Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Adoration Chapel


Hello, dearest Jesus ever present in the Blessed Sacrament. I love, adore, praise and thank You for allowing us to be here with You today. Thank You for Your presence in all of the tabernacles in the world. Thank You that You wait here for us, Jesus. Lord, thank You for the great gift You have given me in (name withheld). It is wonderful, after all these years to be reunited and to share in our devotion and love of Your Mother and our Catholic faith. How amazing to find out today after so many years, that she is from my mother and grandmother’s home town. It was such a nice gift! Your plan is perfect, Lord and You never cease to delight me. Thank You, Jesus, my Lord and my God.

“You are welcome, My child. It pleases me when My children realize My hand in the events of their lives. Thank you for coming to visit Me today, My daughter and My son. I am very pleased when My children take time out of their busy schedules to spend time with Me. I have many, many graces available for those who spend time in Adoration. Special graces are available.”

Thank You, Jesus. Lord, I bring many prayer intentions to You today and lift up so many who are sick, those suffering from cancer, those struggling with addictions and those who do not know You, Lord. Please heal Your people, Jesus. Grant us, physical, spiritual and mental healing. I pray especially for my grandchildren who have not been baptized and for those in my family who are away from the church. Bring them back to You, Jesus. Lord, I also lift up to You the people suffering all over the world from serious illness, including the people who have Ebola. Please give them consolations, Lord during their suffering. Help them to know You are with them and love them. They must feel so very alone especially with the isolation and precautions taken to contain this virus. Jesus, we are concerned this will be spread in the U.S. even though we know how to contain it. There seems to be an evil plan afoot to spread this virus intentionally, Lord as a means of population “control” which is sinister. Lord, we need conversion of our hearts and we need You, Jesus. Help us, Lord.

“My daughter, what you say is correct. The evil being planned is beyond your belief and population control is putting this mildly. The adversary wants to eliminate all people. He is using the term population control as if the population needed to be controlled. It does not need to be controlled. There is room on the earth for every person God wills to create. There is plenty of room, My children. Do not listen to evil lies that My adversary uses to advance his plan of death. It is ridiculous to think that God didn’t create a world that was large enough to contain all people He has planned from the beginning of time.”

That is ridiculous, Lord.

“My daughter, there will be many lives lost as a result of the plan of the evil one and those who cooperate with him. In addition to rebuilding My church, My children will also need to repopulate the world. There will also be many orphans who will be in need of loving families to care for them and due to the economic collapse, people will not be willing to take them into their homes for fear of not having enough food. I tell you, My children, you are expected to take them in even if you have nothing. I will provide for your needs, My children. You are to live according to My Holy Gospels, and love your neighbor. It is through the children, that I will rebuild My world. There are not enough children due to the abortions and selfishness of married couples,. You will understand one day why we need more children. Walk by faith My children, not by sight.”

Thank You, Jesus. I love Your little children and we will be glad to take in whomever You decide.

“Thank you, My daughter. This will be an important part of the mission, as we have discussed. There are too few people willing to take in My little lost lambs who will be so very frightened by the violence all around them. They will be in shock and difficult to reach, My children. You must be love to them. Shelter and protect them and tell them again and again that they are safe. Tell them as many times and over as many months as needed until they begin to believe you. It will take much time, love and energy, My children to care for My little lambs, so fragile will they be after what they will have witnessed. Have no fear, My children, for I and My Mother will guide you in what to say and in what to do. Remember when the time comes, to pray for guidance at every moment, for no one will know how to care for them but Me and My Holy Mother. No one. do not listen to the advice of some who will want to use techniques of psychotherapy, for that will not help them in the state they will be in when coming to you.”

Lord, I can’t begin to imagine the suffering and woundedness of their little hearts. I know we will not be able to handle this without You. We are not trained in this sort of thing, but I suppose it wouldn’t matter if we were, since I think there will be violence of a scale never seen in our country.

“Sadly yes, My child. During one of your battles of history there was much death, at

Gettysburg. This was also the evil one’s plan. He wanted to pull your country apart, since my

Mother has influenced much of your country’s progression from wilderness to the Union. Peace and unity is of Me, My daughter. Destruction, disunity, death is of My adversary and yours. Do not despair, My children of light for this dark period in the world and in your country will come to a close and I will renew the face of the earth. My child, be open to what I am saying. Do not be hesitant to write My words, for it will be helpful later to those who endure to know that this evil plan that has been brewing for decades, will not be allowed to go too far.”

It sounds as if it will go too far, Jesus for many, many lives will be lost.

“Yes, My little lamb. It is as you say; however, Your Jesus will not allow the evil one’s plans to advance in their entirety, for I, the Lord God, will not allow My creation to be annihilated. “

Thank You, Lord.

