Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Saturday, March 18, 2023

The Book of John! It contains the truths of your present time!

- Message No. 1400 -


Message of February 13, 2023

My child. I, your Father in Heaven, have come to you, My daughter, to tell you the following:

The Book of John, which you will have revealed through Me, by your Father in Heaven, as through John himself, contains the truths of your present time.

The little book that John ate, at the behest of My angel, was first sweet and then very bitter, ie:

It contains: The deception and deceit of the antichrist.

The immorality and fornication of your present time. The legalized infanticide in the womb of expectant mothers.

The lust, the passion that is offered to you in shop windows, media and even in schools.... Children, it is without words what is happening in your world today....

It contains the corruption, the planned downfall of your 'pure' world created by Me, your Creator who loves you, the poisoning of your, your rivers and waters, the extinction of animal species, the epidemics sown by those who manipulate you. Children, it is without words...

It contains the constant poisoning of your food, be it in fields, in forests, in your soils, in your plants...

It contains what is happening through genetic manipulation, whether on man himself or on nature....

It contains all your technology, your digital world, which is unreal, and so many children get lost in it, your power games, the abolition of good and right....

It contains the end times IN WHICH YOU ALL LIVE, and what will happen if you do not repent and pray and plead in time!

It contains the evils of the evil one, the wars of the end times, the catastrophes.

It contains what man who is not with Jesus is capable of: the destruction and death of the environment and of man....

It contains how earthquakes, storms and other catastrophes are made by the push of a button (!), by people who have sold their soul, either to the devil directly, or to their superiors, because only a person who is not with Jesus is able to do such a thing, conscienceless and unscrupulous and without any conscience (!)... trained by evil, whether he knows it or not (!)....

It contains the plans intended for mankind, the destruction of the natural man created according to God (Me)...

It contains all the atrocities that are still to come upon you and your world -in part they are already there-, but you still have the possibility to mitigate and stop so much of it, through your prayer, beloved children that you are, through your fervent prayer and supplication to Me, to your Father in Heaven, who created you in greatest love. Amen.

Your and your Father in heaven.

Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.


February 13, 2023

The book of John must be revealed. It contains the truths of your present time. Peu à peu, We will continue to guide you. This booklet will be very important, so write it calmly and always with Us, under Our guidance. When you get too tired, rest.

Your Father in Heaven. Amen.


The Book of John shall be revealed through you, My child. The Father knows that it is a heavy burden for you to bear, but listen and write, and when the moment comes, you will have it ready to pass on. That time will be made known to you. It is a lot of work for you, My child, We know that. Step by step, this too will be accomplished.

Your Bonaventure


My child. The book of John is very detailed. He saw what happened at the end of time (end times). John will reveal more to you. He is with you from now on. He helps. He saw and wrote and ate. He obeyed.

It will be a small booklet. Everything the children are allowed to know will be recorded there. Some names and details will be secret. It has to be like this. Amen.

John will instruct you, with Me, your loving Father in Heaven. Amen.

Your Father in heaven. Amen.


My book will be fully revealed to you in due time. Begin to write everything down.

The Father has given you this mission, so I thank and help you and HIM.

I, your John, instruct you again with the Father.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus.

The Book of John Part 1


January 31 / February 01, 2023

On Jan. 31, 2023, at Holy Mass while receiving Holy Communion, God the Father came and showed me a book. It was bound in very aged but soft, fine, medium brown leather, and its corners were rounded. He opened it before my eyes, and it was densely written. I read and saw the following:

Listed in the book I read wars. In addition there was a text, a detailed description, enumeration, but the letters blurred and I could not read further.

Then I read: epidemics. Again there was a long description, enumeration, but again the letters blurred, so I could not read it.

After that I saw an angel with a bowl. It was the angel with the bowl of plagues. There were other angels. I mean there would have been 6 more angels, however I did not see them as clearly as I saw the first angel. Each angel carried a bowl. Again, there was a long, detailed text, and it too blurred before my eyes.

The father closed the book. Then HE opened it again, and I saw blank pages. I told HIM that I could not read anything because I did not see any writing. He showed me the book several times like this, with these pages where the writing was completely invisible, like blank pages, and yet they were not.

God the Father closed the book and put it in My hands. I took it, and HE instructed me to keep it in my heart, (like a great treasure). I did.

