Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Wednesday, June 15, 2022 they can best sell it to you!

- Message No. 1363 -


Oh My child, My daughter so beloved by Me, who are you. The days of your world are darkening. In silence, those who want to destroy you and dominate the survivors are thinking how they can best sell it to you. Skillfully they thread deceptions and put lies into your world.

You must remain very vigilant, for what you see is not what is!

You are being lied to, cheated, manipulated and deceived!

Skillfully they lead you in such a way that you FREELY accept their reducing you, destroying you, existence-threatening machinations, yes, even ask for it and scream (for it)!

You must remain vigilant and examine exactly!

Many truths are presented to you in full-packed lie packages to it, but these you do not recognize! Rather you believe the lies and believe that the 'elite' wants to save you and protect you from disaster! You do not see that the devil has threaded all this and continues to thread it.

You have no faith in Me, in your Savior, because if you had it, you would recognize! You let yourselves be led behind the light in an unprecedented ease and actually believe that 'one' wants to help you with all the shameful, reprehensible and diabolical measures that 'one' offers and/or imposes on you.

You will have your rude awakening if you continue to believe those who lie to you!

Remember My word in these and other messages and see what happens!

We warn you, but you do not listen! You look away and rather believe those who go about, EVEN IF YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING, YOU DO NOT WANT IT TO BE TRUE!

You prefer to believe in the lies that the devil tells you through his elite, you prefer to live in fear for your life and don't realize that it HAS BEEN TAKEN from you for a long time!

You accept EVERYTHING to be FREE, but look closely: None of you is free! You are slaves of the elite, of the system, of the devil and you do not even recognize it, because you close yourselves from the truth! And to be able to 'enjoy' your life, you play to the devil more and more and with an unprecedented ease, and he has an easy time to spread his cruel plans over you and to realize his goals.

I, your Jesus, ask you:

What is your life worth if you take (lose) it?

What is earthly joy if you do not experience heavenly joy?

What is your existence worth if you adapt it to the devil?

What happens to you when you leave the earthly life?

You will all find the answers to this in Me, in your Jesus, but never if you follow those who come along!

You live in complete darkness and do not even realize it, but you will ALL become aware of it, but then it will be too late for you!

You will experience greatest suffering, and the agony and torment that awaits you will be hellish.

Whether you believe in hell or not, you will know it if you do not turn back and take the true path to the Father!

You can tread this path only with Me and through Me, through your Jesus, without Me you will be lost.

I Am the way! I Am the salvation! I Am your Redeemer!

Only through Me you will reap the Kingdom of Heaven, only through Me!

Whoever does not follow Me will be lost, and nothing I will be able to do for him, NOTHING!

I will let My warning come upon ALL children, and this will be a sign of My glory to you.

Whoever does not accept this act of My mercy will perish, but those of you who accept it, be told:

I, your Jesus, will intercede at the throne of My Father, and I, your Jesus, promise: no child who repents will be lost. I will defend it, and I will raise it, and it will live forever, but, beloved children that you are, you should be prepared, because whom the warning meets unprepared, My Light, My Divine Purity will not endure, or will endure with difficulty.

Everything is very close.

Dark shadows are spreading in your world, and you must remain strong and steadfast. So do not be afraid, beloved children of the remnant army, for whoever truly loves Me, is faithful, devoted and dedicated to Me, I will lead him through this time. Amen.

Yours and your Jesus. Who I Am.

Redeemer of all God's children and Savior of the world.

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