“Daughter, you have nothing to fear. I walk with you at each moment of your life and when you are afraid, I hold your hand. When you cannot go on, due to being tired or too beaten down by the world, I carry you.”

Thank You, Jesus. I love You. I trust in You and I depend on You, Lord.

“Thank you, My child.”

Jesus, please forgive me of my sins. This week was difficult but I can see there is an easing to a small degree. Thank You, Lord. Please protect me from my enemies, Jesus.

“I am protecting you, My daughter. I am with you throughout the day and I defend you as needed. No one will harm you, My little one.”

Thank You, Lord. Lord, will you forgive my sins?

“Of course I will, My child. All is forgiven. Go to My Sacrament when you are able to receive the special graces given in Confession. All is forgiven, though and you may rest in this. Still, I ask that you and all of My children frequent My Sacraments. Many hours of Confession time are unused as My children leave My holy priest sons waiting for them. This is the reason My sons do not offer more opportunities for they do not wish to sit there alone, waiting for My flock to come. This is not what I would like, My child, for My priest sons need to offer much more time for Confession. This should be “open” time, not time that is scheduled as an appointment. My children do not need an appointment with Me to forgive sins. I am waiting with open arms and this is how I desire My holy priest sons to be. I assure you, My sons who stand in for Me, when you provide more time for My children to go to Confession, they will come. If at first they do not, that is also My plan, for I desire to sit with you in the silence of your heart where we can be love to one another. I will fill you with My love, My guidance, My direction and you will be renewed. This time of prayer and silence is needed by you, My sons for your lives are too hectic. I desire you to be more open with your schedules to be available to your flock and mine. In this way, you are approachable by those most in need. Dearest sons of My heart, the world has become far too busy and people are starving for your time. Walk with My children. Be present to them. Give them more opportunities to spend time in the confessional where much healing and peace is given. As you make this time available, over time more will come, and more will be freed from their sins and the obstacles they have erected in their souls will be removed. In this way, I can flood their souls with light, with grace, with the peace of Heaven. Lives will be changed, My sons and in this way, the world will change. Dear sons of My heart, we have much important work to do. Work of healing, work of new life. My sons, do you not see that the most important work of your vocations is in the confessional, and at the altar. This should have precedence over everything else you do as My priest sons. Yes, My sons this is as I say. Come, let us begin this important work together for you cannot do this without me and I have decided, long ago that I did not want to do this important work of salvation without you! Do you see? Your Jesus has decided to ‘need’ you and We do this work together. Think of this. There is no more important work in the world for you. I implore you to offer more opportunities and for a longer duration for My children to drink from the well of forgiveness. What is the worst that can happen My sons? You will sit there alone, with Your Jesus? Would that be so bad? No, it would not. But even if that occurs you will then stand before Me with open arms and an open heart, without regrets for you were available to your flock and you did what I asked. I will be pleased with your faithful service and I will offer the best to you, My dearest sons. You will see, however, this, the worst thing, sitting alone, will not occur, for My children long to go to Confession. For those who do not, you must speak of the beauty of My forgiveness. Speak of the love which overflows from My merciful heart. Tell them, they have nothing to fear. Encourage them, love them and make time for them. This is the remedy for the dark times in which you live. Confession, Holy Mass and Adoration. Let us begin, dear sons of My Sacred Heart. Let us begin.”

Thank You, Jesus. Lord who will read these words? I do not understand how this can be spread to your holy priest sons, who I am fairly certain are not reading these lengthy messages.

“My child, do not be concerned that Your Jesus cannot accomplish this, for I can. Remember, it only takes a few holy souls to change the world. I began with 12, did I not?”

Yes, Lord That is a very good point! Of course, I know You can do all things, Jesus. I do not underestimate You, but wonder what You would like me to do. Is this journaling making a difference in the hearts of Your people?

“Yes, My child. It is. Remember the cave parable that My Mother told you?”

Yes, Lord, I remember.

“One light shines brightly in utter darkness, even one match.”

Thank You, Lord for reminding me of this. Jesus, I am so glad to see several people here in Adoration. I wasn’t sure if this occurred on days other than Sunday. Apparently, it does and I am very pleased.

“Yes, My child. Monsignor is responsible for an increase in the attendance of Adoring me in this small chapel. He teaches his flock in the way I desire and with his authority, people listen. All of My holy priest sons can do the same, and I desire they do so. People will listen to them when they teach the truths of My Church.”

Thank You, Lord. I love You. You always provide for us, Your children. Please provide more priests, Jesus. We desperately need them, Lord.

