Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Message from Jesus


Jesus on losing our peace and allowing a spirit of irritability: “It is good for you to recognize your faults and sins. Bring them to Me more quickly and I will help you, to give you an abundance of peace. When one has peace and love in one’s heart from Me, the irritability has no room to take up residence in a person’s heart. Say My name quietly to yourself in moments of irritation. Call upon Me and I will give rest to your weary heart. I love you and I need My children’s help at this most dangerous time in history. There is much work to do and My adversary is creating the climate of distractions and noise. This makes it difficult for My children to hear My voice and follow Me. Since My children have forgotten the peacefulness of silence and the tranquility of prayer, My children continue to grow away from Me. Many have never even heard My name other than when those around them use it in vain. My children were created to know and love Me. They were created to live a life of peace and love and service to their brothers and sisters. They were not to live in such an age of disobedience and decadence. Therefore, assist Your Jesus by being love and mercy. When you pray on a regular basis I fill you and My children who pray with grace and peace in order to bring this grace and peace to others. This is why I request you to be love and mercy. You will grow into this by immersing yourself in prayer. Cast away all that does not lead to Me. Turn your backs on those things that are products of this age, entertainment, the media, and all that wastes your time. Use the rule of heaven to judge your activities. This is a spiritual tool against which to measure what is important and that which is unimportant. I give you this as a gift, My child. It is simple, yes, but it requires practice to implement and incorporate into your daily life. This rule will be a pathway through the forest of the coming chaos for your discernment, so please begin focusing and implementing this spiritual practice. Evaluate all by the rule of heaven.”

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