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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Let the Second Pentecost Descend upon the Whole Earth! May God’s People Be Anointed with the Holy Spirit!!!

Message from God The Father and Most Holy Mary to Myriam Corsini in Carbonia, Sardinia, Italy on April 14, 2023


Most Holy Mary is with you, O handmaid of the Lord!

Thy Kingdom come, Lord Jesus. Amen

The EXCELLENT GOD, JAHWE', announces the end of an old time and the entrance of His beloved people into the New Era.

You have come to the end of the race, My children, My seal is imprinted in your hearts, you are the delights of My Sacred Heart, you are lilies of purity, men faithful to your Creator God.

My children will be adorned with Me!

The unbelievers will have to go through a time of great tribulation, hard trials to overcome: ...for their purification they will have to suffer.

I ardently desire your salvation, My children, but you do not accept Me, you deny Me to follow the false lights of this world, you deceive yourselves that you have chosen the right path for you, are losing yourselves!!! When you open your eyes it will be too late, you will have to sweat blood to return to Me: ... I will welcome all those who repent of their sins with true contrition of heart.

Beloved daughter, write to My beloved people:Beloved children, these are decisive hours for your conversion, for your return to Me, your Creator, do not be foolish, do not put up resistance to Life lest you be embraced by Death.

Beloved daughter, always be ready for My call to writing, in this time I have so much to dictate to you.

Prepare My House and never lose trust in Me, I AM, O woman! Everything will be arranged with My help, fear nothing, the evildoers will depart and My Plan will be fulfilled. I will disperse the traitors, I will blind the enemies.

The hour of the great desolation has come, the earthly church will completely enter darkness, My priests will be lost because they have denied Me, the God Love: for a day of glory on earth they will lose eternal life in Me.

The blessed candles will light themselves,

when Mary pronounces Her Fiat:

...Here I am, O My Lord!

Here I am!

Here is the Handmaid of the Lord!

In Thy mandate I cry out the end of the ancient serpent and give thanks!

The Most Holy Trinity is in Me, victoria est!

Alleluja! Alleluja! Alleluja!

Let the second <Pentecost> descend upon the whole earth...may God's people be anointed with the Holy Spirit!!! Amen


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