Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA

Heilige Mutter Gottes

Direction To My Children

These messages from God are direction given to His children who will be living in the Renewal. The direction given to the Holy Family Refuge pertains to the dire warnings and to prepare the Children of Light for His refuges; not just the Holy Family Refuge, but for all refuges. There are many refuges prepared and in the process of being prepared all over the world. The Father is merciful and He wills that no one perish. He prepares a place for His children to go; a sanctuary. Many, sadly will perish, but not for lack of guidance and direction.

"My children were created with the gift of free will. Many choose in error, but it is their choice. Those in refuges and those living in communities will endure the trials. My Father is entrusting future generations to His Children of the Renewal. Children, you will all work to rebuild the world after the purification and cleansing. In the renewal period, the earth will be made clean again."

"Afterwards, you will rebuild and renew the human race. This will be necessary due to the large number of people who will die during the time of great trials. You will all be tasked with rebuilding My Church. The Church will be smaller, but holy, and all will know of My One True Catholic and Apostolic Church. There will be a unity within My Church by all peoples remaining."

(Children of the Renewal Message, 8/16/2015)



His Holiness Pope Paul VI has confirmed on October 14, 1966 the Decree of the Sacred Congregation for the promulgation of the Faith (Acta Apostolicae Sedis No. 58/16 of December 29, 1966) that allows the publication of writings concerning the supernatural manifestations even if these writings are not approved by the “nihil obstat” of the Ecclesiastic Authorities.