Messages to the Children of the Renewal, USA


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Message from Jesus


When you begin to sense fear, say, “Jesus, hide me in Your Sacred Heart. Be my refuge.” Say also, “Blessed Mother, cover me with your mantle of protection and enfold me in your Immaculate Heart where nothing can touch me.” You may pray this for others, also. This prayer is given to My children and the Father will not refuse refuge for His children in My heart or the heart of My Mother, for this is His plan from the beginning. Go there often, My child, and you will find rest and relief from the battles and the storms.

Jesus said, “My child, pray for My priest sons, especially those who have forgotten Me.” When I asked Him how there can be priests who would forget Him when they say daily Mass, hear confessions, etc… all in His name he explained. “They are in the center of this culture, also and it is difficult for them. Just as happens to My other children at times, their vocation may begin to feel like a job, rather than being Christ-like and bringing Me to the world. They can begin to focus more on carrying out tasks, versus the reasons for their tasks. They can begin to shorten their personal prayer time, because they have so much to do, forgetting the One who gave them these tasks. If this occurs, they begin to think they carry their burdens alone and easily forget that I am the source of life and strength for them and I carry their burdens with them. Some become part of the world and become worldly. This is a very deceptive culture and many fall prey to the father of lies. My priest sons are not exempt. In fact, it is more difficult for them as satan puts every trap in their paths. This is why you must pray for them. Pray and fast for My priests and religious. My Mother and I protect them, of course, but in order to receive this gift of protection, they must stay close to Me and to My Mothers. In this way, they remain under our mantles of protection. Do you see, My little lamb?

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