I had many questions, and the Father answered me. Then I returned the book to HIM, very reverently, and asked HIM to keep it and tell me what was in it. There was another conversation between HIM and me. Then it was all over.

It was revealed to me by the Father that this was the book of John, and that in it everything about this time, the end times, in which we find ourselves, was recorded, and that HE would reveal it to me bit by bit.

The following day, February 1, 2023, I visited Our Lady. I spoke and prayed to her. Quite unexpectedly for me, She suddenly held the same book in Her hands, the Book of John. She said that I would receive further revelations and instructions. She held it open in her hands facing her face so that I could not read it. She told me that war and plagues were described in it.

Interpretation by my guardian angel: The empty pages in the book mean: We can change through our prayer.

On February 02, 2023, in the Holy Place, I am told, shown and told the following:

God the Father:

My child. The book of John (which you know) is incomplete, that is, there is one little book that contains ALL truths.

Now the Father shows me a European country on a map of the world, over whose mainland His loving Father's hand lies through the fervent supplications and prayers of Our Lady and the saints who 'sprang' from that country.

The following is said to me:

My child. War is coming, but My protective hand is over this land, because great, wonderful saints who love Me so much have sprung from it, and it is and remains My land of intimate Fatherly love, that is: Where Mary is so much venerated, I, your Father in Heaven, soften to the supplications and petitions not only of (some of) My earthly children, but also to the fervent supplications of so many of your saints, and especially to the supplications and petitions of the Most Holy Mother of God and Virgin Mary.

He instructs me not to make known the name of the country.

Thereupon He gave me Message No. 1397, which has already been made known.


Now John is speaking to me. He says:

The book records the war, which will not be of long duration. Nor will it cover the whole world.

The plagues are described, as are many more things that are now becoming too much. I, your John, will tell you more when God, our Father and Most High, He Who Is, gives Me the sign. Amen.

Your John, apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

On February 06, 2023, at the Holy Place:


My child. My Father, God Most High, wants to instruct you.

God the Father:

The book of John contains many, all truths about your end times today. You shall decipher it, My child, My daughter.

Now I am told, shown and told the following:

I am shown a large map of the world. My focus is constantly realigned and the countries I am shown are zoomed in (enlarged). The same happens with regions, monuments, people that are shown to me. I travel on this world map, so to speak, and the following is shown and explained to me:

I see the war spreading in Europe. Then I see how the Russian president has influence also on other governments, and he can, yes, somehow determine over them. I see how he is joining forces with the Chinese.

The father says: In the book are recorded your wars. It is written that the Ukrainian war will spread. Through the misdeeds of the one who is already among you, 'one' is taking advantage of the governments of the Russian president, who will join with the Chinese. Alone, he is powerless.

My gaze is now turned to Italy. I see Italy being attacked from the land and sea to destroy the 'landmark' (as it was called) of Jesus (and thus His Holy Church, the Catholic faith). The main target here seems to be the Vatican. This I see in flames. (=Catholic faith).

The father says: To be destroyed must: The Vatican! The emblem of My Son will be reduced to rubble, but never will it, 'the Church', perish. Attacked will be from the sea and from the land. Therefore, Italy will become a main target of attack. The destruction of My Temple is expected to be the downfall of My Christianity -the Catholic Doctrine-, but this will never be.

Now I see Spain. I see a threat on the one hand from the advancing war and on the other hand from Islam, starting from the African continent. My main focus, however, will be on the fervent prayers for this country.

Father says: Spain is being targeted by those who have always had their eye on this country: The Muslims. However, there will not be a second invasion, for My dearly loving Father's hand is upon this land. I am speaking of the European mainland, My daughter. My Fatherly love is great for this so wonderful land. The spiritual fruits are and were great, therefore this land is not doomed.

Now I see France and how the government is not conforming to the Catholic faith, 'abolishing' it for government purposes, so to speak. This country is suffering greatly and I see much destruction, unrest and devastation.

The father says: France will be terrified! The war will rage, because the misbelief and the abolition of the Catholic religion from the state's side are great, and devastating effects will hit this country.

Now I see Germany. This country is very much oppressed. I am shown how the upper elite wants to make it 'willing', for centuries already, because it has and had strong, industrious inhabitants. I see how parts of the country are at war, but I also see parts that are spared, and it is used like a kind of transit country for other strategic goals.