“My daughter, many, many are called to the priesthood. Sadly, most do not hear the gentle invitation of Mine, for their lives are filled with materialism and with too much noise. There is too much focus on entertainment and on making money in this current age, then on prayer, the Sacraments, time together as a family. This is the reason that many who are called are unaware and are unprepared for My call. There is much work to be done in families, to make room for My children to spend more time with me and to begin to recognize My voice, and My direction. Children of the Renewal, you must stand against the currents of this evil culture. Change the life of your family by simplifying. Have family meals together and ask your children about their day. Ask them what they think about the issues they present to you. Give them your full attention. Give them your love. Give them your affection and let them know that they are important to you and to Me. When you begin to spend quiet time at home and provide structure, love and affection, you will see changes in them. You will see them grow in confidence and security. It will be easier for them to withstand pressure from their peers and society for they will know they alredy ‘fit in’ with the most important people in their lives, you. They will learn about My love for them when they receive love from you. Teach them about My unconditional love and mercy. Then show this to them in the way you interact with them and with others. Be kind to others even in your conversations at home. What am I saying, children? I am saying, do not gossip and belittle your neighbors in the privacy of your homes where your children learn to do the same. You lose respect in their eyes, also in addition to giving them sinful examples. Be loving and kind at all times. Yes, you must also be firm on occasion, but this will only be needed on occasion when they experience your love. My children, focus on raising holy children who will help their Jesus to change the world. Yes, My children, together we will change the world. It will be darker before there is a large change, but we must reach out to others for the sake of their souls and their destiny. I desire your time on earth to be spent loving one another. Does this sound like ‘fluff’ My children who have skeptical hearts? If it is so easy, allow Me to ask you why you are having such difficulty loving one another? My children, to love is to sacrifice, to work for another. To love is pure joy and yet it is also challenging. Anyone working on this will tell you it is not easy. Therefore, it is not ‘fluff.’ Do not believe that those who love are weak, for this is not true. Indeed, it is the opposite. Those who love have the most incredible strength, for those who love have a heart filled with My Holy Spirit.”

Thank You, Lord for all that you teach and share with us. Praise You, Lord for Your words of life and Your lessons of love.

“You are welcome, My daughter. Thank you for writing My words. You are My faithful and devoted friend. You are My little secretary. Do not think that is a demeaning job, little one. I am giving you a high compliment.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You. I am happy to be Your secretary for to write Your words is a privilege, an honor. You are the eternal, living Word!

“Yes, My daughter. You are writing words from Me that will bring life to others, balm for their wounds and guidance in following Me and living a life of faith. My words have power. Power to heal, to reconcile, to live, to see, to learn and to love. Thank you that you are committed to Me. Thank you for your faithful commitment to Adoration. I am grateful to My son, your husband, and to you, My little sunshine for coming on a regular basis and for spending as much time as I ask. I love you and I am grateful to you, My child.”

Jesus, that still seems difficult to understand, but I accept that You are pleased. I thank You for my life, Jesus. Thank You for every breath You have allowed me to take, and enabled me to take. I am grateful for Your loving presence in my life, for my family and the countless blessings You give me each and every day. I love You, my Jesus.

“And I love you, My daughter. All of Heaven prays for you and is there , waiting for your request for graces. Those in Heaven are very active and involved in the life of the church militant. I

remind My children reading these messages to ask My Holy Mother for graces every day. She will give you the graces needed for the work and prayer of the day. My children, living in this world, are in need of the graces, especially so now. Your brothers and sisters, the saints, have toiled on earth for Me. Many lost their lives for Me. Their heroic love for Me stored up many graces in Heaven for just this time in history, My children of light. Do not forget to request their assistance, for they have travelled the path of faith and they faced many of the same struggles as you face. Do not allow the bountiful graces they sacrificed much for, to be unused and unrequested. Allow them to share these with you. This is the way they are able to assist you and be participants in helping you to ’fight the good fight.’ Yes, My children, there are stores and stores of graces waiting to be disseminated to you. The saints take great pains to find just the ones needed for you and after showing them to Me, shower them upon you. You are not alone, My children for you have a very large family in Heaven. We are all your family, so never listen to the lies of the evil one who wants you to believe you are all alone. This is completely false. Not only is your family (all of us) in Heaven waiting for you, but you also have an angel guardian who loves and protects you your entire life. This is one who does everything in their power to guide you to Heaven. Their only limitation is your free will, which they can never infringe upon. Most of My children now have several angels around them, for the times are most desperate indeed. All of these provisions, and many more you will discover later, have been made for you because of My Father’s great love for you. Rejoice in this love, My children. Remain in this love and all will be well. That is all, My child for it is time to close. There is much more to discuss with you, but for now you must go. I will be waiting for you, My little lamb, in the Sacrament of the Altar this evening. I look forward to this time with you and with all who receive Me worthily in Holy Communion.”

Thank You, Jesus. I am never worthy to receive You, but I do know what You mean. I love You. I hope we can be here with You tomorrow, Jesus.

“All will be well, My child. Remain in My love. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name, and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace to be love to others.”

Thank You, my Lord and my God. I love You.

“And I love You.”

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