I love You and I praise You. Thank You, Lord for Your many blessings. Thank You for the opportunity to get together with my friend (name withheld) after not seeing him for so long. Please bring him back to Your Church, Lord. Thank You for leading him this far, Jesus and for the ways in which You are working in his life. Lord, thank You for being with (name withheld) last week. Please heal (name withheld) also.

Lord, I am glad to see there are now ten people here for Adoration, including a baby. How wonderful. I know there should be a lot more, Jesus, but this is wonderful! (An improvement.) Praise You, Jesus!

Lord, be with us as we go to the mission house to be with the families tonight. Please help them to find homes, Jesus. I am especially concerned for the children who are homeless. I didn’t realize that 35% of all homeless people are children! It’s astounding, Jesus. Please guide them and help them, Lord. They must be full of anxiety and fear, especially the little ones.

Jesus, it is so cold today. People must be freezing who do not have homes or shelter. Protect them, Lord especially the children who are dependent upon adults to care for them. Be with (names withheld) this evening while we are gone. Protect them, too Jesus. (name withheld) looked sad when we said goodbye after church. (Name withheld) too since we seem to have no time together lately. The world and our lives seem to be in such a rush, Jesus. There are so many constraints and pressures. I long for a simpler life when people can enjoy one another’s company and there is more time together. Jesus have You anything to say to me today?

“Yes, My child. I invited you and My son (name withheld) to do this work, this mission of this evening. It is My Will. I thank you for accepting the invitation. Be yourselves this evening. Be attentive listeners. Listen to what is said and to what is not said. I give you graces for love. You will learn much from this experience and from the other times that are to come volunteering to serve My children who are temporarily without homes. Remember, the Holy Family was once without a dwelling place and made use of a simple cave. We are able to relate to those who are without an earthly home.”

Yes, Jesus. You sure are. You emptied yourself to become one of us and came in poverty. The one who is greatest became one with the least. All peoples can relate to You, Lord. The poorest of the poor, the lowest rung of society, the Shepherds were the first to receive the pronouncement that Christ the King had come, and yet our King, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords would be found lying in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes. That must have given them much to consider, and yet, they quickly left their flocks to go find You and they did find You, just as the angel had said. Then, later the three wise men arrived bringing You gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. They were obviously wealthy to bring such gifts and to make such a long, long trip. It must have cost them a small fortune to travel so far and undoubtedly they had a caravan. Jesus, I love the story of Your birth. It’s also beautiful to contemplate the Baptism of the Lord. You would do anything to show us the way, Jesus. You even came Yourself to guide us. Thank You, my Jesus. I love You!!!

“You are welcome, My little one. I came for all so that all may have life. Be love to those you meet this evening, for they are My children and I love them dearly. Give them My love. Be light, be peace, be hope and joy to them. I will give you all of the graces you need to be this for them. Give them encouragement. Walk with them. This is to become a family ministry for your family. Invite My little (names withheld) to join you next time. It will be good experience for them and will serve to prepare them for what is to come. Nothing on this earth can prepare you fully but I aim to have you prepared as much as possible. I will give you graces for the rest, for that will suffice and will enable you to depend upon Me for your needs and the needs of those who are to come. You are all brothers and sisters. You will come to know this in a deeper way later and as a result, it will be easier for you to share all that you have, and all that you own.”

Thank You, Jesus. We love You. Jesus, everything we have comes from You. Whatever we own, we are merely borrowing during our pilgrimage on earth. Still knowing this, and being truly detached from material things are two different stories. Jesus, I still have a very long way to go to be the person You want me to be. Thank You for helping me, Jesus. Thank You for inviting us to give beyond our comfort zone. I know we won’t grow in holiness until we move out of our comfort zone. This is easier said than done, and yet I see that You are giving us opportunities to serve that gently move us outside of our comfort.

“Yes, My child. When one moves outside of his or her own comfort zone to serve others, it is meeting those who are in need outside of their comfort zone. Those who are in need are already outside of their comfort zones and for others to assist, it requires that you also move outside of your comfort. You see, My little lamb, this is imitating Me. I left Heaven to be incarnated; to take on humanity. I left Heaven, and the love of My Father to come to the earth at Bethlehem. I left the comfort of My holy and pure Mother Mary and Her companionship to begin My ministry to mankind. She left the comfort of My provision, My protection, and Her home to follow Me as a disciple. My Mother Mary and St. Joseph left their comfort zone in Nazareth to go to Bethlehem for the census and then when we fled to Egypt there was no such comfort. We were immigrants in a foreign land. We were exiles without a home while King Herod reigned.”