The Father says: Germany, My children, My beloved Germany is divided in two. The politicians cower, but the people fight back. Faith is growing in this so wonderful country, which has always been in the eye of the elite. You are too strong, too striving, too persevering.... the list is long, and it is full of good, admirable and praiseworthy attributes. Germany, My Germany, you are My fallen child who is being maltreated. The war will come and spread, but not all parts of the country will experience the war. The targets are Italy, France and Spain (by the Muslims).

I see many more countries at war:

Father says: Europe will suffer, because the war is advancing. Ukraine is only the springboard for the implementation of the goals of the Antichrist and his elite.

I see the Russian president being betrayed by the Chinese one, although they had made an alliance before.

The father says: The Russian president will suffer, because the Chinese is not honest.

I see communism spreading further and more to Europe as well.

The father says: Communism is spreading all over Europe, Asia and other countries of the so-called third world.

I see how from Mexico downwards (South America) a kind of gerilla fights break out, the fighters however are paid by the governments to subjugate the people to the one world government and religion. Very brutal and bloody. This seemed to be happening in parts of Southeast Asia as well. I see a lot of suffering and hardship.

The father says: South America (further I hear Southeast Asia) will suffer. Some kind of gerilla fighting will break out. They are fighters paid by the government. They subjugate peoples, villages, tribes, so that the One World government and religion can be established, imposed. Very bloody. Those who disobey, those who refuse, die bloody deaths.

I see how also further people are used as 'guinea pigs', my focus is directed to Africa, then India and it is mentioned again and again Southeast Asia (=very much suffering).

Father says: Africa -wide parts- continue to serve as 'guinea pigs' and India, and Southeast Asia will experience greatest suffering.

I still see so much awfulness.

The father says: The nuclear war is to be used, but still personnel to be determined and executing resist, well knowing about the devastating consequences.

In all the suffering the Father shows me how strong prayer is and stops the plans of the evil one. HE shows me again and again His protecting hand, and how important it is to pray and plead to HIM.

The Father says: Keep praying, because repentance prevents the worst!

HE now refers to the prayer from message no. 1393: 7 Hail Mary. This prayer is so powerful, an act of reparation that moves rocks!

Now I see the waters coming, forces of waters that just take everything and wash it away. But I also see great fires.

The father says: My child. The water is coming. Coastal towns, villages, residents must fear, islands will be washed over.

Fire is coming, My child. Much fire, more than you can imagine.

During all this, I am shown the great deception of the Antichrist, the immense deception, and the great suffering he brings among humanity. How he bribes, underhandedly, to get to his goals, the alliances he makes with many from politics, business, finance, church, etc., his deviousness, his unscrupulousness.

I see the deception, the suffering of humanity, but also the suffering of those who have been deceived, who cannot get out of his snares.

And then I see how the great deceiver, the Antichrist, presents himself as 'solver for everything' and lets himself be celebrated.

The Father says: Always have courage. The Antichrist will reign only for a short time. Then My Son, Jesus, will come, and that time is near. It is very near.

Furthermore HE says: Your money shall be devalued, but also here you and many resist.

The end is mitigated, and the more pray, the milder it turns out.

Hold out. Amen.

I, your Father, love you very much. Amen.


John is there and says:

The book(let) tasted sweet and became bitter: The deception of the Antichrist, who is already among you. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.



Many, all truths: It means that we can still change, mitigate and even stop many things through our prayer.

Vatican in flames: Symbol of the destruction, abolition of the true Catholic Apostolic faith.

Landmark of My Son in ruins: Symbol of the undermining and abolition of the true teaching of Christ.

Atonement that moves rocks:Symbol of what seems impossible becoming possible, through atonement and prayer, because the Father hears us.

Italy: apostasy and persecution of Christians.

On the one hand it is clearly shown what happens when the faith is falsified, on the other hand how much 'one' tries to extinguish the Christian faith.

Spain: Much prayer.

Symbol of fervent prayer and supplication and the resulting divine protection.

But it also shows how much 'one' is trying to extinguish the Catholic faith.

France: Life without faith.

Here it is shown quite clearly what happens when the faith is 'abolished'.

Germany: Stands for growth in faith.

It shows how the Father mitigates when people find their way back to faith and prayer.

