Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Friday, April 22, 2022

The ACCEPTANCE of the Truth Will Set You Free!

- Message No. 1354 -


My child. Much is veiled in your world of calamity, but more and more is breaking open and coming to light. The truth about what has happened and is to happen cannot continue to be hidden, and yet so many of Our children deny this truth.

You must pray, My flock of children, for many of you are on false paths!

So many are deceived by the Master of Deception Himself, and so many simply close their eyes, their minds and their ears, so that they do not have the cruel truth present, instead of recognizing it and DOING SOMETHING AGAINST IT!

Children, he who closes his mind to the truth, let him be told:

A rude, very rude awakening awaits you, and you will suffer for what you have done and WHAT YOU HAVE Omitted!

You pave the way for the devil and his elite, and just let it happen!

You must repent, and you must face the truth and act!

Don't just accept everything that is dictated to you!

Pray and plead to the Father in heaven! Your prayers are the strongest weapon you have!

Looking and ACCEPTING the truth will free you from this fear that the devil has put over you and your world through his henchmen!

Fear always comes from the devil, and you must fight it! You can only do this if you no longer close yourselves off from the truth, turn around and find Jesus!

In Jesus you find the support and the stamina, which so many of you are missing! You find strength, you find hope, confidence and the only true and everlasting love!

In HIM and through HIM you find forgiveness! Everything you ever did wrong, bring it to Holy Confession! Whoever repents, My Son will give him forgiveness!

Do not torment yourselves by committed sins, but hand them over to HIM in the Holy Confession! HE who suffered for you gives forgiveness, and forgiveness is given to every sinner, provided he has a repentant heart trusting in Jesus!

Do not torture yourself by keeping your committed sins to yourself, but CONFESS THEM! Holy Confession is such a precious gift for you, beloved children, so use it!

Confess, atone and repent! Whoever does so will be forgiven through My Son, your Jesus. Amen.

Open yourselves, beloved children, open yourselves to the truth! Then pray and plead and carry all 'unpleasant' thoughts and feelings into Holy Confession. To 'bear' the truth is difficult for so many of you, but look at it, and then go to My Son! HE, who loves you so much that HE went to the cross for all of you, is waiting for you, for your speech, your prayers! HE stands ready for you, beloved flock of children, and HE so eagerly desires that you turn to HIM in EVERYTHING!

No matter what you have to bear, no matter what you have done, no matter how many times you have sinned, HIS mercy is inexhaustible, and it is given to each one of you who turns to HIM, his Savior, with humble, seeking, sincere, pure, sorrowful, joyful -the list is long, My children- feeling heart.

It doesn't matter if you are happy or sad, sinful or 'washed clean', Jesus is waiting for you! For each one of you! HE hopes for your conversion, your address, your surrender to HIM, beloved multitude of children.

So trust in HIM, in your Jesus, and wash away your sins in Holy Confession, by repentance and show contrition. Without repentance your sins will not be released (=not forgiven) from you!

So prepare your hearts, and open yourselves completely. Only in this way will the hardenings that many, many, many of you carry within you be loosened, break open, and can be healed through forgiveness.

Beloved children that you are, I, your Mother in Heaven, love you very much. My Son, your Jesus, loves you very much. You still have a short time left. So use it to be able to step before My Son pure and ready, and make yourselves and be ready.

The elite do not sleep! Never believe that! They will continue until they have implemented their vicious, cruel and shameful plans, and only your prayer, your AWAKENING(!) can stand against it!

Plead to the Father! You must plead for clarity to the Holy Spirit, because the confusion is great, and skillfully the evil one deceives you all!

Remain faithful to Jesus and pray much and fervently. Only the Holy Spirit will be able to keep you from confusion and going astray, only through Jesus will you remain strong!

Use daily prayer and persevere!

Stay strong and faithful to Jesus at all times!

Through confusion and going astray, many of you will run after the wrong ones, therefore pray and plead for clarity to the Holy Spirit, because the confusion is now becoming even greater, and the confounder laughs at anyone who falls into his trap!

Do not allow yourselves also to be deceived by the confounder!

Stay strong and do not confuse Jesus with the one who is now coming.

You still have a short time. Use it for your preparation and remain faithful to Jesus! Amen.

With deep love.

Your Mother in Heaven.

Mother of all God's children and Mother of salvation. Amen.

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