Messages to Edson Glauber in Itapiranga AM, Brazil


The Beginning of the Facts

Before the apparitions of the Virgin Mary began, I was prepared in dreams by the Lord for this work that They would ask of me and my mother.

On Saturday at home on 30/04/1994, while praying the rosary, with my family and friends, I heard the very beautiful voice of a young girl who spoke to me:

Pray with your heart!

I looked around to see who it was and I saw no one. I saw only my family and friends who were praying with their heads down and their eyes closed. I thought to myself, "Where did this voice come from and who is it?" I continued praying the rosary and by the third mystery I heard the voice again that said to me,

Pray the rosary every day!

Again I opened my eyes quickly and looked around, but I saw no one, only my family and my brothers who were praying with me. I kept thinking about what I had just heard and it felt like my heart was vibrating and was going to explode with a peace and joy.

When we were about to pray the Salve Regina and we knelt down, I looked at the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary that were on the wall in the living room of the house and I saw that they were different, as if they had become alive or were moving coming out of the wall. At this moment I heard again the beautiful voice of that young girl, coming from the direction of the print of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who said to me,

I'm coming. Wait!

At the end of the rosary, when my friends had left, I called my mother and related to her what had happened. I felt in my heart that I had to speak only to her. The same thing happened when my mother saw the Virgin for the second time. She immediately went to my room to wake me up and tell me that she had seen her. I understood later, that Our Lady was thus choosing each other for the mission of evangelizing in the Amazon with her holy messages.

The First Apparition to Maria Do Carmo

The apparitions of Our Lady began on May 2, 1994. The first person who saw Our Lady was my mother, whose name is Maria do Carmo. This took place in the living room of our house, at the time when she was praying very early in the morning at 04:00.

Maria Do Carmo

After she had prayed her rosary, she was surprised by a very strong light that illuminated the whole room where she was. Within this light was a beautiful young woman wearing a long white dress that reached to Her feet and a cloak of the same color that covered Her head and sides.

The young woman was holding a blue beaded rosary in both Her hands and showing it to my mother said:

Pray, pray!

This was the first apparition. This fact happened on a Monday. The Saturday before this day, April 30, I was praying with my brothers and friends before the altar of Our Lady in this room. During the prayer I heard a very beautiful voice that said to me, "Pray with the heart. Pray the rosary every day. I am coming soon: wait!" From then on, either for me or for my mother Jesus, Our Lady or St. Joseph appeared and gave us messages inviting all humanity to prayer, conversion and a change of life.

A touching fact was that in the first apparition Our Lady showed my brother Quirino to my mother. My brother died in 1989 on September 1, accidentally while playing. This caused my mother and all of us to suffer a lot. Our Lady in the first apparition showed my brother to my mother to tell her that he was with God and Her in heaven and that he was well and that my mother should pray a lot to see him one day again there in the glory of the Lord.

The Place of the Apparitions

The location of the apparitions initially was in the living room of the house, when we would gather for rosary prayers. Our Lady always appeared to us during the prayer and gave us messages. As the days went by, She asked us to pray for the city of Itapiranga, my father's birthplace, where my grandparents lived and currently, where my uncles, my father's brothers, live.

Edson Glauber

In the month of June 1994, the Virgin asked us to go to Itapiranga and invite the people to prayer and conversion by speaking about Her messages. At first it was very difficult, because many were unbelieving and hard-hearted.

Our Lady helped us to have patience and to face the setbacks with resignation and peace, offering everything for the conversion and salvation of the world. There, in this town, on a piece of land owned by my father, She asked us to build a small chapel in Her honor, initially made of straw, that should signify and remind us of the simplicity, poverty and sufferings of all Her rubber tapper children of the Amazon who were mistreated, exploited and killed in the past by the powerful and great of the land in the past.

With this chapel Our Lady that to show the world, turned to power, to sophisticated weapons, to riches and the illusions of a worldly life and unbridled in material things that the kingdom of heaven is for those who are considered nothing in this world, for the poor, the simple and pure of heart, as Jesus teaches us in the beatitudes.

In Itapiranga, besides the main places of Her apparitions that occurred to me and my mother: the chapel, the cross on the hill, the cross on the prayer field, and the place where the fountain of Mercy and Grace is located, Our Lady appeared in many other places in this municipality with a very significant message.

Whether in the homes of many people to show us the importance of families to God, or at the gate of the town cemetery when She led us to pray for the souls of the deceased who are forgotten and abandoned in purgatory; whether in the Church so that we may understand that it is the main and holy place where God meets and waits for us to grant us so many graces and blessings and where the greatest miracle and sign of His great love for us takes place in the Eucharist, the memorial that makes present and current the sacrifice that Christ offered to the Father, once and for all, on the Cross on behalf of humanity, where the bread and wine become His Body and Blood.

How Did the Apparitions Occur?

Our Lady's apparitions always occurred after praying the rosary, during the recitation of the seven Creeds for the atheists, for the unbelievers and for God to increase our faith or the five Hail Marys, for the opening of hardened hearts.

She herself asked us to pray these prayers after the rosary prayer with the people and indicated for which intentions to pray. Our Lady at the moment of apparition always arrives after the appearance of a beautiful oval light that shines brightly, which approaches and grows rapidly before us, like an explosion of light.

She appears within this light, dressed in a long robe and white cloak that reach to Her feet, which are resting on a cloud. She carries on Her head a crown of 12 luminous, golden stars that form a beautiful harmonious circle. She is not tall. She seems to be a little more than 1.60 meters tall. Delicate physiognomy, blue eyes, wavy dark hair that is covered by the mantle, but that lets it show a little on the forehead.

She is very young, appearing to be between fifteen and sixteen years old more or less. She often came accompanied by Her Son Jesus Christ, St. Joseph, or the company of some Angels and saints.

The most important apparitions occurred in Itapiranga in the years 1994 to 1998. During this period Jesus, Mary and Joseph outlined the most important messages regarding the Church, families and all humanity. All the messages were mostly written during the apparition.

Our Lady would give me the message and I would write it down in my notebooks. This was allowed by Her. Many times She would ask me to repeat Her messages aloud to the people present at the place of apparitions, during the dialogue She was having with Her or with Her Son Jesus.

Other times She would ask me to draw several pictures during the apparitions depicting them according to what She was seeing. She explained to me that they were important messages to be disseminated to the people, the Church, and the world.

Vision of Heaven

On another occasion Our Lady or Jesus would lead me during the site of the apparitions to do penance for sinners. Whether walking the grounds or on my knees She told me to offer everything for the realization of Her plans in Itapiranga and for the eternal salvation of many souls who were almost lost.

His Holiness Pope Paul VI has confirmed on October 14, 1966 the Decree of the Sacred Congregation for the promulgation of the Faith (Acta Apostolicae Sedis No. 58/16 of December 29, 1966) that allows the publication of writings concerning the supernatural manifestations even if these writings are not approved by the “nihil obstat” of the Ecclesiastic Authorities.