On February 09, 2023 at Holy Place

God the Father:

My child. In the book of John are the truths of this time. The book he ate, at the behest of one of My most holy angels, contains many truths that you can still change, ie: It is sealed, but not decreed. This in turn means that through the power of your prayers, the very worst scenario must notcome to pass, will, because it is changeable what was said there and yet it contains the truths of your present time.

Your Father in heaven. Amen.

Thereupon He gave me message No.1398, which has already been made known.



My book is sweet and bitter, for it is the lies of the Antichrist that will bring you bitterness. So give out and make known to the children of the earth what I say as soon as the Father tells you to. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

Messages of John

On February 10, 2023 at Holy Place

John speaks:

My book is bitter, though at first it was sweet. So beware, for the deception of Antichrist will steal your quality of life and soul unless you repent and pray. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus.

At Holy Place on February 16, 2023

Message from John

My child. I did not understand everything that I saw, but an angel explained to Me what would happen and when it would happen. He also said that it would be up to the (human) children themselves how much destruction, murder, devastation, pestilence, disease, misery, wars and many other evils would come upon them or they would have to endure. He told me that the worst, most terrible, most cruel time would be that of the Antichrist, the opponent (adversary), of Our Messiah, Jesus Christ. I asked Him why this was happening, and He answered: "Because the children no longer believe." This was very sad for Me.

The greatest bitterness for the children of men, I saw it, was the deception, the betrayal of the Antichrist. A sorrowful time and statement. Child after child was lost to the devil in his hell, and NOBODY could stop it or do anything about it. They fell dead like dead flies or vermin into hell to suffer eternally....

My greatest bitterness, or I prefer to say disappointment, was to see how apparently the death of the cross, His sacrifice, His love, His teaching and His way for all children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven was trampled upon.

The apostasy was great, too great. That is the only reason why the Antichrist and other 'evil ones' were allowed to gain so much power.

My child. It was a terrible, miserable time when the children had to suffer a lot.

If the children had prayed, the book would not have been so bitter. It made me sick to my stomach. The apostasy, My children, brings the very greatest sins. The lack of prayer, the love for the Lord, which you have lost, brings you misery and suffering.

The recompense will come sooner than you think.

What I saw so long ago is what is happening today.

The end times, My children, are here. You live in them, and you can still change your 'destiny'.

Find your way back to the Lord, because only those who are with Jesus Christ, their Savior and Redeemer, will be lifted up and will not be lost. But all others who did not find their way to the Lord, I saw fall like vermin into hell. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

At Holy Place on February 17, 2023

Message from John

My child. I, your John, will instruct you.

What I saw, and what I wrote, was like a shock to Me. Jesus, Our Savior, had just endured so much suffering(s), ransomed you and Me and ALL the children through His death on the cross, and then I saw what the angel showed Me and I had to weep, yes, weep bitterly, because I thought HIS work of redemption would have been in vain, if yet the world was perishing as it had been shown to Me....

It was very sad for Me, but We know that HIS work of redemption was NEVER in vain!

So many children have already attained Eternal Life at His side and with the Father in Heaven. So many conversions there have been, and will be! So many people were allowed to experience so much love, pure, living, divine love through Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, WHO HE IS.

Nevertheless, at that time I was very sad and sorrowful and sick to my stomach with bitterness that the book brought to me.

You will be deceived, children of the earth, in the most diabolical way and this, My children, is already happening!

You will recognize the deception when it is already too late for most of you!

There is only repentance, which will save you from eternal death and suffering in hell under the most agonizing tortures and torments!

You will be the vermin of the earth, which I saw, and which fell into hell, because you did not want to hear, because you were stubborn and hard-hearted, because you did not want to believe and did not want to see, because you preferred to give power and faith to evil, rather than to your Messiah, Jesus Christ, who ransomed you with His most holy and precious blood on the cross!

You did not want to listen and you will be the vermin that I saw and about which I was very sad.

My book was written, but it is changeable. It contains the truths of your present time, but it has never been decreed.

The angel showed Me what would happen at the end of time if the children (people) do not repent.

He showed Me the great apostasy, the wars and the pestilences.

I saw how the Holy Angels of the Father protected the children recorded in the Book of Life.

I saw the power of the prayers of those children who are completely with Jesus.

I saw how everything was still changeable through the fervent prayer and supplication of the believing children, could change everything.