“So you see, My children, Your Jesus can relate to many on earth experiencing the pains of being separated from one’s homeland, fleeing to safety, being in a strange and foreign land, and being without a home. All people can identify with Me and I with all people. This was as planned, for I love My children, each and every one, no matter their state in life. I, too was once among the poor, for I was of meager estate. I, too was forced to flee My homeland for safety and took refuge in a foreign land. I, too left the comfort of family and friends to serve My people. I did all out of love. I would do it all again, however it is not necessary to do so for the life I gave was ransom for all, even for those yet to come into the world, for I am outside of time and therefore cannot be bound by time. I will come again but not in the same way. After My Mother’s time, I will come again. I will come as King of all Nations, Lord of Lord and Prince of Peace. My Mother is Queen of Peace and She cries out as a voice in the wilderness to prepare the hearts of My children, much like John the Baptist did; only My Mother speaks as a mother and as My Mother and She speaks to all of My children. She is calling You to repent, and return to God before it is too late. For those who follow God already, you must still be converted for there is some fear or doubt in your hearts. Trust in Me, My children. Grow in your trust in Me. For, you must be prepared for a time that will require heroic faith and trust in Me. For those who learn to trust Me more, it will go well for you. It will still be difficult and challenging, but I will be with you and you will be united with Me. Do all that My Mother tells you. Pray for Her intentions.”

Thank You, Jesus! Lord, we just heard that (name withheld) has been in the hospital. Please help him to get well. Bless him, Jesus and help him to return to good health soon. Bless his family also Lord. Please bless (names withheld) and help (names withheld) with their financial situations. I pray for (name withheld) who is under tremendous stress, and for (name withheld) who is separated from his children. Thank You, Lord that he has been able to visit with his two younger children again. Please heal all relationships, Jesus. Be with (name withheld) and help her to find another car. Bless and protect all (names withheld). Jesus, please bring all who are away from the Church, back to Your Church. Reunite our separated brothers and sisters, Lord. We need them so. Thank You for Your mercy and love.

Thank You for this Jubilee Year of Mercy. Give us graces for mercy, Lord. Help us to bring Your mercy to all with whom we meet. I pray for those who work in healthcare. May they be Your instruments of healing and mercy. Grant peace to our hearts and to the world. I pray for the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thank You for sending Your Mother to Medjugorje, Lord as Queen of Peace. Grant us Your peace, Jesus; the peace that only You can give. Thank You for Our Lady, who heralds Your holy peace. Give us graces to comprehend the messages She gives us. Give us graces to incorporate the messages into our daily lives. Oh, Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee, and for those who do not have recourse to thee.

“Thank you for your requests, little one. I am grateful that you bring your burdens to Me and that you lay them at the foot of the altar where I reside in the Eucharist. This is as it should be. My daughter, I am with you everywhere you go. Whether you sit or stand, I am with you. I know how difficult your week was, and how difficult it is for you at work. All is going according to My plan, contrary to how things appear to you. Do not despair, nor become discouraged for I AM is with you.”

Thank You, Jesus. You are all I need. Thank You for all that You do for me. Thank You for my family, and especially for my husband (name withheld). He is a gift and a blessing from You, Lord. Thank You!

“You are welcome, My child. There is a plan for you and for your marriage, and it involves your entire family as I have said before. You know this My daughter, and yet I tell you this to remind and encourage you. Pray more, My children for there is not enough prayer, and not enough fasting. Read holy Scripture and frequent the Sacraments. This is needed so that you will have the graces to withstand the trial. The time of great trials is fast upon you. Have you grown weary of waiting? When the time comes, I say you will wish it had not yet arrived and yet it will have arrived. Then, you will have no more time to prepare. Prepare now spiritually, and I will guide you in the rest. You must take the first step and begin to pray. Open your hearts to receive Me. Pray in your families and teach others to pray. The time draws near when you will need this prayer life and it is better to prepare now than to do so out of desperation.”

“Come, My children. I am calling you out of My Merciful Heart. Embrace Me, My children and I will cover you with the mantle of My love. My Mother forms her army of Children of the Light, Her prayer warriors. She calls you to prepare for the great battle between good and evil. To prevail, you must take up arms, and by this I mean the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Have masses said for My Mother’s intentions. You have no idea, My children, what is at stake. You must take Her seriously for She bears messages from God the Father. She bears His Word, just as She bore Me many centuries ago in Her holy womb. The world did not recognize Me then and it does not recognize Me now but soon, all the world will know that I am Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah who takes away the sins of the world. Come to Me now, My children while there is still time. There is much to do, but first you must turn your hearts toward Me, ask for My forgiveness of all sins, and My mercy will flood your soul with light. Come back to Me, My children for I love you. We belong together. Come, let us begin anew. All will be well and you will rejoin the family of God. Be light, be love, be mercy, be peace, be joy, My daughter and My son. Have no fear and be anxious about nothing. Entrust your loved ones and friends to Me. All will be well. Entrust your livelihood, your finances to Me. I will provide. Have I not always provided for you? Yes, My dears, I have and I will do so now and in the days to come. You are precious to Me and I do not abandon those who are Mine. We are friends and together we have much work to do for My Father, in bringing about His Kingdom. I love you. All will be well. Do all My Mother has requested. Continue on the path on which you are walking. I walk with you and I will never leave your side.”

Thank You, Jesus, my Lord. I love You!

“And I love you. You must go now to prepare for this evening. Be at peace and do not be rushed. I give you My peace. Go and give it to others.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.

“I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My peace. Remember I am with you.”

Amen, Lord. Amen!

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