Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Friday, March 18, 2022

More and more the False Prophet will lead you astray!

- Message No. 1348 -


Oh My child. I, your Jesus, am suffering a lot. Tell the children of the world to pray, for the abominations are cruel, as well as the calamities brought upon you by the devil's elite.

Children, if only you understood, you would pray, pray, pray!

You do not understand what is happening in your world, and you do not understand how precious and powerful and grace-bringing is the prayer of all of you!

Children wake up, because the devil is just taking over your world dominion, and so many of you do not see through this, so many of you are caught in his sham and deception, so many of you do not see how they and all of you are being deceived and led behind the light, so many of you recognize this deception and hypocrisy of those, who want your ruin, and fall for them, playing to them by their not praying, their not doing, their comfort, their unbelief, their not wanting to understand, not being able to understand and their inactivity in true faith in Me, in their and your Jesus, who is suffering, My child, My children, who is suffering so much for all of you.

Children wake up, because you are very close to the end. You must realize where you are, because the Antichrist is standing by and his false prophet is paving the way for him. Do you not see it?

Do not fall for his (false prophet's) hypocrisy, for the deceitful game has been instigated (has begun). The one who thinks he (false prophet) is doing good has fallen for him and will be lost IF HE DOES NOT KNOW AND MAKE HIMSELF READY!

Only I Am The Way, only I, His Jesus!

Don't believe the sojourners and don't believe the false prophet! He deceives and lies, is Satan's helper, and you, so many of you, do not recognize his evil game!

Awake, beloved children that you are, because if you continue to sleep and follow the false one, you will not find salvation, but damnation, beloved children that you are, because he (the false prophet) and the Antichrist will win you over, and there will be no escape for you, because you have not learned to discern, because you have blindly and disobediently followed -and they have followed- those who will bring you ruin and never salvation! They want to rob souls for eternity -your soul-, and you willingly let it happen by your ignorance, by your stubbornness, by your doubts, by your disbelief -the list is long, beloved children that you are!

Only I, your Jesus, can give salvation, only I, beloved children that you are.

So convert and find the true way to Me.

I, your Jesus, stand ready for you, but I will come at the end of times. But My adversary is coming soon, and woe to him who is not ready for Me, his Jesus, woe to him who has not listened to Me, his Jesus, and learned to discern!

Get ready, beloved children that you are, for more and more the False Prophet will lead you astray, and good to him who recognizes this and does not fall into the trap(s) set!

Children, be warned and pray!

We have given you so much guidance in these messages. Use them! Put them into practice! It is about your salvation, beloved children that you are. Amen.

Yours and your Jesus of the Cross.

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