But I also saw the indifference, the selfishness and the lukewarmness of others. I saw the cunning and the decay of your morals. I saw the murder of innocent life.

I saw so much cruelty and I became sad, very sad and sick (afflicted).

I asked the angel of the Lord: Why (all this)?

And he answered Me: Because mankind uses its free will against God instead of loving Him.

My children. You can still change through your prayer.

Your conversion is the condition that you do not perish like the vermin that I saw.

I saw how the world was cleansed and destroyed in ruins, fire, earthquakes and catastrophes of inhuman ways and hands, how in it the children of death perished, and how the children of the light of Jesus, the faithful, believing and loving children were raised.

In a moment it was all over, the cruel battle of the underworld and heaven. So much fear. So much fear. Yet there were praying children united before candles in their or neighbor -houses. They prayed for 3 days. And they prayed for 3 nights. And after that it became light, and there was a New World. And only the children of prayer and faith survived. I am talking about the New Kingdom of the Lord.

But what you have to endure will be bad. What you will go through will be hard and fearful. What you will have to endure will bring death to many. What you will have to suffer will not be easy.

Believe in Jesus Christ, and you will not be alone!

Believe in Jesus Christ, and you will not fall as vermin into the hell of the devil!

Believe in the Lord, trust and be completely with Him, and you will get through this time.

The New Kingdom will be obtained by those children who are fully devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen

At Holy Place on March 03, 2023

Message from John

My child. The time in which I wrote was unpleasant. The Christians were persecuted. That time is returning, coming back.

My child. I saw that time of persecution of Christians at the end of the time before Jesus came.

Many suffered greatly, were killed and tortured, but Jesus took them all to Himself and their souls were not lost.

Many priests I saw tilt, that is, they followed the beast instead of standing firm and following Jesus.

So many shepherds drove their sheep -you, My children- in the wrong direction, and so many of those sheep headed straight to hell without hope of salvation, because they were deaf to the truth and blind. They ran after what was wrong, and they did much wrong. Convinced that they had to impose what they thought was right on everyone else, these also existed, My child, you have them around you.

So. I saw the great persecution of Christians, but even here your prayer can -and has- changed.

I saw how the Antichrist entered the Holy Church of Jesus. The preparations for this had made the False Prophet and his henchmen longest for this and stamped for it of course 'the others' responsibly, but the instructions came DIRECTLY from the so-called Holy See, only that this was not occupied with a Holy Pope.

I saw how more and more worshipped the Antichrist and thus hidden -or also openly- the beast, and I saw how in the need many, many innumerable children tilted and accepted his sign.

The time of endurance became too long for them. They did not hold out, did not stand firm, and in order not to starve or be cast out of society, to be, they ultimately accepted the mark.

This, however, meant the eternal death of them and their children, for they had it impressed upon them also.

Many 'vermin' fell into hell, but they were all human souls who should not have been lost, had they remained strong and faithful, had they accepted the truth, had they not lapsed into lukewarm beings, into convenient comfort and luxury beings who seemed to be empty shells, yet satisfied their longing with all that the devil offered them, instead of finding their way to Jesus.

My child. It was cruel and sad for Me to see how many children live lost in this world. They ALL had a chance, but they did not find to Jesus.

The devil did a very good preliminary work for a long time, and thus it was easy for him to steal so many children and to lead them into a corner and finally into ruin, his hell; they went of their own free will, only they did not know it.

Those who knew were lied to and deceived. They let themselves be lied to by the father of lies himself. This is now their reward.

But the others, My child, shared much more sadness with Me, for they sought, many of them, and were most shamefully deceived. These are the children who, after the schism of your Holy Church, run straight to the false one, worship him and get lost.

My child. It is very complex what I saw. And I saw it for this time in which you live.

Tell the children: Pray, pray, My children, for the worst can be mitigated, even averted.

My child. I saw the hunger. The made hunger. The drought, the heat.

Your sun is burning, and you must be careful. Many skin diseases it will bring you, so protect yourselves, My children.

The weather, My child, is the weather of the end times. It was predicted, and it is what I also saw.

All these are signs, My children, but so many do not see them, do not want to see them. I also saw this for this time, that people closed their eyes to these and other truths.

And the Church, My child. So few priests are still faithful to Jesus! So few preach His true Word!

But so many are changing! So many modernize!

