Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Friday, March 4, 2022

Do not accept the bread!

- Message No. 1344 -


Our Lady shows herself very sad to me today.

In adoration, the following is shown to me:

A bright figure is visible in the Host. The interior of this figure, in the heart area, is dark. Above the head of the figure, something bright is also visible. I ask who it is and I am told: 'He (the figure) looks light, but he is not. His inside is dark. Above his head are (2 curved) horns, which people, being light, mistake for a halo.' Jesus confirms what I write and says, 'It is My adversary who allows himself to be celebrated as Me. I will come later.'

Holy Mass.

In the consecration Jesus says the following:

'Do not accept the bread once the words of consecration are changed. Amen.

Your Jesus, who I suffer. Very much.'

After the consecration He says:

'My child. My mother is suffering greatly. Comfort Her by praying Her Rosary. Amen.'

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