They are unscrupulous and place themselves in 'holy light' instead of letting the Lord shine and radiate, and I tell you: Their light is unholy! I saw that too, My child.

There does not have to be hunger in your world, but through hunger, through wars and other shameful acts, they are getting closer and closer to their goals: the One World Government and Religion.

My child. I saw that the Father heard His pleading children.

So pray, for it is prayer, your prayer, that will help to make the end milder and more endurable. Amen.

Your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

On March 05, 2023 at Holy Place

Message from John

John tells me that this is the last message of the 1st part of the book:

My child. I, your John, saw so much disaster in your world.

I, your John, saw what would happen at the end of time, it is this time, My child, the time in which you are living right now.

It happened through the great apostasy of mankind, My child, that your world turned ( transformed) into a false world.

What is happening today is happening because man is making his decisions WITHOUT God the Father. It happens because man puts himself in the place of God. It happens because you have allowed yourselves to be seduced and corrupted by the devil himself. It happens because you do not believe in the Father and not in His incarnated Son, Jesus Christ, do not live according to the commandments of the Father and trample Jesus' teachings underfoot!

It happens because you all want to realize yourselves instead of trusting in the Lord and believing that HIS will and HIS providence are the right way for you into eternity. It happens because you -so many- do not believe in any eternity!

It happens because you have given power to the devil through YOUR sins, and it happens because you have distanced yourselves from the God-given laws and have turned and are turning them into the opposite!

You are concerned about YOUR advantage and no longer see the truth!

You have become selfish beings and no longer live in the unity of God!

You have broken the covenant with HIM, who created you, and now see how it looks in your world and see what you will get out of it: Suffering and sorrow and hardship and more hardship, anxiety and fear and struggle for survival! This has become your reality, and it will get much worse if you do not repent, beloved children, if you do not find your way to the Lord, your Savior Jesus Christ.

The Father told you: Take advantage of this Lent, and I, your John, say to you: do what the Father says!

It is your only chance not to get lost, beloved children. All this I saw so long, long ago!

You must obey and keep the Father's commandments. You can still be forgiven! The mercy of the Lord and Father is great, so great, but the last hour will have struck soon. You must convert and begin to pray, for what I saw and wrote and ate at the behest of the angel can be mitigated and changed, but you are running out of time! You must do something NOW, otherwise you will not withstand the last time and, marked with the mark of the beast, you will be lost for eternity. It is the sad truth that I bring to you today.

Listen to God, Our Lord and Father and Creator!

Keep His commandments!



Jesus is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven! He is the way to the Father! With HIM and through HIM you will be lifted up at the end of this time!

So listen to My word, because I saw what happened! Amen.

Yours and your John. Apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus. Amen.

--- End Part 1 ---

Closing words of John (Part 1)

March 05, 2023

Tell the children that the protective hand of the Father is full of love over whole lands.

And please tell them from Me, their John, that they need to pray to modify and mitigate what is so bad that I saw.

Your John, apostle and 'favorite' of Jesus.

On Feb. 28, 2023, I receive the following vision

Vision of Hope

Conversion. Upon receiving Holy Communion, I receive the Book of John placed in my hands, opened, and it grows out of it first like a type of flower, but then it grows longer and larger and then gradually expands and becomes dark green to almost black, thorny, leafy, like a gloomy thorny vine hedge with inedible, small, red fruit on it, like dried up, coming directly from the underworld.

Then fireballs fall from the sky. Everything goes up in flames. And in those flames is a kind of channel that goes from top to bottom, burning, but recognizable. And I see a person dressed only in a kind of loincloth of white cloth, male, with dark brown (not long, not short) hair and beard, falling down in this channel of fire flames with his back first, as if he had been pushed, with resemblance of Jesus, but there is nothing 'heavenly' about this figure, with a frightened, shocked, incredulous, unexpected, as if suffering but yet more horrified, frightened, and very dark facial expression. It is the Antichrist who falls into the lake of fire, is pushed. (Note: He does not seem to expect this.)

It is said that when the fires come, the Antichrist will have fallen.


On March 10, 2023, Our Lady says:

The vision, My child, put at the end (Part 1). It is a vision of hope. Although it is somber, it carries hope, much hope, and the certainty that the Antichrist will be cast out (from the earth), destroyed!

Your mother in heaven. Amen

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